Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Whatever Will Be Will be

Well I am home, did i finish the carpets no..... apparently there was some wording in our contract that went unnoticed that could cause a big problem so I sit here at home waiting impatiently for a call from the realtor to tell me whether we are going to move forward or not... Please pray with me that what ever God's will is will be done here and that My heart will be at ease with this.. I know the Lord will work this out one way or another I just cant believe I missed the wording of this particular item...I usually read everything so carefully however luckily we discover it now and not next week when we sign everything. Ok I am off to nurse a severe headache I will update you all later

Time to Clean, Time to dance

LOL...just thought since today I will be cleaning cleaning cleaning but all at the new house I would Dance for Joy!
We dont get to move till next week but I do get to go do some scrubbing and shampoo the carpets today so I get to spend all day over there and imagine where I will put everything and have a good time...
I am packing the computer for dvd's for the kids and lots of coloring and legos so that when they are done helping me scrub things they will have something to do while I shampoo the carpets:)
I consider what hubby brought home yesterday part of my Christmas...a new carpet shampooer..we loaned our old one out and it came back broken isnt that so nice. I couldnt believe it as when I borrow something If i break it I replace it but alas not everyone thinks like me (but the should) LOL...just kidding!
Anyway I am off to work out a little on the wii and then shower and get ready to go! See ya all real soon

Monday, December 28, 2009

The New House

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Welcome Come on in!

Here is the Living room~

My new Laundry Room

Welcome to the kitchen!

Hope you enjoyed the Glimpse of the new house, I will be posting more pics after we get moved in Some of the colors will change some we will keep for later, the kids will get new paint in their rooms and the really green wall in the kitchen is going to get toned down other than that we will save up and do later:)

Still Recovering

Hi all! We are still recovering from the creepy crud around here Little Princess is pretty sick still I am starting to feel a little better. Luckily hubby and little prince have not come down with it, Praise the Lord. Today we are going to rest and regroup. Maybe pack some things up a little but for the most part just rest and try to get back to 100% Wednesday we go to the new house to shampoo the carpets and scrub the cabinetry down (it is a bit gross right now) and then we are officially closing on the 5th so painting the kids rooms that afternoon and starting the moving the next day after that I think the official full move will occur that Weekend the 10th as that is my hubbys next day off for the week then finish cleanup over at this house and things that didnt get moved that day. We will need to be out of here by the 1st of Feb or before so it will be busy busy this month.

I am excited for so many reasons! One being the big move to the new house of course and another is we got the Wii for Christmas and the Wii fit system as I mentioned earlier but now that I have had 2 days on it I am so excited. It is just what the Physical therapists ordered for my back the balance board measures your center of balance and makes you really focus on your core muscles which are the weakest for me since my back surgery when they went in my stomach and my back so this is so cool. I am sore already and I have just been having fun! Winters are icy for months on end here so outside activities are hard for me because if I slip on the ice we have huge problems so working out outside is not much of an option here at the house. This will be great! I am joining in with Candy's on her weightloss goal however I have about 70 lbs to lose...a tad more than she has but it will be fun as a lot of the ladies on board have a similar amount to lose! We can do it ladies! Looking forward to a whole new year, a whole new house, a new way of doing things ( i am looking to be more back to basics, homesteading type, make do or do without type) and A much lighter me by the end of all of it...
Pics to come of the new homestead I promise,
God Bless have a wonderful day!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I am so Blessed

Hi everyone I hope you all had an awesome Christmas! I did! The kids had such fun! We had a very basic dinner just the kids and hubby and me last night. I prepared a ham, sweet potatoes in brown sugar and apple juice, and baked beans. Simple, sweet and so much fun to just enjoy the family. I would have loved to spend the day with my parents or his or both however luckily we did not as I was given the gift of a Christmas Cold as was little princess. So we are laying low today and just trying to get well. I am feeling pretty cruddy right now and my asthma is really taking this chance to jump into the mix since I already cant breathe through my nose lol... oh well chance to legitimately rest for me and not be needing to do other things since hubby ordered me to take it easy:) awe i love him!

I am so excited to move to the new house I cant hardly stand it. We will close on the 5th. This wednesday I am shampooing the carpets over there and scrubbing the cabinets and such. Pray I will feeling much better by then! I will work on the photos soon...

Today I rest and right now I am going to take a mommy nap while the kids play the new wii we got~ That thing is so much fun and it is really good exercise! We purchased this as the family gift and the wii fit plus system I worked a bit on it till I got to winded this morning and i can tell we are going to love having htat. Our winters are long and hard here and we cant be outside much for exercise just for fun stuff like sledding (which can be exercise depending on the hill lol) but anyway the kids are enjoying that and my arms already are sore! We all had a family game night of bowling with it last night and hubby and i were surprised how our muscles are out of shape lol.. hubby cant really bowl in real life with his bad knee (very long story) but he had a great time with the video bowling. so many good things and blessings have come our way lately I feel like such a lucky girl I dont know what to do with myself LOL...
Praise the Lord!
have a great day!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Eve of Christmas Eve :)

So today is the day before the Christmas event really begins...:) The kids are so excited that tomorrow is Christmas eve, they get to open 1 present each which last year I made the tradition that this present is a new pair of pj's to snuggle into for Christmas eve slumber:) Last year I made the pjs this year we found some clearance deals that I could not pass up. This year we are so blessed! We have tons of presents...I am not even sure how that happened! Family members sent many of them and I am in awe! many of the ones we got for the kids when hubby and I went shopping are clothing items this is going to be a new tradition as well. We found some great sales and some clearance things on summer clothing like some shirts for $1 each! and shorts for $1.50 so we got those and wrapped them. Along with many things they can wear now. There are a few toys under there but we discussed this with the family as well we are very blessed to have an abundance of toys in our home. So really we felt that they did not need anymore. Just a couple small ones cause lets face it...I am soft and had to get them a couple LOL! We did get the family a Wii this year and the wii fit system for it. We have hard cold winters here and the kids love our friends wii, I have watched them play and it is way more activity than some other things we do in the winter. I purchased a couple christian music cd's for little prince as he loves to listen to it in his room on the boom box Grandma gave him last year for Christmas. I know of several homeschool related presents that are under the tree from family members and I am so excited to open those! Is it bad I am as anxious to open them up as the kids as I want to USE them right now LOL... My grandma got my son a globe:) One of my wishlist items for school! without me asking:) My mom got the Oregon Trail new version Computer game and my son just loves to play that! It is so much cooler than the MS Dos version I played in school on the big ol floppy discs lol... He has been playing the MS Dos version online he laughs when I tell him that is how all video games looked when I was a kid...its like I was a caveman or something I can see it in his eyes LOL...
I got a new coat for hubby in his favorite color...can you guess....CAMO
the kids were able to purchase gifts at the Awana store night and they got some things for us and they were so happy to be able to do that. Little Princess even thought on her own accord to purchase a little coloring gift for her best was so cute! Thank you God for My wonderful thoughtful children. There is so much more down there I cant even list it all! God truly does provide I am seeing it more and More everyday!

The biggest Christmas Present Ever~~~ We are Moving! I keep thinking this cant be real something is going to happen to stop this just when I get excited but it hasnt yet and We have opened escrow, they pumped the septic and I am going over to shampoo the carpets next week so they will be clean and dry when we start moving on the 5th of January!!! Praise the Lord! We will have our own little 5 acre chunk of heaven on earth! I am so excited ..... Things will be a bit tight financially we wondered if we should do this but we know it will work so be looking for frugal tips and tricks to come from me shortly after we get settled as I will be looking to save save save even more than I do right now:) This particular house wasnt even on our radar for possibility so we really feel we were Led to check this opportunity out as we wouldnt have thought of it. We were merely taking the kids down the road I lived on before meeting their Daddy and There it was...God is so Great!

I cant get the pics attacher to even open arrggg....i have some and will get those posted but cant spend any more time trying to figure this silly thing out right now got lots to do today to prep for christmas:) Have a Blessed Day "see you all soon"

Friday, December 18, 2009


I never Win anything but yesterday afternoon while driving around with hubby we were listening to the country channel (I usually listen to KLOVE but when hubby is with us he prefer's country most of the time) anyway he was running into a store and I sat there listening, I heard an anouncment for caller 9 to identify a santa clause saying from a movie...It was Tim Allen in the Santa Clause movie so I tried to call in (it Rang! that is unusual...then it said I was caller 4 please try again...) so I called back it Rang again! Amazing then she said "hello your caller 9"!! Wow REally! I told her the movie and I get to go into a cash box you know the one where the money is flying around you with a fan and you grab as much as you can! I am so excited so tomorrow Morning the kids and I are traveling to a town a little over an hour away to participate and then go visit family that lives in that town since we will be there anyway! I cant believe I actually got through to the radio Twice even and that I was Caller 9! Praise God the extra cash will be more than welcome! I will let you know how it goes! I guess there will be 5 seperate contestants and there will be 3000 to start with in 100's 50's 20's and lower bills too so Pray for big ones for me! Yay! I am so excited can you tell! other than my headache I am ecstatic!

