Monday, August 10, 2009

My Monday Plans

Well today is going to be our errand day as we need to go into the bigger town 30 min from here to go to the bank and we will go to the grocery store there. We do most of our grocery shopping there because it is much less expensive. Our local store was having a meat sale this last week but when I compared prices to what I am used to farther away I was amazed how much more expensive it still was here in our small town than what I usually spend on daily prices at a United Grocer chain in the other town so alas I will be heading in for our shopping since I have to go there anyway. I am working on homeschool planning I purchased Switched ON Schoolhouse for little prince's schooling and for little princess we are doing some workbooks and such for pre-k well I better get going still feeling sleepy from this weekend but hope to increase energy soon:) Have a great day