Thursday, August 20, 2009

Updating on Sickies:)

Well the Lord has healed my head Praise God! (Thanks Shellie for the prayers and yes I wished we live closer too:) Also Little princess officially has a Urinary tract infection she was still running a fever today and started vomiting then said it burned so I took her in. One of the members of our church happens to be a nurse practitioner here which is a blessing as Little princess was pretty upset about having to go until i asked if she remembered Miss J from church ..she did and was pretty excited that Miss J could make her better it was so cute and she didnt want the nurses messing with her just miss J:) it was very adorable to me an Miss J. On our church cleanup day Miss J and little princess planted flowers together and she still talks about that when she sees the flowers it is pretty cute. So now we have medication for the UTI and I have to be careful with the sun as it makes her more susceptible for a sunburn I guess Lots of sunscreen as this time of year is hard to stay out of the sun:) Well I am off Thanks for your prayers and thoughts hope all is well with all of you
God Bless:)

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