My head is absolutely pounding, for the Second Day in a row. Not sure what the cause is but praying it subsides soon. Today I am going to try and get the house in order a bit. I have not felt all that well for probably the last few weeks so I have had a clean house on some days and not on others when I felt really crummy... I dont want to have a messy house so I am going to fix it!
Tonight is my hubby's Christmas Dinner for work and they are having it at a local pizza parlor with a huge kid playarea and the kids are allowed to come I think that is great I will miss the fancy "free" dinner with hubby all to myself but a "free" family meal is much appreciated~!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009



Woohoo...I love Christmas, I am not quite all ready for it but I do love it. Today as I look outside the snow is coming down hard and hopefully by this afternoon we will have quite enough to sled behind the four-wheelers which is a winter time fun thing for us to do:)... Still no definite news on the house thing we are negotiating and checking into some options (one of which the person to check with wont be in till tomorrow~!) The waiting kills me I struggle with Patience lol... however I feel God has been using this to grow me some as I have had some internal struggles with the decisions to be made and I have turned to prayer and just trusting my husband's final decisions which generally I dont have any problem with at all but this time I was feeling a little stress and unsureness so yesterday I made a decision that whatever he decides is going to be ok(sometimes it takes a concious effort and realizing the doubt was not from God) and we will work it out I trust his leadership always and we are always fine (if we arent fine then maybe God will be using it to grow my wonderful Hubby so I just cant worry about it) I saw the enemy trying to creep in through Doubt and I say NO Be Gone with you! So that is where we are... I am growing and learning and we are still in the negotiating process so I will update you when I know more... Thats all I have for today Have a blessed Tuesday!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sweet Saturday

Well we got a bit of snow last night however we are supposed to get more soon. I decorated more of the house yesterday:) The kids really like what we put up. I think today hubby and I are going to have our neighbor watch the kiddos and head off to do some shopping. Yeah lunch and shopping and I will have that wonderful man all to myself LOL.. doesnt happen often so I really enjoy it:) We will call it Date Day instead of Date night even if it is for Christmas Shopping! I love it! anyway I am still having some breathing issues and having to use inhalers so please continue to pray that this will all resolve soon and I will be left able to breath without the inhalers help.
Update on the house news, we are really excited it looks like it may all work out! Praise God! But alas we will not know for sure until sometime this coming week so pray for my patience as I am really excited to know "For Sure" if you know what I mean. Well I am off to do the shopping budget and get ready to go:) Have a blessed Saturday everyone:) Enjoy your family and Praise God for each moment:)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Feelin a bit better:)

Well I am feeling a bit on the better side. I do actually think I have had a bit of a bug causing this as with Antibiotics and inhalers I am feeling more able to breath and there is some stuff breaking up in my airway, chest area and coughing a bit more. So I am glad I went in I may have had the walking pnemonia afterall.
So while it is -15 degrees currently outside I am staying in and warm. We do have Awana Tonight so I will venture out very bundled up to go to that with the kids. Later today I may run into town and chat with the gentleman we bought our tree from as we have only had it for 3 days and the needles are falling something fierce and I havent even put on lights yet! So we may venture into the woods to cut our own this weekend as it is supposed to warm enought to be finally snowing again! Funny it has to warm up to Snow LOL!
We still havent heard back on our house situation we did here they were considering our offer and would get back to us soon...the anticipation is killing me LOL!
I do have to make 2 dozen cookies for our Homeschool Caroling/Christmas party tomorrow along with Frosting then tomorrow after that happens we have Julie's Ballet class...going to be a busy day tomorrow and a warm baking day for me today. The house should smell yummy! I will probably make another loaf of bread today in my big aluminum tin pans. I found 5lb loaf pans at a restaraunt supply store here locally and I love them they were only a couple bucks so I thought I would try them before ordering real ones that werent foil. I havent perfected the perfect amount of dough to put in them yet to make just the right height bread yet. It is comical to see last week was to short but still usable this week it was HUGE! hubby said "Wow! Have some bread!" LOL... So we will use 3/4 of what i used next time and make a bread round out of the remaining dough for maybe a dip or chili bowl:) Talk to you all soon...

Monday, December 7, 2009

So today I did finally go to the doctor. She happens to be a friend of mine from church she is a local Nurse Practitioner actually and we just love her. Having someone who listens is so nice. Well she took a listen to my lungs and without an xray cant tell me if it is pnemonia or not but I am wheezing a bit. She said it could be pnemonia or bronchitis or just my asthma flairing up. We opted no xrays due to the cost right now. I am not super sick I was just feeling like I couldnt get a good breathe in so she gave me some new inhalers as mine were expired. Havent had problems with my asthma in years but with the super cold temps and what have ya that may have triggered it. It has only been 10 degrees all day here at the warmest. brrr!!! anyway she also gave me some steroid packet which I am not big on but she also said it will help with the increase in my back pain I have had recently as it will help with any inflamation I have there. I have been trying to stay away from meds but when I couldnt breathe today I was willing to try. Not breathing or take someting...hmmm let me think... I'll try this. Anyway, I do have a bit of a cold that I cant seem to kick..which could actually be a bit of bronchitis or the walking pnemonia type thing. Anyway hoping to be back up to full speed ahead here shortly. Hubby took us to the tree lot yesterday, Normally we go in the woods and spend the day when we get our tree however since I can't walk from here to the bathroom without feeling tight in my chest we opted for a simpler ooption this year... Anyway I am just laying low today and tonight., We covered the basics in homeschool today and that was good. Tomorrow I hope to feel good enough to do some crafts I have for the kids. Well I am off to clean up the kitchen and make some dinner. God Bless and please if you wouldnt mind keeping me in your prayers as I hope this goes completely away by the weekend. Talk to you soon and Thanks a bunch,

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thank you

thank you ladies for praying with me yesterday I did not end up having to go to the doctor they said on the phone if I dont feel better or it gets worse to go to the ER but thank the Lord that has not been the case. We are thinking it is the cold I have that is causing this as the day wore on yesterday I felt worse sickness wise and could really feel the illness coming through and think the symptoms were caused by that. So today per Doctors and Hubby's orders I am completely resting. I will be back to normal soon I pray so thank you again for praying in my moment of need. As a result of me being sick I am thinking of holding Cyber Church tomorrow in my Meez room I am not going to be leaving the house this weekend just going to cozy in with my kids, hubby, computer and good books. Have a good one! God Bless Let me know if you are interested in Cyber worship tomorrow. Going to start at 10am Pacific Time 1pm EST take care.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Prayer request

Hey ladies,
I could really use some prayer right now, We dont currently have any medical insurance but all of a sudden I am light headed, with a headache feel short of breath and my fingers feet are freezing and a little tingly feels like my heart is racing. Please pray this will stop and everything will feel normal. I dont want to go to the doctor unless it is an emergency but if i dont feel better soon I will go. Thank you for praying.

Finally Friday

Well I am am excited it is Friday it means I made it through the week and our good news or not good news should come on Monday afternoon. We too are hoping to have a home of our own soon but whatever God has for us will be and I am just anticipating what that is with much excitement. If this one is not the one then maybe the next we look at we shall see and I will keep you informed:) We have owned several houses in the last 10 years only when hubby lost his job due to his permanent disability Which thank the Lord is not 100% disabled but he was unable to do all the job duties so they let him go after his family medical leave timed out then he went to work doing something he used to do and we are now back on our feet. But during that tranistion time of the last year and half we rented we have this beautiful home we are "borrowing" and our owners and landlord are awesome but I am really looking forward to picking my own colors of things and decorating the kids room sometime in the future...hopefully the first part of 2010. Stay tuned for more on that later and please pray with me that Whatever the Lord has for us will be shown to us :)

So today is Friday we are going to finish up our homeschool lessons for the day then do some house keeping and probably some art this afternoon. Actually the kids are nicely and quietly! Coloring as I type...I love that they enjoy art so much that they turn to it in boredom...

This whole week I have again been fighting illness...just basic run of the mill cold but please pray that this will exit as I would love to feel 100% by Sunday to enjoy worship and the day with my wonderful hubby.

Off I go to get rolling today is a late start for me My body must have needed sleep as I slept till 8am which I only do if I am exhausted or sick usually my body wakes up at 5:30-6:00 am my mind now that is another story LOL...
Have a blessed day!

