Friday, August 21, 2009

Didn't get to all my plans but thats oky doky:)

Well I had big plans for today but alas I didn't get the bread done it was just to hot to fire the oven. We did go to the Library and I got some great books to incorporate into next week. We plan on starting school next week. Public school starts on Sept 8 but I wanted to get a head start as we need to review 4th grade math actually we will be doing this for a couple months into the year then moving onto the 5th grade program as I want to be sure he "has it" if you know what I mean. I struggled with math and he has too so we are taking our time. I got some great abc/counting books to work with Little princess with and some explorer books for Little Prince and some poetry for children and such. We are using Switched on Schoolhouse for 5th grade Little Prince I am putting together my own things for Little Princess she is only 4.5 but she is doing some things fairly advanced as far as shapes colors and such but we will be focusing on counting, abc's and reading/writing this year. She loves to "do school" so she has picked up quite a bit just being around the table. Lovely little sponges they are:) Well today I wore a simple flowing brown skirt with a brown basick v-nck tshirt(not to v) and I wore a bandana around my hair I have had a bad reaction to hairspray of any kind lately so not much to do with my hair cant even spray my bangs without breaking out around my hairline so I just put it up and away:) a bit of basic makeup and out I went... might look a bit prairie to some but who cares as long as God and hubby are happy thats what matters and I agree with Shellie wearing a skirt does make you be more modest when you bend and such I squat in a skirt to look at things at the library where-as in jeans I would have just bent over lol... anyway off I go to make dinner wonderful hubby just walked in. God Bless


Mrs. Darling said...

Where do you live in Oregon? I too am in Oregon. I think you may be south of me down I5. I cant find an email for you but my email is on my site. I would love to see if you lived close enough that we can meet.

One Christian Mom said...

OH, you live near somebody - I'm jealous! :) I am guessing by the lack of posts this week that homeschool is in full swing... how's it going? I pray all is well with you and your family.