Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Preparations

Hi all, I have got to get better about posting so sorry:)
So my Thanksgiving preparations are underway as well as I am sure many of yours are. A friend at church needed someone to care for her 2 boys this week as well so I am squeezing in preparations to my afternoons as they get here at 4:45am and stay till 2:30-3 today I am going to make either my bread rolls or my pies maybe both. The boys are good kids however I need to closely supervise the interactions to maintain age appropriateness and appropriateness for my house so some of my time I would normally work into cleaning and baking during our mornings is taken by supervision. I think I probably shelter my kiddos but I am ok with that! Im the mom they are mine and I CAN~! LOL.... ya know what I mean!
Also we were fully going to do school Mon-Wed however we are going to just do a thanksgiving craft and study the origin of thanksgiving and Pilgrims today and tomorrow :)

My menu for the big day is:
Roast Turkey (got a 24 lb turkey yesterday hope its defrosted by thursday morn)
Stuffing maybe with apples in it havent decided yet
Sweet Potatoes with brown sugar and a splash of oj on them before baking
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Homemade Cranberry sauce
Homemade rolls( I hope) I do have some storebought backups if I run low on time
Pumpking Pie with homemade whip cream
Apple pie with the same
Strawberry jello with banana's in it (this is abnormal for my menu but my fathers favorite and since my mother father and grandfather are joining us I will ablige my dad:)

Going to make appetizer plate that consists of homemade feta cheese balls with sundried tomatoes and greek seasoning with Cracker variations
Celery with spray cheese(i know its not good for ya but I love it and so do my parents lol)
Carrot sticks
Artichoke Dip bread bowl with baquette slices

Well thats my Menu plan and today I start some of the prepping as well as on todays to do list is :
all laundry fold put away
Kitchen cleanup
Make bread
Sweep and mop
Vacuum living room and dining area

Tomorrow's to do list:
Kids room Straighten up, Dust, change sheets, Vacuum (all together make pretty for grandparents:)
Pick up my room and vacuum
Wipe up bathrooms ( I do a cleaning on these every couple days so they dont take long at all)
Make the appetizer plates up and make cheese balls do whatever baking I dont get to today I may make the potatoes and put in microwaveable dishes to reheat on thursday thinking I may not have the oven to work with since it will be full of turkey

Get up early get Turkey Prepped Make stuffing get in oven
final cleanups wipedowns before parents arrive set out appetizers and enjoy the day with all the family:)

Have a blessed day and I will take pics of my pies and such as I make them and try to post them online:)


prayzgod said...

Tomorrow I start doing a lot of food work and cooking, and then I finish up on Thursday morning. We are going to have a family chess tournament on Thursday afternoon, and then maybe some Sorry, Uno, or Monopoly.

Hmmm, we may save Monopoloy for New Years Eve, since that game can easily take that long, LOL.

Hubby's and my 12th wedding anniversary is this weekend, so I need to prep for that as well.

What a fun, busy, and blesssed season we are in! :-)

Then, beginning in December we need to do family holiday pictures, get out our annual Christmas letter, and put up our Scripture Wall (since we don't do Christmas trees anymore.)

I'm already getting tired, LOL.

Homekeeper247 said...

wow sounds like you have a wonderful organized plan. sounds great!

live4god said...

LOL...yeah its a great organized plan...I am trying to follow it I figured if I sat down and mapped it out it would work dilema...I'm HUMAN! LOL.... no seriously today is huge baking day but yesterday got most of laundry done not quite going as planned but going to be a great holiday even if nothing goes as planned right...just a roadmap not a train track :) Happy Thanksgiving!