Monday, November 30, 2009

A good few days :)

It has been a wonderful few days around here while I have been mia in blogworld. Thursday was just absolutely wonderful. Even though I didnt ask him too Hubby (who loves to cook) helped me in the Kitchen all morning cutting veggies and getting things ready It waas awesome to share that time with him. Then in the middle of the day my family arrived we enjoyed fun time with them and then a wonderful meal I was really tickled with the way everything turned out and my mom was really impressed with things...(that makes me happy) My dad who loves apple pie as does my hubby and grandpa all enjoyed thier treats so it was a most wonderful day and man did the house smell good. Friday I was so exhausted I stayed in my jammies half the day (ooohhh shame on me LOL) Saturday we went shopping with my mom I dont do black friday shopping in person but I did get some great curriculum from CurrClick on Friday! Yay, some great lapbooks and other unit studies all for free it was great. Saturday night we went to chinese food with my parents..yum and no cooking yay! Then yesterday we had a food festival (we dont call them potlucks lol) at church and we had some wonderful fellowship time after service. Hubby Joined us at church yesterday! YAY!!! and may actually go again this coming weekend! some friends of ours are thinking of attending next weekend and encouraged him to be there plus the kids had already asked daddy to come again next weekend! I love it when God works through others and not me and my wants! Its awesome to watch where things are going in regards to Hubby and the Lord... I am just watching and praising... and feel so happy it is unreal!
anyway right now little Prince is working on Mathletics we went ahead an purchased Mathletics after the American Math challenge and I love that he wakes up and wants to Play MATH! Its awesome and you can assign certain curriculm for them to work through before they compete/play online in the challenges so we are actually using that for math right now he picked things up so quickly like area and perimeter that we had been struggling with in the books! Little princess of course now wants her computer play time too so I have some preschool things for her to do when brother is done.
Today is laundry day and overall cleaning day as I take weekends off usually sometimes I do saturday cleaning while hubby is at work but I tend to try and keep up with things during the week so off I go to clean the kitchen and then My room needs some attention and reorganizing we moved some things in that had been floating around the garage and now I need to reorganize and put some things away finding homes for others. Have a blessed day everyone and "see ya" soon!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Preparations

Hi all, I have got to get better about posting so sorry:)
So my Thanksgiving preparations are underway as well as I am sure many of yours are. A friend at church needed someone to care for her 2 boys this week as well so I am squeezing in preparations to my afternoons as they get here at 4:45am and stay till 2:30-3 today I am going to make either my bread rolls or my pies maybe both. The boys are good kids however I need to closely supervise the interactions to maintain age appropriateness and appropriateness for my house so some of my time I would normally work into cleaning and baking during our mornings is taken by supervision. I think I probably shelter my kiddos but I am ok with that! Im the mom they are mine and I CAN~! LOL.... ya know what I mean!
Also we were fully going to do school Mon-Wed however we are going to just do a thanksgiving craft and study the origin of thanksgiving and Pilgrims today and tomorrow :)

My menu for the big day is:
Roast Turkey (got a 24 lb turkey yesterday hope its defrosted by thursday morn)
Stuffing maybe with apples in it havent decided yet
Sweet Potatoes with brown sugar and a splash of oj on them before baking
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Homemade Cranberry sauce
Homemade rolls( I hope) I do have some storebought backups if I run low on time
Pumpking Pie with homemade whip cream
Apple pie with the same
Strawberry jello with banana's in it (this is abnormal for my menu but my fathers favorite and since my mother father and grandfather are joining us I will ablige my dad:)

Going to make appetizer plate that consists of homemade feta cheese balls with sundried tomatoes and greek seasoning with Cracker variations
Celery with spray cheese(i know its not good for ya but I love it and so do my parents lol)
Carrot sticks
Artichoke Dip bread bowl with baquette slices

Well thats my Menu plan and today I start some of the prepping as well as on todays to do list is :
all laundry fold put away
Kitchen cleanup
Make bread
Sweep and mop
Vacuum living room and dining area

Tomorrow's to do list:
Kids room Straighten up, Dust, change sheets, Vacuum (all together make pretty for grandparents:)
Pick up my room and vacuum
Wipe up bathrooms ( I do a cleaning on these every couple days so they dont take long at all)
Make the appetizer plates up and make cheese balls do whatever baking I dont get to today I may make the potatoes and put in microwaveable dishes to reheat on thursday thinking I may not have the oven to work with since it will be full of turkey

Get up early get Turkey Prepped Make stuffing get in oven
final cleanups wipedowns before parents arrive set out appetizers and enjoy the day with all the family:)

Have a blessed day and I will take pics of my pies and such as I make them and try to post them online:)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What day is it?!!

Ahh..been behind on my blogging as I was babysitting a friends 18 month old for the last 6 days...Whew...I am exhausted I dont know how you all do it with larger families! But I think having them as your own children makes a difference as you dont just jump into an 18 month old busy phase (unless adopting of course) you are able to acclimate to the business of them being everywhere!~ It was a lot of fun and I am missing the little one a bit but The kids and I went to a play today and did some grocery shopping yesterday so we are getting back to normal schedules. We saw the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe today preformed by a local art/theatre company and it was a lot of fun even little Princess enjoyed it. We had front row seats I felt like roalty LOL... We attended with the local group ofhomeschoolers then afterward I went to a pizza/play place locally with one of the moms and her 2 kiddos what fun we had. Nice lunch and I stuck to a salad! My new resolve to lose weight stick with me on that we shall see how it goes ever since my back surgery I gained a bunch of weight as exercising was hard with the pain however now I am better pain wise so its time to get moving and watch what I eat more. Tonight will be chicken and salad:) More on this later gotta run and get the kids to Awana Usually I would be teaching as I am also an Awana leader however tonight I stay home. I have been fighting a sore throat and with all the sick little ones at Awana I am going to steer clear of there in hopes of warding off any furthering of the sickies....we shall see Take care and "see" you all soon

Friday, November 13, 2009

A tour of my humble abode....

Welcome to the New home:) This was updated with the new house on 2/17/2010 Enjoy

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wisk Away Wednesday

LOL...I always like to come up with fun titles and that one stuck this morning, I am wisking away clutter and messes around the house today. Tonight starts a 5 night/day run of babysitting for some friends. I am excited as I will get to see how my house would really run if I had 3...I keep praying that we may adopt some time in the distant or near future. Hubby is not on board with this Idea so I am just praying that God speak to his heart if this is meant to be or speak to my heart to change the yearning for more if it is not his will. Either way I would be fine if in the end I know Gods will is where we are You know what I mean? I cannot physically care any more than my 2 perfect blessings as after my back surgery they said no more but I really feel a tug on my heart to give a youngster that needs a loving christian home a safe place to be. Hubby and I have had long talks on this and for now I am content to babysit and wait on the Lord to answer this one....but I just thought I would share...hehe
So today I will go around and make changes that will help keep little man safe for the next few days as having an almost 5 year old and a 10 yr old is way different than having a 2 yr old around daily:)
Little Princess is still not feeling 100% so please pray for her and for protection for 2 yr old to not get what she and little Prince Had. I think we are on the last legs of the cold and that is all it is as she and little prince did not run a fever much past the first day and that was low grade even still so no high fevers and not severe symptoms just coldish symptoms. She is down to just having sniffles and sneezes and congested head. She wants to feel better it was so sweet when she said "mommy when am I going to feel better" aahhh my heart broke for her and I prayed with her that she would feel better very soon. Well I am off to get things going I am going to try and post my home tour later today if I get time but right now gotta run...
By the way Little Prince is loving the Mathletics challenge ....for elementary aged kids this has been so fun see top of my right sidebar for the link:)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where have I been?

I have been not on the bloggy sphere as my computer was just running so slowly that we couldnt do anything! In a big surprise hubby had been going to give me a new one for Christmas so he gave it to me early. I had a hint of it when he really didnt want me to get a new one as he had said we may get a new one this year but then was really adamant about me not going and buying one on my own lol. This all started last week when I was trying to post my videos of my bread and it wouldnt upload the last videos as my hard drive was full...for those out there with computer knowledge ( I dont have much but a little lol) I had a 2006 that only had 80GB of total hard drive space between the two drives the new one is a Gateway with 500GB hard drive and a Duo processor. I have plenty of space for all my photos, videos and my bible study stuff which I discovered was hogging 19GB of space lol..i really need to watch the videos and study what I have downloaded so I can decide to keep or discard lol.. need more hours in my day So for today's post I have posted the bread I made last week and now it is time to make more bread today lol.
Here is my recipe for my whole wheat yeast bread with oatmeal the original recipe is for 6 loaves which my mixer just cant do all at once so if I cut it in half and that actually makes 2 of my big loaves since I have bigger than usual bread pans so this recipe makes 2 big loaves in 10X4 pans or 3 of a regular loaf pans
1/4 cup warm water
1.5 packs of yeast that are .25 of an ounce or if you have a jar of yeast like I do then i go a bit over a .25 oz on my measuring spoon
1/8 cup wheat flour
1/2 Tablespoon white sugar
1 cup oatmeal quick or regular (I use regular)
1 cup whole wheat flour
2 1/4 cups warm water
3/4 tablespoon salt ( I use sea salt)
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup unsalted sweet cream butter (very soft)
5 cups white flour
2 tablespoons or a bit more Flaxseed Meal (Optional)
1-2 Tablespoons of Pure Maple Syrup (optional)

