Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday...almost moving day...aahhh

Well we are halfway through the week and moving Day is almost here! I am so not 100% ready with all the painting at the new house it has been busy yesterday was errand day and bill day (those still have to get done dont they LOL) and today I am going ot paint at the new house and try to get that almost 100% done but we shall see there is still a lot of painting to be done but if I end up having to do some next week before I unpack that will be fine just easier to do before the big move in of stuff.
I am really excited I have two paid sewing jobs lined up for as soon as I unpack the sewing room which will be a side heated room out in the shop! God is Awesome! I was praying I could bring in some extra just to help a bit offset what we need and He is Providing!
Homeschool in the chaos has been going pretty good! I have a workbook that has tons of subjects in it it is from BrainQuest and I have just pulled about 10 out each day for him to work on while I paint or what have ya And he has been doing wonderfully with the lack of real structure this week. Little princess is not feeling well again so a bit whiny there and clingy but thats ok we will get through it. I am really looking forward to 2 weeks from now when the everything is moved and that is my goal date for getting all unpacked and settled...(praying I can keep this) As I am really looking forward to implementing our homeschool scheduling and get back on track but for now we are managing to get some learnign done daily so that is great!

A big decision has been made we are foregoing the tv cable connection at the new house! Praise God I have been wanting this for a while but we were not both ready if you know what i mean and now we are on the same page:) one more thing I didnt nag about! Praise the Lord for helping me be a better Help meet! Ok I have so much to do I have to run I will Post more right before the move but then I may not have internet for a couple days so I hope to be up and running really soon after that:) God Bless!