Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What day is it?!!

Ahh..been behind on my blogging as I was babysitting a friends 18 month old for the last 6 days...Whew...I am exhausted I dont know how you all do it with larger families! But I think having them as your own children makes a difference as you dont just jump into an 18 month old busy phase (unless adopting of course) you are able to acclimate to the business of them being everywhere!~ It was a lot of fun and I am missing the little one a bit but The kids and I went to a play today and did some grocery shopping yesterday so we are getting back to normal schedules. We saw the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe today preformed by a local art/theatre company and it was a lot of fun even little Princess enjoyed it. We had front row seats I felt like roalty LOL... We attended with the local group ofhomeschoolers then afterward I went to a pizza/play place locally with one of the moms and her 2 kiddos what fun we had. Nice lunch and I stuck to a salad! My new resolve to lose weight stick with me on that we shall see how it goes ever since my back surgery I gained a bunch of weight as exercising was hard with the pain however now I am better pain wise so its time to get moving and watch what I eat more. Tonight will be chicken and salad:) More on this later gotta run and get the kids to Awana Usually I would be teaching as I am also an Awana leader however tonight I stay home. I have been fighting a sore throat and with all the sick little ones at Awana I am going to steer clear of there in hopes of warding off any furthering of the sickies....we shall see Take care and "see" you all soon

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Anonymous said...

That play sounds great. I hope you ahve a good weekend.