In your mixing bowlstir together the first 4 ingredients let grow for about 5 min
while growing I measure out my other ingredients and chop my oatmeal to a finer consistency Does not need to be perfectly fine just chopped to your liking
Add oatmeal, Water, whole wheat flour, salt, brown sugar, softened butter to mixer/ or mixing bowl stir together well
begin adding white flour 1 cup at a time and completely mixing in dough will be slightly sticky when finished if using a Kitchen aid mixer set timer for 2 min and let it kneed this mixture together for 2 min
Place dough into oiled bowl (I use butter on my bowl and my bread pans) turn to coat cover with clean cloth place in warm spot
let rise 1 hour
Punch down, kneed for a min or 2 by hand divide into 2-3 balls kneed by hand a couple min then form ball place into bread pan punch down into pan then flip to coat other side and leave ugly side down Let rise in warm place again for 1 hour covered with clean cloth
When fully Risen bake at 350 degrees F ( 175C) for about 35 min until tops are golden brown let cool for 10 min in pans then turn out onto wire cooling rack Let cool completely before slicing.
I place these loaves in large 2 gal ziploc bags with a paper towel in the bag to absorb the small amount of sweating they produce the first night when they are fresh,.


Whole Wheat Yeast Bread 11/4/09 at

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Math Challenge link

I am posting the Link to the Math Challenge here as well as on my sidebar to the right:) American Math Challenge

Sickies Sickies Everywhere

Well, Little Prince is feeling better today still stuffed up but feeling better overall praise the Lord! However little princess is just beginning as of yesterday so I expect a few more days of mellow/house quarantine for us. Wonderful hubby is not doing so well either please pray for him, he is experiencing severe stomach pain when he eats I think it is an ulcer and so does he. We are treating him with prilosec right now and he is modifying his diet to help. He has gone through this before and since we dont have insurance right now he is adamant about not going to the doctor. For his health I would spare no expense I keep telling him however if he won't go I will just keep a close eye on his health and try to cook to help his stomach. He is lactose intolerant and this really makes it more so so I am working on cooking without irritants. However even his plain ham sandwiches upset it so this is proving difficult. Anyway off I go to get rolling for the day both kids are up now and it is time for breakfast and then hopefully today I get to baking, and get my pictures taken for a home tour too. Will update you all later on the sickies:) Thanks for praying for them. God Bless

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Update on today

Well after this morning's post Little Prince is starting to feel a bit better we relaxed and got things done today and just let him recuperate I actually got a project completed I deep cleaned my bedroom vacuumed the edges and under the bed, fully dusted and got a big pile of stuff...yes I have stuff in piles here and there...oh my! I never claimed to be a really great housekeeper LOL...hence themessymommy.blogspot name lol... I am getting immensely better however with prayer, encouragement from all of you through your blogs and since getting off all the pain killers after my spine surgery I am doing so much better:) Yay! I am working to get each room re-organized and then my goal is to keep up with it through actually using my HMB...I put it together a year ago however whats the old saying..things only work if you use them LOL.. I am kind of bad at that however I have really been talking with God about giving me the right attitude about housework, and it has improved so much. Isn't God amazing I prayed hard for a couple of days for him to re-ignite my soul in some areas and to help me have more energy to go about my days and he provided Praise the Lord.

One prayer request as the day went on a sore throat and fever came for Little princess Please pray for protection as with little prince that this is just a standard cold and not anything more severe. thank you for your prayers and your friendship all those who I communicate with on here and any new visitors:) God bless and I will update all in the morning.

I didn't bake bread today with all the project work and little princess really not feeling well today put this off till tomorrow since I will not be going out of the house as planned. That is one of the things I love about homeschool, sick days dont bring near the stress they did when you know they are falling behind at school and you can just catch up when they feel better, also they can learn when not feeling well with reading and playing educational games on the computer and such. I signed little prince up for the Mathletics challenge this week is practice and next week is the challenge He actually asked to do this today even though it was the dreaded MATH and had fun:) Here is a link American Math Challenge you register on here then when you go back to the main page after registration click on the mathletics link I had to search forever to figure out how to get into the practice session so if you have questions let me know it is aimed for middle elementary grades and up:)

Do you have a scheduled week?

Yesterday I accomplished much of what I set out to do! It was awesome. Homeschool actually got put mostly on hold however as Little Prince had been sick since last thursday it started out mild then hit hard over the weekend Sunday and Yesterday being the worst he was feeling better last night so hopefully we can get back on track today with schooling. I have our homeschool block time planned out and chores worked into the schedule so hopefully we can have another productive day around here. Today I have much to do in the kitchen it is Bread making day and I may post a video. I have to sit down and do a schedule for Wednesdays and Thursdays as these 2 days I leave the house for scheduled things so I need to revamp the schedule to fit these days. So nothing much exciting here when I get my schedules actually running smoothly for more than one day in a row lol, I will share them with you all as I know I love to see other mom's schedules...why is that?? I think we all enjoy seeing other moms days to glean ideas maybe I know thats why I enjoy it I like to see how others plan out their days and sometimes I have gleaned the best ideas from others. Thats what Titus 2 is all about right teaching other women from our examples:) I am far from being a mentor type I have a long way to go but I do hope that I can encourage other moms/wives along my journey to be the women God planned for them. Well I am off Have a blessed day and I will post my bread hopefully later today along with photos of the lapbooks I talked about last week:)

Do you have a schedule already in place? Post a link to your schedule page so I can share on here if you like:) God Bless

UPDATE: Little Prince just woke up and he is feeling just awful this morning still so we will have to see how today goes Thank the Lord he is not running a fever just all congested and feeling crummy. Light day again today for schooling probably he just cant focus on retention if he feels crummy. Please pray he will fully recover soon And the rest of us will not get what he has had.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Time to get organized

Well over the last 4 days I have re-organized both my pantry and my laundry room storage areas and yesterday wonderful hubby, little prince and I reorganized and decluttered little prince's entire room I am going to work through the other areas of the house this week and plan on finally doing a tour of my house by the end of the week. This morning I worked on my home management binder schedule section and planned out the timing for homeschool today so I need to get rolling I am already behind a bit lol... Over this week I will be adding to and adjusting my schedule and really trying to get it rolling and organized. Catching up on housework isn't a ton of fun or very exciting but when it is all done doesn't it feel good! Ok all off I go I will post more later about my schedule and hopefully update that I have gotten everything I dream of doing today done LOL...tata..

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Save My Sanity Saturday

I dont know why I like that title but I do LOL...

I feel I need to save my sanity today by getting to work. I had a horrendous migraine last night to the point it had me in tears and if we had insurance I very well may have gone to the doctor. My wonderful husband got the kiddos to bed after a late dinner (he had to work late) and then he also helped me to bed I couldn't even see straight to walk down the hall, the light hurt to even have my eyes open. My eyes were watering from the pressure and pain all on their own let alone when I started to cry from the excruciating pain. I went to bed and prayed really hard. I then drifted off to sleep waking feeling much better however I still have a slight pain in my head so My computer time will be short today. Today I woke to my little prince running a 101 degree fever and then the dog puked on the do you see why my sanity is pressured today lol... anyway today is cleanup day and I am making like 8 quarts of soup and transporting it down to my church's community service project tonight. We are handing out hot soup and bags of groceries to those in need tonight while others are trick or treating.... I was looking forward to serving tonight in hopes of telling more people about Jesus but that is out of my hands now as kiddo's health comes first He is feeling ok now with an advil in his system the fever came down but I am still not going to take him outside and let him get way. Anyway off I go my head is starting to hurt looking at the computer have a blessed day today all and enjoy fall:)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday?? Already!

