Monday, December 28, 2009

The New House

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Welcome Come on in!

Here is the Living room~

My new Laundry Room

Welcome to the kitchen!

Hope you enjoyed the Glimpse of the new house, I will be posting more pics after we get moved in Some of the colors will change some we will keep for later, the kids will get new paint in their rooms and the really green wall in the kitchen is going to get toned down other than that we will save up and do later:)


Anonymous said...

I actually love all the colors. But that is me. I am so happy for you.

tberry29 said...

Love your new house. I am new to ur blog. I know you cant wait to get settled. Congratulations!
Trish : )

live4god said...

Mama~ The wall that has the kitchen sink on it is the only one that really gets the pics it looks much more suttle green but when at the sink that wall is diffent from the rest of the kitchen it is quite literally baby poo..olive green... The kids are getting rooms like we had in our previous house that we owned... My son is a huge fan of the Oregon Ducks so his room will be green and yellow he has the coordinating bedroom set little princess is a dora fan with the bedding and the room will be pink and purple her two fav colors. this also is a help with her seperation anxiety over moving period. She gets pretty upset but just knowing she gets her colors back like her old room a year ago is making her look forward to moving. Strange how attached she gets for being so young..little prince rolls with the punches so to speak but she gets down right depressed for longer and will cry for her old room, so having this to look forward to has been good. other than that the colors will mostly stay for now I could do without the pink carpet but that is a cosmetic thing and I just feel so blessed to be getting the land and house that I am not going to complain! Hope no one thinks i am cause I am so excited and Thanking the Lord for this provision! The land is 4.6 acres and I am going to put down a good garden I hope this year! and oh the animals I could accumulate LOL... hubby's requirement "they have to be edible or produce something pet collecting" like I am oh so good at LOL...

live4god said...

wow that got really long OOPS should have just posted as a blog entry lol

prayzgod said...

Whoa, for a minute, I thought we were moving into identicle houses, LOL. Your living room looks so much like mine. I did a doubletake. Wow, our homes are VERY similar!

This is so cool. We both are moving at about the same time, and we are both moving into similar houses. Ha! Very cool. :-)

live4god said...

I thought the same thing when I saw your photos then looked at the ones I took:) This will be so fun! Virtual Moving partners:) It will be fun to see our home tours after we add our wifely touches to them! Talk to you soon have a good night!

Brandy said...

Wow. Congrats and it looks REALLY nice! I like it!!