Wednesday, August 18, 2010

11 Years ago Today

11 years ago today my first born wonderful beautiful awesome little Prince entered the world! Today we celebrate his birthday with a cake, icecream a couple friends and Sprinklers under the trampoline :) Going to be a most wonderful day! I will write more soon from my previous post I had planned on getting a ton of things done last week while the kiddos were gone however I ended up staying with my parents also as Little Princess' anxieties kept me with her last week at my parents house. She needed me and so did my mom. It was wonderful to hang out and just chat with my mom I havent had much of a chance to do that in the last couple years life has been crazy for both of us. They built their dream barn last year and they are working on their house that is being built this summer and into next summer should be finished by sept of next year and my mom is really looking forward to that. It was a wonderful week but I now am a bit behind around here. I still need to finish the painting in the living room and get the finalization on the homeschool plans written up by the end of next week. Some dear friends are getting Married this weekend and Little princess is one of the flower girls so this week is wedding details after the birthday details :) busy busy never a dull moment at the end of summer is there lol! have a blessed day all I am off to finish the cake making and get the house ready. Blessings to you all!