Today is Friday already! AAHH feeling like this week just whizzed right by. Yesterday we had a wonderful day with hubby despite the fact that I had a monster of a headache. We went to Little Princess' Ballet class and Daddy got to watch! That was great fun and then we were off to do some shopping and stocking up on some things. We are working to just get some things laid in for winter time as I do not like to drive into town as much to shop and also I hate having to ask hubby to stop after he has worked all day. I dont mind asking for a gallon of milk or something he stops at the store up the road but not for laundry soap and things as I like to use my coupons and pick my scented things myself lol... We also got some other things we needed and I have recently stocked up on some coffee and some other things. I will try and post pictures later as today is Re-Organize the storage areas. I have a huge closet in the laundry room that I use for overflow from the pantry on one side and laundry stuff on the otherside however recently misc random items from here and there around the house have managed to find their way in there! I dont know for the life of me how that happens lol... house elves I think! hehe... So off I go to organize, do laundry while I do this and just try to restore some order. We are not doing school today as little prince has a headache, low grade fever, sore throat Please pray he feels better very soon:) So far little princess is feeling good so hopefully she wont be getting what I had last week I think this is where he got it. Ok off I go...if you dont here from me sooner or later send help I am under the coffee, pantry goods and misc items in the laundry room LOL....have a great day God Bless

Thursday, October 29, 2009

CBN News: Worst Cereals Marketed to Children

This caught my eye and after watching reinforced what I already felt and knew. We have always watched how much sugar were in the cereals we I am not saying we are a strictly no cereal family but my kids love their eggs/toast, baked oatmeal, pancakes and such but we do allow cereal however our choices usually are Cornflakes, rice krispies, cheerios. On special occasions I do allow the specialty ones but this is a treat and I treat it as I do all candy that comes in our house it is not an everyday occurrence. I loved her parenting outtakes in this video it made me smile this morning as this is how I am in the store and my kids know there is no point in begging for something it will only assure they do not get that item:) The correlation at the end when he said he remembers the marketing for this stuff for years...Well we have seen a rise in Obesity in the same number of years he mentioned have we not?? Have a Blessed Day today is hubby's day off so already today he is out bird hunting with little prince who was so excited to get to go with daddy this morning as he is old enough to finally go! Little princess and I are going to do some fun learning stuff while they are away. Later she has her Ballet lesson and then we do our errands today in the bigger town 1/2 hour from here. I have a horrible headache today that the excedrin does not seem to be helping yet so if you could please say a little prayer I would greatly appreciate it. I seem to not get as many as I used to however the ones I do get lately usually turn into full blown migranes and I would really love to not have one of those on hubby's day off they usually put me down in a dark room for the day as I am sensitive to light and sound however right now it is just at the bad headache stage....Father God Please take this pain from my head Amen.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday's Plan

Today is going to be a Kitchen day so math will be somewhat measurements and fractions as well as part bookwork. Science today will also be covered partially by this and we are going to start our Moon Lapbook today. The Mystery of History has us working on Creation Booklets which we need to finish up today I will try to post a picture of these when we finish:) Language arts today will be the Well-trained Mind language lesson we did not get this done yesterday I am still trying to figure out if I want to do some things everyday and others alternate or what and how.... I know we do math everyday and I think we need to do language skills of some kind everyday even if it is worksheets to reinforce things. I just got a brainquest workbook at target that has some good reinforcement skills of things he has been learning in all subjects in it. There is even mapping and such in the social studies section and moon things in the science got this at Target~! I was pretty excited LOL... little things right little things bring excitement:) Anyway Well I am off to start the day How do you all do it do you do history and science on seperate days? Math and Language Everyday? And do you all use a specialized spelling program? This is one area I am really still undecided on... Whether to get a special spelling program or do what I did last year and just assign 20 words off of the US Sitton?? Spelling list The words are numbered and there are 1200 on there that are standard words starting in the first grade with words 0-100 or something to that effect last year I assigned words in the 300-400 range and made worksheets off of it worked rather well but not sure thats how I want to go as he gets older... Any ideas? Have a great Tuesday God Bless

Monday, October 26, 2009

Catching up:)

Hi everyone,
Sorry to have been MIA for so long wherever does the time go? Well last week we had a busy busy week after I finally felt better I spiked a fever last Saturday night and had a low grade temp up to Tuesday. So I hunkered down and stayed in. Then Wed was hubby's day off and those are always fun days but busy busy going places and getting things done:) He was able to go to Awana's with the kids which they really loved. Thursday little princess had a ballet lesson, one of the homeschooled teens in the area is doing preschool/kindergarten age girl lessons for $1 a week! Its awesome and so cute to watch. It is the Christian homeschool group in our area which is rather large and it is great to chat with other Christian moms while the girls learn:) Then Saturday we had my small group with Church this was our day to collect food for our food drive we are doing. My church is handing out bags of groceries and hot soup to people in town on Saturday evening while others are out getting candy. Its our way to be out there sharing the love of Jesus with others on this evening. Many in this town are struggling with being able to provide food for thier families at this time so we are hoping to bless many during this. We met a gentleman during the collection time that is struggling himself financially and is battling cancer however he still gave a couple cans! God is so awesome and we are going to stop back by and take him some groceries to help him out this week:) Also we are all praying for him as he is alone so hopefully we will really be able to help him out in times coming.
It has been a good week for homeschooling we are trying out the Mystery of history for history/creation study and the kids can both do this mostly together so it is seeming to be working. Math I am flucuating between the computer lessons and worksheets to reinforce things. Language arts is an area I havent fully decided what I am doing I think we will finish up the First Language lessons for the Well trained mind 4th level and then go from there with the computer maybe and supplement worksheets. Science...mmmmm well I am working on this the past week for science we built a slinky brand electric motor that I picked up at Bi-mart and also little prince worked in the Garage on Dad's day off giving my suburban a tune-up! Auto shop science this week:) And we studied liquids/solids when we made cookies so we are learning and living. I love that about homeschool. This week I am going to work on getting a better schedule in place and getting things flowing smoothly. I dont feel nearly as flustered since I gave myself permission to find something else since what we thought would work wasn't I think I stressed out more because of that but after all the emails I recieved and reading some things I realized just because I thought i would work and paid money for it doesnt mean I have to fight with it all year when Its not completely working...try something else! What a concept! I want learning to be fun not a struggle at this age now when we get to high-school there will be just buckle down and do it but if we have some fun now maybe it wont be such a fight then. We are going to do a lapbook on the moon for science this week. My main goal this week is to keep learning going, have some fun, and then get a plan laid out on paper for subject goals for the rest of the year. Have a great day all I will try and post more regularly now that I am feeling better:) God bless!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Regrouping and getting back to it this next week

Hi all, I realized when Candy commented I haven't updated since Monday...aaahh
Well I took this week completely off from homeschool except for some science activities/club we had and basic reading with the kids. Another homeschool mom suggested a brief break while we figure out what may work and to just recharge our batteries. It has been good I have done a bunch of reading, talking with other homeschool moms in our area we have a great Christian Homeschool group of ladies here and then just letting the kids be kids this week. I have not officially figured out what will work but I am going to start next week with more reading actual books, we will continue to use the computer software for math as that is working so if thats not broken we wont fix that lol... and then for history my friend has loaned me the Mystery of History book 1. I think this may be good but we will have to see after I go through some of the lessons. what I may end up doing is using the outline of lessons offered in the computer programs as a lesson planning guide and get books out that deal with those topics... I am still a bit confused as you can probably tell but I am trying first and foremost to enjoy my precious angels and take it a day at a time. If it takes me 2-3 weeks to really figure out how this will work what will happen, no one is going to take away my birthday! least not yet....thats a whole other post see post for that LOL well I am off to make a dinner for my wonderful hubby's homecoming from work in about an hour and get laundry all put away:) Take care and have a blessed Sunday tomorrow I will post more after my Monday and see how it goes...Thanks for all the support:)

Monday, October 12, 2009


Hi everyone,
I write today in hope that expressing my frustration will enlighten a solution. We have been using a computer program and I absolutely love it for homeschool however what I love is not important as what my son's learning. He is not good at independent study and I struggle to be involved with it as it is not lessons I planned so I am going back through the well-trained mind and my printouts on teaching the trivium I think he did so much better at this. Now the math program on the computer is really working well so I will stick with that however what do you all do for History, Bible and science. I used the Well-trained mind language program last year and it worked however we got it late in the year and did not finished so I think we will resume that. My son learns best from me reading with him, and from reading aloud together and things he can participate in. I want to find something that involves little princess too when she has the patience to sit still, worksheets work well. I need to get more organized as this is 5th grade year for him and pre-k kindergarten for her. Can you tell I am stressed and unfocused today so we finished our history for today and are taking the rest of the day off to regroup any suggestions... I think a packaged curriculum is not working for us so those of you that use a bit of everything or parts of some curriculum how do you organize your lessons, stay on track and make sure you get everything the state needs while keeping the kids on track and learning fun... I dont want the fights anymore I want learning to be fun for them and me:) they are smart kids I just need to find what works. this is only our second year homeschooling and starting after public school has been a challenge. Thanks for any input you can share.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I love Saturday's

Today we are just lounging around this morning, thats not to say we won't get anything done but on Saturday mornings we are really low key and laid back. Every other day of the week we have to get ready to do something(school work) or go somewhere for groceries or field trips that we do with the local homeschool group and On Sunday we get ready to go and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ so it is a busy morning getting out the door. So I realized last week that Saturdays really are our only down day when nothing is required. So I let the kids enjoy their morning with whatever they would like right now they are playing lego's nicely know one of the benefits that I have seen from homeschooling is my kids really are best friends. Its awesome. At first it was a struggle when I brought ds home from School a year and a half ago but now he has transformed into the kid he always was in the summer with her but now it is full time and that is the boy I always new was there, a loving thoughtful young man. Not saying that boy didnt exsist in school but I definitley saw the influence of some of the less Godly boys lets put it that way. And dd just so looks up to her big brother it is beautiful to know she will always have someone watching out for her:)
So anyway today we do have to get some laundry finished and clean up a bit so that tomorrow is about enjoying the Lord and not trying to clean up as well as it is my week to provide snack for fellowship time so I will be making about 10 Doz cookies probably Choc. Chip as that is what I have enough supplies for or maybe 1/2 sugar 1/2 choc we shall see....well off I go have a blessed weekend everyone:)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Book Review

