Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday's Plan

Today is going to be a Kitchen day so math will be somewhat measurements and fractions as well as part bookwork. Science today will also be covered partially by this and we are going to start our Moon Lapbook today. The Mystery of History has us working on Creation Booklets which we need to finish up today I will try to post a picture of these when we finish:) Language arts today will be the Well-trained Mind language lesson we did not get this done yesterday I am still trying to figure out if I want to do some things everyday and others alternate or what and how.... I know we do math everyday and I think we need to do language skills of some kind everyday even if it is worksheets to reinforce things. I just got a brainquest workbook at target that has some good reinforcement skills of things he has been learning in all subjects in it. There is even mapping and such in the social studies section and moon things in the science got this at Target~! I was pretty excited LOL... little things right little things bring excitement:) Anyway Well I am off to start the day How do you all do it do you do history and science on seperate days? Math and Language Everyday? And do you all use a specialized spelling program? This is one area I am really still undecided on... Whether to get a special spelling program or do what I did last year and just assign 20 words off of the US Sitton?? Spelling list The words are numbered and there are 1200 on there that are standard words starting in the first grade with words 0-100 or something to that effect last year I assigned words in the 300-400 range and made worksheets off of it worked rather well but not sure thats how I want to go as he gets older... Any ideas? Have a great Tuesday God Bless


Anonymous said...

I use Alpha and Omega Language Arts and it has very extensive spelling in each lesson. So, we do that.

God Blessings today!

Anonymous said...

We don't use any formal spelling curriculum. Extensive reading really does help with spelling and vocabulary (we don't use a separate vocabulary curriculum either). My oldest was a terrible speller until recently; and we found that the combination of her love of reading and using Apples Daily Spelling Drills has improved her spelling tremendously. I really don't like teaching spelling and Apples is made for the student to work independently--no lists to memorize or weekly tests to take. Just a page a day of exercises to help them remember spelling rules. It has been great for us. Timberdoodle carries this book--it says it is for older students who have trouble with their spelling. I guess it could be used for a younger student who is used to doing workbook type stuff, because it is easy enough for a younger person to understand. But I would recommend it for an older student because the point is to be a no-pressure way of making the stuff "stick". I don't know if that helps you at all! I guess my point is that you really can wait until they are older to add another "subject" to their plates. When my daughter was younger we would correct any spelling errors in her writing but we had no weekly lists and tests (which is what any spelling curriculum really is); and now she is doing just fine.
We are using MOH also, book 2, and for science we have used Considering God's Creation in the past (great if you love notebooking), and next semester we will be using Christian Kid's Explore Chemistry.
God bless you as you find your way in your home schooling journey!

Anonymous said...

Last year I ended up alternating between spelling and language, and history and science. This year we are doing all subjects each day, four days a week - year round.

However, we also do notebooking, so when we finish subjects early, we will reinforce what was learned via more notebooking.

I use Modern Curriculum Press spelling. I also have the kids write down the spelling rule they learn each week, along with their list words, in their spelling notebooks.

I will probably be starting into Mystery of History with my oldest next year. This year, he is finishing the last book in The Story of the World.

I love the Well-Trained Mind language. I love how it reinforces what was learned during the previous year, because that really helps teacher-mommy. ;-)