Saturday, January 2, 2010

I had big plans for today but my tummy is really upset for some reason so I ended up just hanging out doing nothing. I did get my room cleaned up not 100% finished but much better. I will keep working on that room. Now I am off to make dinner and then just hang out with the family for the night. Have a great Saturday and Enjoy the Lords Day tomorrow. I am looking forward to church tomorrow since I was unable to go last Sunday with the creepin crud that we had. Take Care and God Bless

Happy Saturday!

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a most wonderful New year! I sat down yesterday and wrote out a fairly long post before we went out sledding as I was about to publish it I hit something and the whole thing disappeared! I was so upset but I didnt have anymore time to retype it as I had to capture memories of Snow Sledding behind the four wheeler that could double for water skiing! It was load of fun got very soaked and came in to hot cocoa and more movies :) was a wonderful day with my awesome family. Today I am going to Clean the house up and re-organize my bedroom it has apparently been attacked by the "it doesnt go in this room put it in Mom and Dad's room" Virus! LOL... I hope you all had a wonderful New year and I am looking forward to 2010 Its gonna be a great Year! Later today I am going to sit down and work out the homeschool plans for next week and my home management binder. We are going to get better about our planned out chores that are in my notebook actually getting done each day so I am going to schedule the cleaning Team into the notebook a bit better then the trick is to ACTUALLY put it to use LOL..I am bad there Great with the planning bad with the follow through! Going to get better with that this New Year! Happy Day all and God Bless!