Hi everyone,
A couple weeks ago I signed up to be a book reviewing blogger with Thomas Nelson.(see squares on my blog if you are interested in signing up)

I just finished The Busy People's Fast and Frugal Cookbook

I really enjoyed some of the tips in the beginning of this cookbook. Most of them were pretty basic that anyone who has been living frugally will be familiar with however if you are just finding yourself needing to be frugal due to the economy, job loss or what have you then this section will teach you important tips of the trade. Also new wives and young women could benefit from this when learning how to manage a house grocery bill. The recipe's in it use a lot of fat free ingredients which I do not stock however can be made with the regular version of said ingredient just as easily however you will loose some of the low cal/ low salt/ low cholesterol if you do so. The recipe pages were nice because the include on the side bar a complete grocery list for everything you need to make the recipe broken down into grocery store sections so you can easily make a menu for a week and then go page by page as you make your produce, poultry, dairy and packaged item grocery list. Also it has suggestions for making it a complete meal with a side dish on most recipes.
Overall I recommend this cookbook for busy moms, and busy people everywhere. I think the recipe's in them are simple enough to try (some cookbooks make it so complicated even on fast recipes that we dont even try them) and also they are tasty for the whole family. As well as if you need the low cal, low cholesterol and such this is a great speedy cookbook for those in need of that! Great cookbook:)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Catch-up Monday! What are our priorities???

Here is what we woke to yesterday morning:) what fun in the Snow a wonderful Lords Day!

Hi everyone:)
I hope Monday finds you all well and living to your fullest God given potential. Sometimes we fail to really miss what God has for us daily and his plan don't we? I know I do I get so busy with the daily stuff that God's will for me tends to escape my day and then it is bed time and I have done nothing to his Glory. This morning I sat down and made a list of things I need to do today as the weekend unraveled the house and thing. Tell me if you see what is missing in my list? I put things in order of how I would like to accomplish them to keep myself on track.

1. Get Dressed-Start Laundry
2. Unload Dishwasher
3. Load Dishwasher
4. Hand wash pans and pots
5. clean off counters-switch laundry loads
6. clean main bathroom
7. clean my bathroom
8. fold couch blankets
9. fold all laundry and put away
10. wash little princess sheets-remake bed
11. put flannel sheets on our bed
12. sweep kitchen
13. mop kitchen
14. vacuum

I know this seems like a long list but I really want to get house pretty for hubby's return...but i noticed I left some things out... first I need to involve the kids and we can have fun .....i was thinking this morning I wil do it much faster by myself but then they wont have pride in cleaning their bath and stuff then maybe they wont keep it as clean? Also I dont have anytime in here to just be a mom with the kids... I think I will add our read aloud time and some bible related things in here to be growing my kids for God...I tend to leave that part out sometimes and have to remember that My life is for God not for Me or even for My Hubby,, God has to come first in everything, if we are neglecting God then we are neglecting things we need to be able to be the Mom and Wife that God wants us to be...
These were just my thoughts after I re-read my list and a couple of my blogs from friends that I follow:)

So my new list goes like this
1. dress-start laundry Already done
2. Dishes out and back in DONE
3.Read aloud with the Kids- Little Prince has already finished all his homeschool assignments for today and would like to study we will read then find some websites to help him with this
4. have kids clean up their bathroom and have little princess wipe counters and sink, little prince can clean the toilet I will handle the tub and floors
5. I will clean my bathroom
6 Bible study with kids- Work on thier Awana things for this week and listen to Audio bible during lunch
7. have kiddos fold blankets
8. have little prince help fold clothes give little princess socks to match up and work as a team:)
9. wash little princess sheets have her help me make her bed
10. change my sheets to flannel....this is all me:)
11. sweep kitchen little princess can use her broom little prince can vacuum baseboards while i do major sweeping
12. mop kitchen and baths with little princess she just loves moping she has her own little mop I dip and squeeze for her then she goes to work:) It is so cute!
13. vacuum Little prince enjoyes this so I will do edge work he can do centers
14. Sit and play a game with the kids I just got a motion game for kids at target and have not yet played it with them so today is the day.
This list seems more in line with what I want to be doing which is raising my kids to thier fullest potential...

Be Blessed and Make today a Glory Day for the Lord:)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Keeping the Home TV!

This will return in a couple days my page wouldnt load right with the Cereal video and KTH... I have not figured this all out quite yet but it will be back soon:)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Crazy Kitchen

you'll have to forgive me on the video I realized when I made it and watched it just how many times I said I started taping each segway! I will have to work on not doing that next time I tape LOL.... well hope you enjoy my crazy day it ended up only being half the bread work I planned to do because I used all my bread pans for the Zucchini bread and didnt have any left for bread bread... I will tape my regular sandwich bread next which may be tomorrow and put that up for you. I put too much sugar into the video bread you see but it turned out just fine:) really good dessert bread:) Have a great day I am off to DMV fun fun:)

Monday, September 28, 2009

What a great weekend

Today will be spent recovering from a very long but wonderful weekend:) Saturday my husband was blessed while deer hunting so we will have meat this winter! Praise the Lord! Then I went to set up for the Luau which I was Coordinating at our Church yesterday after service We set up on Saturday afternoon. Next on Saturday evening we went out hunting again in an attempt to fill my tag but no such luck:( thats ok though I feel fortunate to get one in the family so that will be a blessing. I would have liked to have gotten a Buck finally this year but Maybe during Late season. Then yesterday I had to be at the church at 6:45 to finish preparations for the Luau. We had some wonderful visitors for the day and I hope they felt the Lord's amazing Love while they visited. We played some fun games and had a whole church volleyball turney where the adults and everyone took on the High School Youth Group What fun we had! Then everyone pitched in for cleanup and we were done in I think 45 min! That was amazing I keep saying we should rotate houses and clean as a team LOL!
The only sad event over the weekend is we are fairly sure my little princess's kitten has dissappeared which she is very saddened by. Ruby has been missing for 3 days she has done this once before and came back in 2 days so pleasse pray with us that Ruby will return today or tomorrow as it is breaking my heart! We birthed the kittens here and they are 6 months old. I was apparently very attached as well as I seem to keep tearing up at the thought of her being gone:( I keep praying she will return everytime I open the front door.
Today I am going to make a bread video after I clean the kitchen over the weekend with all the activity we let the kitchen duty go and boy can I tell today. So this morning I will whip it back into shape then get some school work done then get to baking and Laundry. I hope to get the video up this evening however may be morning we shall see how the day goes. Until later my friends:) Have a blessed day!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Errand Day

Today is Errand Day for us we have to go to town...30 min from here to do some shopping in the bigger town ours is not very big and groceries are quite spendy here. I do 99% of my grocery shopping in the bigger town as I can go to a United Grocer Restaraunt outlet thats open to the public and I save much more even over going to Costco. The meat you saw in my previous video that I was slicing all came from there. Today's run is pretty basic not a lot of meat unless they have an amazing sale like last time that Pork was only .99 a pound I couldnt pass that up for a big Pork Butt! It was awesome. Then I have to get supplies for our Church's Luau this Sunday and get prizes or the games section of it. It is going to be so fun. We are inviting anyone everyone we can to this free event and I am praying for people who just really need to be encouraged to take the first step to Jesus to attend. I just know God is going to use this event even if it is for just 1 lost soul It will be so worth it! Well that's all for today I was discussing in my comments how my bread fell during the rising because I let it rise too long I had an unexpected trip away from home that could not wait till my bread was done and when I got home it was so late I knew I just had to bake it the way it was the good news is its still good bread it is just much shorter than normal lol. well I will be trying that again probably Monday and I am going to try to do a video of it. I make a wheat/white combo yeast bread with oatmeal in it that my family just really loves. Talk to you all soon have a great weekend if I dont get a chance to post before monday as tomorrow will be consumed with setup for the Luau. If I get a min I will drop in. Till then..... God Bless

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Whole Day:)

In my previous post you see just the morning from yesterday well I uploaded a bunch more to finish out my day however I was planning on doing an afternoon post but when I uploaded them to my video I accidentally added them onto the same one from yesterday. I could not figure out how to seperate them so forgive me if you have seen the beginning already now I know I have to start a new project before I upload pictures. I thought I had but alas... Have a blessed day all I think I will video the bread making later if I remember:)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My morning in Video:)

Time Flies!

