Friday, July 24, 2009

Yeah one more day!

Tomorrow the kiddo's come home and I have to say I cant wait to pick them up I miss them so much but hubby took me out to dinner last night and we shot some pool:) something we cant do with the kids or the budget usually hehe...that was nice. Today I am going to work with hubby it is his day off from his full time job and he will be working on clearing a lot for a gentleman, Teamwork:) should be good and sore by tonight lol. I got a lot done yesterday some I forgot to put on my list but should have been, yesterday I started the day by going to town and getting the things I needed, when I got home I changed into work clothes, cleaned the horse pen drug it so it was softer dirt then watered it down for her scrubbed out her water tank and watered her, then off to the dog kennel cleaned and put in fresh sawdust. Then I reseeded the lawn we planted this spring as a big storm washed half my seed away to places that it wasnt ment to be. Then I came in it was hot and I was a bit sore so then I folded the clothes and we decided to eat out so I got ready to go. Off I go have a blessed day oh by the way you should have seen the stars last night they were so awesome and bright here it is nice to not have lots of lights drowning them out. i thanked God for his awesomeness and went to bed smiling.
Bye for now:)