Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Feelin a bit better:)

Well I am feeling a bit on the better side. I do actually think I have had a bit of a bug causing this as with Antibiotics and inhalers I am feeling more able to breath and there is some stuff breaking up in my airway, chest area and coughing a bit more. So I am glad I went in I may have had the walking pnemonia afterall.
So while it is -15 degrees currently outside I am staying in and warm. We do have Awana Tonight so I will venture out very bundled up to go to that with the kids. Later today I may run into town and chat with the gentleman we bought our tree from as we have only had it for 3 days and the needles are falling something fierce and I havent even put on lights yet! So we may venture into the woods to cut our own this weekend as it is supposed to warm enought to be finally snowing again! Funny it has to warm up to Snow LOL!
We still havent heard back on our house situation we did here they were considering our offer and would get back to us soon...the anticipation is killing me LOL!
I do have to make 2 dozen cookies for our Homeschool Caroling/Christmas party tomorrow along with Frosting then tomorrow after that happens we have Julie's Ballet class...going to be a busy day tomorrow and a warm baking day for me today. The house should smell yummy! I will probably make another loaf of bread today in my big aluminum tin pans. I found 5lb loaf pans at a restaraunt supply store here locally and I love them they were only a couple bucks so I thought I would try them before ordering real ones that werent foil. I havent perfected the perfect amount of dough to put in them yet to make just the right height bread yet. It is comical to see last week was to short but still usable this week it was HUGE! hubby said "Wow! Have some bread!" LOL... So we will use 3/4 of what i used next time and make a bread round out of the remaining dough for maybe a dip or chili bowl:) Talk to you all soon...