Wow can't believe its been so long. I am going to start posting more regularly now that the schedules are taking hold and life is settling in yet again for the school year. things are going really well here at home, getting caught up from our 14 days of camping slowly though! I thought I could manage it all the week we came home Labor day week but alas I am not super woman! I give it my best shot but whatever happens happens and that is ok. Yesterday was my birthday and my wonderful hubby had me go pick out my Kitchenaid Mixer! I was so excited I love it. I made peanut butter cookies for him last night to say thank you they are his favorite and I also made 2 loaves of homemade bread! It was so quick and turned out awesome. I am very excited. Today I am working on a morning in the Life of me video so hopefully in a couple hours that will be up with my morning activities but as of right now I am getting another headache that is threatening to turn into a migrane. I have had one 3 out of the last 6 days that have put me in bed daily almost. Sunday and Monday no headache which was awesome I was prayed over at church on Sunday morning and my headache went away almost immediately! It was a huge blessing. I think todays headache is caused by lack of sleep right now my dogs barked alot last night and hubby is dealing I think with sleep apnea and last night was a rough night we are going to go to the doctor as soon as we have insurance again. Please pray for him as he is really struggling he hasnt really slept in over 3 weeks just boughts of sleep in between the choking episodes. I wake him if I am up and have him roll over then it is better but still he doesnt get a full nights rest. Well anyway going to work on my video now and the other news i just signed up to be a book reviewer! I am excited to see how this goes got the info from ladypilgrim and have signed up now awaiting my first book to review its a frugal cookbook! Anyway have a great day everyone talk to you soon.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Plans change but thats ok I can roll with it With the Lords help!

Hi there,
this week we actually have been having a kind of revival at my church the members that are in regular attendance have been coming together for deep prayer and worship and man the lives that have been changed this week! Mine is one of them I have never felt the overwhelming Joy and Peace that I have had the last 2 days. I thought I had Joy and Peace but I was sorely mistaken! It is awesome to see God at work in my life and the lives of my church family. We are on a radical mission to strenghten us to share the love of Jesus with others through being completely spirit filled ourselves!

Anyway with all that has been involved we havent gotten home till almost 10 the kids and I have been a bit tired so I decided to delay schools official start until after labor day We will be camping the kids and I this week until the 7th! Wish me luck lol... We will be hunting and enjoying the nature. Hubby will be joining us on the evening of his day off the rest of the time it may just be me and the kids we shall see he said he may camp he may stay at home when he has to work the next day we will play it by ear. We actually arent going to be far from our house so I will run home if needed throughout the time to water the lawn and the horse and hubby will feed for me on his way to work and home to shower after work before coming to camp for dinner. Should be a fun and blessed week We will also come to church directly from camp....luckily I have a bathtub in my camper so we can take a spongebath periodically. Anyway today is filled with getting the camper loaded I cleaned it yesterday and then I am going to be spending a good deal of time precooking things today so we just have to warm them on the stove while out there and not use the oven in the trailer much it tends to burn things:) While in camp we will be reading a good deal from a book we are going through some poetry I brought home from the library as well as a bit more in depth bible study just the kids the woods and sounds like a good title for my post when I get home (the kids the woods and me) Anyway I have let my fingers run now its time to get to work. Have a wonderfully blessed day filled with Joy! Accept no alternative for God Has Great Joy for each of us if we will just believe and stand firm! Take care "see you soon"

Friday, August 21, 2009

Didn't get to all my plans but thats oky doky:)

Well I had big plans for today but alas I didn't get the bread done it was just to hot to fire the oven. We did go to the Library and I got some great books to incorporate into next week. We plan on starting school next week. Public school starts on Sept 8 but I wanted to get a head start as we need to review 4th grade math actually we will be doing this for a couple months into the year then moving onto the 5th grade program as I want to be sure he "has it" if you know what I mean. I struggled with math and he has too so we are taking our time. I got some great abc/counting books to work with Little princess with and some explorer books for Little Prince and some poetry for children and such. We are using Switched on Schoolhouse for 5th grade Little Prince I am putting together my own things for Little Princess she is only 4.5 but she is doing some things fairly advanced as far as shapes colors and such but we will be focusing on counting, abc's and reading/writing this year. She loves to "do school" so she has picked up quite a bit just being around the table. Lovely little sponges they are:) Well today I wore a simple flowing brown skirt with a brown basick v-nck tshirt(not to v) and I wore a bandana around my hair I have had a bad reaction to hairspray of any kind lately so not much to do with my hair cant even spray my bangs without breaking out around my hairline so I just put it up and away:) a bit of basic makeup and out I went... might look a bit prairie to some but who cares as long as God and hubby are happy thats what matters and I agree with Shellie wearing a skirt does make you be more modest when you bend and such I squat in a skirt to look at things at the library where-as in jeans I would have just bent over lol... anyway off I go to make dinner wonderful hubby just walked in. God Bless

Feeling Better

Little Princess is feeling much better today Praise the Lord! I feel good too! Yesterday I got the mountain of clean clothes folded and put away and the kitchen cleaned up and the vacuuming done. Today I have some Laundry to wash and put away as well as normal kitchen stuff to do I plan on doing something fun with the kids today I just don't know what also I need to make bread today. well better get busy lots to do:) God Bless

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Updating on Sickies:)

Well the Lord has healed my head Praise God! (Thanks Shellie for the prayers and yes I wished we live closer too:) Also Little princess officially has a Urinary tract infection she was still running a fever today and started vomiting then said it burned so I took her in. One of the members of our church happens to be a nurse practitioner here which is a blessing as Little princess was pretty upset about having to go until i asked if she remembered Miss J from church ..she did and was pretty excited that Miss J could make her better it was so cute and she didnt want the nurses messing with her just miss J:) it was very adorable to me an Miss J. On our church cleanup day Miss J and little princess planted flowers together and she still talks about that when she sees the flowers it is pretty cute. So now we have medication for the UTI and I have to be careful with the sun as it makes her more susceptible for a sunburn I guess Lots of sunscreen as this time of year is hard to stay out of the sun:) Well I am off Thanks for your prayers and thoughts hope all is well with all of you
God Bless:)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Prayer Request

Hello all, I have a request if you could please pray for Little Princess she spiked a 104 degree fever and at 4 that is a bit hot she is down now but still feverish I am watching her closely and hoping she is all better soon:) I meanwhile have a severe headache that I have had for 3 days straight so I ask God to lift this from me especially as my little princess needs me right now:)
On a good note Little Prince turned 10 yesterday! We had a great day as a family at the local entertainment center, go carts, mini golf and games then Red Robin for dinner it was a great day commemorating 10 years! Well off to tend to the wee ones have a great day

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Almost forgot to share a cute pic that i finally uploaded

Little princess' First fishy plus Daddy's fish:) they were so proud to have made dinner that night:)

Wednesday evening...

Well I should have stayed home and buckled down around here but kids wanted to spend the day with daddy so we went to work with him:) That was fun, hard work but fun to be with him right now Julie and I came home a bit before he gets here I took a shower as I was filthy! LOL...we were working at clearing trees,bitterbrush and raking a lot that just had a house built for a gentleman that lives elsewhere but vacations here. So we all earned a bit of money today too! Yeah..a day with daddy and money to boot cant beat that lol.
I am sore from raking but think the exercise may have helped the pain a bit..I know that sounds odd but we will just have to see I may feel better if I can just keep moving... my downfall is sitting when I hurt instead of moving the less I move the more it hurts but the more it hurts the less I want to move LOL..vicious cycle that I have to mental work to break and catch before it takes over sometimes. Well I am off to clean up the kitchen and make a small bbq for family and a friend that was working with us today:) Until tomorrow


Well today is hubby's day off but he is still working on a side job that he is doing for a gentleman here in town so he is gone again we will go over and visit him later today when we go to the library:) Have to get our stuff together for that and just keep plugging around here on things getting ready to leave this weekend to go to a wedding however if my back hurts like it does right now with the weather I may not be able to drive the 2.5 hours to go there and then back the next day 2.5 hours. that makes me hurt usually especially if I am the one driving and hubby cant go so we shall see what happens there. Next Tuesday is Little Prince's birthday! Cant believe how old he is getting he will be 10! My Baby is getting so big! He wants to go to a fun center in the town 30 miles from here so that is what we are going to do hopefully some friends will join us as we have invited them. Well Better get rolling today and get things done. Have a great Wednesday and Be Blessed:)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday here at home

Well for today we are just going to focus on cleaning up the house, getting all the laundry done, folded and put away this has gotten away from me a bit but not bad then also I want to get the fridge cleaned out finally and washed. Also clean the kitchen counters off and organize the papers that have accumulated there, its funny my hubby says they need to make the tops of fridges and counters domed so things slide off instead of getting set there LOL.... He was saying this while admitting that is one of the things he does them most is come home from work and set everything on the counter then walk away too funny...Usually I go through it daily and re-organize however I have not the last 2 days and boy can I tell! So get reorganized around here and when that is done I will sit down to do some more homeschool plans for the next year I plan on starting the next season on Monday the 24 next week is Little prince's 10th birthday so I decided not to start next week like I had thought we would that way he can enjoy his birthday week:) Well I am off take care all and have a blessed day!

