Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thank you

thank you ladies for praying with me yesterday I did not end up having to go to the doctor they said on the phone if I dont feel better or it gets worse to go to the ER but thank the Lord that has not been the case. We are thinking it is the cold I have that is causing this as the day wore on yesterday I felt worse sickness wise and could really feel the illness coming through and think the symptoms were caused by that. So today per Doctors and Hubby's orders I am completely resting. I will be back to normal soon I pray so thank you again for praying in my moment of need. As a result of me being sick I am thinking of holding Cyber Church tomorrow in my Meez room I am not going to be leaving the house this weekend just going to cozy in with my kids, hubby, computer and good books. Have a good one! God Bless Let me know if you are interested in Cyber worship tomorrow. Going to start at 10am Pacific Time 1pm EST take care.

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prayzgod said...

I'm interested, but I think I'm too late, and I don't know where your Meez room is. :-(

It would be fun to drop into your cyberoom sometime. :-)