Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Almost forgot to share a cute pic that i finally uploaded

Little princess' First fishy plus Daddy's fish:) they were so proud to have made dinner that night:)

Wednesday evening...

Well I should have stayed home and buckled down around here but kids wanted to spend the day with daddy so we went to work with him:) That was fun, hard work but fun to be with him right now Julie and I came home a bit before he gets here I took a shower as I was filthy! LOL...we were working at clearing trees,bitterbrush and raking a lot that just had a house built for a gentleman that lives elsewhere but vacations here. So we all earned a bit of money today too! Yeah..a day with daddy and money to boot cant beat that lol.
I am sore from raking but think the exercise may have helped the pain a bit..I know that sounds odd but we will just have to see I may feel better if I can just keep moving... my downfall is sitting when I hurt instead of moving the less I move the more it hurts but the more it hurts the less I want to move LOL..vicious cycle that I have to mental work to break and catch before it takes over sometimes. Well I am off to clean up the kitchen and make a small bbq for family and a friend that was working with us today:) Until tomorrow


Well today is hubby's day off but he is still working on a side job that he is doing for a gentleman here in town so he is gone again we will go over and visit him later today when we go to the library:) Have to get our stuff together for that and just keep plugging around here on things getting ready to leave this weekend to go to a wedding however if my back hurts like it does right now with the weather I may not be able to drive the 2.5 hours to go there and then back the next day 2.5 hours. that makes me hurt usually especially if I am the one driving and hubby cant go so we shall see what happens there. Next Tuesday is Little Prince's birthday! Cant believe how old he is getting he will be 10! My Baby is getting so big! He wants to go to a fun center in the town 30 miles from here so that is what we are going to do hopefully some friends will join us as we have invited them. Well Better get rolling today and get things done. Have a great Wednesday and Be Blessed:)