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Monday Plans

Well today is going to be our errand day as we need to go into the bigger town 30 min from here to go to the bank and we will go to the grocery store there. We do most of our grocery shopping there because it is much less expensive. Our local store was having a meat sale this last week but when I compared prices to what I am used to farther away I was amazed how much more expensive it still was here in our small town than what I usually spend on daily prices at a United Grocer chain in the other town so alas I will be heading in for our shopping since I have to go there anyway. I am working on homeschool planning I purchased Switched ON Schoolhouse for little prince's schooling and for little princess we are doing some workbooks and such for pre-k well I better get going still feeling sleepy from this weekend but hope to increase energy soon:) Have a great day

Saturday, August 8, 2009


A very Happy Birthday goes out to my friend here is her blog:) Everyone stop by and wish her a happy one:)

Encouraging Word

Saturday 8/8/2009

This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.

This was one of my emails today and this is scripture I put into use on many days when I struggle. I had the feeling to share here so here ya go:) Have a blessed day~T

Friday, August 7, 2009

Today in my world

Hi all,

Today I still am lacking in energy however I have increased my vitamins and supplements as well as the good part was that I have woken up the last 2 days when I needed to on my own to get Hubby's lunch packed and coffee made. Today I did manage to go through a corner of my room that has gotten a bit out of hand due to me neglecting it:( but thats ok its better now, I am making fried chicken mashed potatoes and grave with corn/greenbeen mix for dinner, smells so good I cant wait for dinner:) I havent made fried chicken in almost a year it isnt something I do often as it is not all that healthy but sure is yummy:) I am making yogurt for the first time and cant wait to try it tomorrow going to blend some stawberry and banana to put in some for smoothies :) well gotta flip chicken take care till next time:)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hi all,
Last night was a rough night for some reason little princess didnt sleep well as well as usual she was up every hour at first then slept till 1am when she got scared, I went in her room and fell asleep on her bed when i was comforting her lol, so at 3am I woke up and my back was killing me lol:) Got some sleep after finally falling asleep at 4:30am for a while then awake and started my day I did get some cleaning done today but am having a severe lack of energy so I am happy I got a load of laundry done and cleaned both the bathrooms today little prince vacuumed the floors and is working on cleaning his room. I was going to make a library trip today and post office but think it will happen tomorrow going to crash early tonight after dinner with My Love and try to wakeup more energized tomorrow:)
Till then

Friday, July 24, 2009

Yeah one more day!

Tomorrow the kiddo's come home and I have to say I cant wait to pick them up I miss them so much but hubby took me out to dinner last night and we shot some pool:) something we cant do with the kids or the budget usually hehe...that was nice. Today I am going to work with hubby it is his day off from his full time job and he will be working on clearing a lot for a gentleman, Teamwork:) should be good and sore by tonight lol. I got a lot done yesterday some I forgot to put on my list but should have been, yesterday I started the day by going to town and getting the things I needed, when I got home I changed into work clothes, cleaned the horse pen drug it so it was softer dirt then watered it down for her scrubbed out her water tank and watered her, then off to the dog kennel cleaned and put in fresh sawdust. Then I reseeded the lawn we planted this spring as a big storm washed half my seed away to places that it wasnt ment to be. Then I came in it was hot and I was a bit sore so then I folded the clothes and we decided to eat out so I got ready to go. Off I go have a blessed day oh by the way you should have seen the stars last night they were so awesome and bright here it is nice to not have lots of lights drowning them out. i thanked God for his awesomeness and went to bed smiling.
Bye for now:)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Week without the Kiddo's

Hi all,
this week my kids are with Grandma and Grandpa in Eastern Oregon and man do I MISS THEM!! I feel awfully lonely all day without those two here:) I thought I would accomplish so much this week but unfortunately have not felt quite energized. I have big plans for today though...we shall see how many come into fruition lol! I am going to update my to do list and see how many I can mark as done by the end of the day:) Blessings to all of you have a wonderful Thursday!

Monday, July 13, 2009

So much to do after such a good weekend Enjoyed a sermon yesterday from a gentleman who is pastor of another Church as ours took a vacation:) His Father who is now 92 happened to be a friend of my Dad when I was young they Team-Roped together:) I used to ride my dad's horse next to him at the ropings and he was like a granddad to all the kids around there! He is well which is wonderful and his son is a very strong Man of God which was so awesome! His words were good and timely he prayed for my Beloved for his salvation and I just know that soon he will repent and ask Jesus into his heart I will continue to pray for this he is melting I see it in so many things we do. Then we went and fellowshipped with my small group at a potluck and played some games and had a great time. My Beloved doesnt currently attend church on a regular basis with me nor does he regularly attend my small neighborhood group gatherings so having him there was such a joy and blessing. Now for today I have much laundry to do, homeschool lessons to do and bread to make:) Thank the Lord the cold that had been plaguing me is leaving and I am feeling better. I had been praying to have the Lord fill me with energy as I had been so sick last week well this morning the prayer was answered as I was able to get up and to the things that bless my husband in the mornings helping him get ready for his work day and now to bless him with the things that he can come home to a pleasant atmosphere that he can rest in. Off I go have a blessed day sisters:)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Its been a while

I cant believe how long it has been since my last post. Things have been so busy around here. Then last Sunday I came down with a cold and can't seem to shake it I have a severe headache and am struggling to make it through the days right now. So for today this is all I have, I am planning some posts for the future going to do a kitchen post and a sewing post maybe we shall see. Off I go pray for strength and relief from the pain in my head:) thank you,
God bless

Friday, June 19, 2009

"Child Rights" Forces Mobilize

This is from an email I received from Today Please visit the link below this post to learn more this is a very important issue for Americans and their families

Three major developments—all of them ominous—have occurred in the last several days.

1. On June 1 and 2, Georgetown University Law School hosted a two-day symposium entitled “The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC): Why It Is Time to Ratify.”

This well-funded conference was held to organize a new coalition effort by American internationalists to seek ratification of the UN child’s rights treaty.

2. In the second week of June, a major study was released by the British education ministry calling for dramatically dangerous increases in the regulation of homeschoolers in that nation.

This study concludes that the UN CRC requires that the government enter every homeschooling home and privately interview each homeschooling child to determine “the child’s wishes” regarding his or her education.

3. On June 17, at the UN headquarters in Geneva, the UN’s Human Rights Committee—which oversees all human rights treaties—announced that it was forming a committee to draft a new “protocol” for the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Under this new addition to the CRC, individual children would be able to file a formal legal complaint if they believe that their rights had been violated. It would give this new international tribunal the right to determine if the child’s treaty rights had been violated by any person.

The internationalists believe that this is their moment in history.

They have millions of dollars in their coffers. They have the media. They have the powers of government. They have the entire apparatus of the United Nations.

We have some assets as well.

Our arguments resonate with the American people—the vast majority of Americans believe that Americans should make our own domestic laws and that parents, not government, should make decisions for children.

Leaders at the Georgetown conference publicly admitted that logic and facts will not defeat our arguments. What do they plan to do?

They plan to use emotional arguments. They said so in open public sessions.
At the Georgetown conference, the UN officials and other foreign experts were constantly censored by their American handlers. Why? Because these foreign experts acknowledge that this treaty would be supreme over American law.

The American child’s rights propaganda machine denies that we would forfeit American sovereignty—even though they do not have the legal arguments to back their rhetoric. They did everything they could to silence their guest speakers when they strayed from the sanitized version of their message.

We are in a race. It is a race for the future of the American family and American self-government.

The question is: Will the lies of the internationalists be heard by more Americans than the truth of those who believe in families?

I wish that I could look each person reading this right in the eyes. It is incredibly difficult for written words to explain how serious this situation really is.

The real battle is being fought right now. Our opponents are preparing for a vote in the Senate sometime ahead—as soon as they feel they have laid the groundwork for victory.

Because the internationalists possess the reins of government, have millions of dollars at their disposal, and have powerful allies in the mainstream media, they can build momentum much faster than we are able to do.

We have to get our message out to others and we have to do it today.

I have been leading grassroots political efforts for over thirty years. Without any fear of contradiction, I can tell you that we are going to win or lose the battle over the Convention on the Rights of the Child in the next few months. The key to victory lies in the stage of preparation.

Will we have adequate preparation to win?

The annual budget of is less than $500,000. They have millions and millions of dollars at their disposal.

We must raise money right now to employ professionals who can help us get our message out in the media.

We must also raise money right now to employ experienced people to work the halls of Capitol Hill on our behalf.

I cannot do these things alone. We have to have a quality team if we expect to stop the combined power of Geneva, New York, and Washington.

This is the time to decide whether you are willing to take meaningful action.