Thursday, May 26, 2011

Until You Get Your Halo....

Wear One Of Our Hats!   How about that for a slogan?? What do you think?  I am working on setting up an Etsy website or figure out how to implement a selling portion here on my blog for my crocheted hats.  (I admit to a little techno challenge sometimes lol)  Below you will see samples of some of the hats I recently sent off to snuggle a little one of God's angel's who is battling brain cancer and some hats I made for her siblings.  Then also some of my other hats that I have made for my kiddos and myself.  Enjoy and please let me know any ideas you have and tips on the selling things homemade you may have in your hat! God Bless

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Marriage is just fine...I don't need a bundle to help me...

OK so now you know what I originally thought when I received my recent assignment from The Gabby Moms and Eternal Encouragement Magazine from Mrs. Lorrie Flem. Boy was I wrong. You know the assignments you always waited till the last minute to do in school and then found you enjoyed them and wish you put more time and effort into...that's about how I feel now!
I procrastinated...yup I sure did!~ Now I will be daily going over more of the info and getting all out of it I can. I just listened to the first mp3 session included in this download, which let me tell you IS HUGE!! I thought it would be a few items from the magazine I didn't realize it would be so much from Eternal Encouragement. Collections of Marriage goodies from the years with TEACH Magazine and great stuff from Lorrie Herself. Things I am hearing like "a happy content marriage is a defense against the evil in the world" really hit home. I need to put my time and effort into keeping my defenses  against the enemy up and one way to do that is to keep my marriage strong, growing and fresh. There are so many great things in there, I was so skeptical going into the assignment now I feel foolish!! I should have been studying this for the weeks that I have had it, imagine the things I could have accomplished or benefited from!! There is a monthly plan for praying for your hubby which I am printing out to post somewhere I will see it daily, there are frugal and fun date tips and things to keep your spark alive. There is also Lorrie's personal bible study with all the references to marriage she has come across, I am going to take this scripture reference and study my bible, writing out each passage next to Lorrie's scripture list. Just so much good stuff I can't even list it all you have to check it out!

Here is a link to the Marriage bundle itself  MARRIAGE:TO HAVE AND TO HOLD Trust me if you need a fresh outlook for your marriage or even if you think you got this in the bag, you won't regret this purchase.  I am so blessed to be reviewing this for The Gabby Moms Program and cannot wait for all the great things to come from Eternal Encouragement and Mrs Lorrie Flem!

***I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review from Gabby Moms and Eternal Encouragement Magazine.***

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I really was hoping this week I would feel so much better...however I didnt think it was possible to feel this tired...LUckily I know the cause... the fever night on Sunday with little princess and then last night we developed an ear infection that left her crying for hours in the middle of the night so no sleep for the weary again for me lol. Our Wonderful Nurse Practitioner was able to see her first thing this morning and we now have antibiotics to take and hopefully we will have no sore throat by thursday so she can participate in soccer and swim lessons (with earplugs) she is not thrilled about that part but its either that or no swimming so she is begrudgingly submitting lol. Anyway I think a nap is in store for both of us this afternoon while my wonderful friend takes little prince to swim lessons and we stay home to heal and sleep. I am so blessed with such great friends! Well I am off all love and hugs,

Monday, May 9, 2011

Had mostly a wonderful Weekend How bout you?

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend enjoying hubbys companionship and had a hike with some great friends! It was so nice...then we got home and little princess spiked a high fever yesterday and so here we are heading into another week with a sick someone in the house. My poor baby she has a very sore throat and has run over 102 for 24 hours this morning we have it down to 100.5 so thats a blessing.  Will be monitoring her today and see where this goes hopefully away! Little prince will be attending swim lessons with our dear friends thankfully she can give him a ride today.  I am blessed with really wonderful dear friends.  I cannot thank God enough for all of my friends. IRL or Webland :)    Anyway, Just wanted to post a little note to update you all on how things were going around here.  I have been a bit behind on my routines since, well, lets see....months lol...  It seems to go along with the Fibromyalgia I have developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome officially. I told my doctor..."I refuse to have that!" she laughed at me she is a very wonderful faithful woman so she giggled at my comment.  I am very tired however most days to the point my body feels heavy and cant seem to function but I am working on a whole foods way of eating and supplementing with raw vitamins which seems to already be helping. I recently found a book at goodwill (love that place) that was written by Jordin Rubin called The Maker's Diet (see my side bar for a link if interested) and I am going to work on following it closely. He recovered from Chron's disease after nearly dying. It says diet in the title but I am calling it my new healthy eating instead of diet. My goal isnt to lose weight (although it will be a welcome addition to the plan LOL) but instead to get healthy, truly healthy and to feel better.  Thats all.  So I will keep you posted. So far I am feeling a bit better its only been a few days. I am not being as strict as I could be since I tend to not keep up with something if I start out full force all at once instead I am slowly making changes and shopping differently as I go and as we replace things in the house I am working towards chemical free, all organics.  People that struggle with health as I have can really benefit from the change to whole foods, and chemical reductions in their homes. I havent in all honesty ever paid that much attention to these things thinking it almost a bit on the crazy side for many years but now am realizing how much stuff has really be chemically or fake produced I used to think if we could buy it in the store it was real stuff...not so much anymore. Anyway we shall see how this works and how I feel I will blog updates from time to time. Well little princess is calling me so off I go hope and pray you all have a wonderful day and you are well...God Bless