Thursday, August 27, 2009

Plans change but thats ok I can roll with it With the Lords help!

Hi there,
this week we actually have been having a kind of revival at my church the members that are in regular attendance have been coming together for deep prayer and worship and man the lives that have been changed this week! Mine is one of them I have never felt the overwhelming Joy and Peace that I have had the last 2 days. I thought I had Joy and Peace but I was sorely mistaken! It is awesome to see God at work in my life and the lives of my church family. We are on a radical mission to strenghten us to share the love of Jesus with others through being completely spirit filled ourselves!

Anyway with all that has been involved we havent gotten home till almost 10 the kids and I have been a bit tired so I decided to delay schools official start until after labor day We will be camping the kids and I this week until the 7th! Wish me luck lol... We will be hunting and enjoying the nature. Hubby will be joining us on the evening of his day off the rest of the time it may just be me and the kids we shall see he said he may camp he may stay at home when he has to work the next day we will play it by ear. We actually arent going to be far from our house so I will run home if needed throughout the time to water the lawn and the horse and hubby will feed for me on his way to work and home to shower after work before coming to camp for dinner. Should be a fun and blessed week We will also come to church directly from camp....luckily I have a bathtub in my camper so we can take a spongebath periodically. Anyway today is filled with getting the camper loaded I cleaned it yesterday and then I am going to be spending a good deal of time precooking things today so we just have to warm them on the stove while out there and not use the oven in the trailer much it tends to burn things:) While in camp we will be reading a good deal from a book we are going through some poetry I brought home from the library as well as a bit more in depth bible study just the kids the woods and sounds like a good title for my post when I get home (the kids the woods and me) Anyway I have let my fingers run now its time to get to work. Have a wonderfully blessed day filled with Joy! Accept no alternative for God Has Great Joy for each of us if we will just believe and stand firm! Take care "see you soon"

Friday, August 21, 2009

Didn't get to all my plans but thats oky doky:)

Well I had big plans for today but alas I didn't get the bread done it was just to hot to fire the oven. We did go to the Library and I got some great books to incorporate into next week. We plan on starting school next week. Public school starts on Sept 8 but I wanted to get a head start as we need to review 4th grade math actually we will be doing this for a couple months into the year then moving onto the 5th grade program as I want to be sure he "has it" if you know what I mean. I struggled with math and he has too so we are taking our time. I got some great abc/counting books to work with Little princess with and some explorer books for Little Prince and some poetry for children and such. We are using Switched on Schoolhouse for 5th grade Little Prince I am putting together my own things for Little Princess she is only 4.5 but she is doing some things fairly advanced as far as shapes colors and such but we will be focusing on counting, abc's and reading/writing this year. She loves to "do school" so she has picked up quite a bit just being around the table. Lovely little sponges they are:) Well today I wore a simple flowing brown skirt with a brown basick v-nck tshirt(not to v) and I wore a bandana around my hair I have had a bad reaction to hairspray of any kind lately so not much to do with my hair cant even spray my bangs without breaking out around my hairline so I just put it up and away:) a bit of basic makeup and out I went... might look a bit prairie to some but who cares as long as God and hubby are happy thats what matters and I agree with Shellie wearing a skirt does make you be more modest when you bend and such I squat in a skirt to look at things at the library where-as in jeans I would have just bent over lol... anyway off I go to make dinner wonderful hubby just walked in. God Bless

Feeling Better

Little Princess is feeling much better today Praise the Lord! I feel good too! Yesterday I got the mountain of clean clothes folded and put away and the kitchen cleaned up and the vacuuming done. Today I have some Laundry to wash and put away as well as normal kitchen stuff to do I plan on doing something fun with the kids today I just don't know what also I need to make bread today. well better get busy lots to do:) God Bless

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Updating on Sickies:)

Well the Lord has healed my head Praise God! (Thanks Shellie for the prayers and yes I wished we live closer too:) Also Little princess officially has a Urinary tract infection she was still running a fever today and started vomiting then said it burned so I took her in. One of the members of our church happens to be a nurse practitioner here which is a blessing as Little princess was pretty upset about having to go until i asked if she remembered Miss J from church ..she did and was pretty excited that Miss J could make her better it was so cute and she didnt want the nurses messing with her just miss J:) it was very adorable to me an Miss J. On our church cleanup day Miss J and little princess planted flowers together and she still talks about that when she sees the flowers it is pretty cute. So now we have medication for the UTI and I have to be careful with the sun as it makes her more susceptible for a sunburn I guess Lots of sunscreen as this time of year is hard to stay out of the sun:) Well I am off Thanks for your prayers and thoughts hope all is well with all of you
God Bless:)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Prayer Request

Hello all, I have a request if you could please pray for Little Princess she spiked a 104 degree fever and at 4 that is a bit hot she is down now but still feverish I am watching her closely and hoping she is all better soon:) I meanwhile have a severe headache that I have had for 3 days straight so I ask God to lift this from me especially as my little princess needs me right now:)
On a good note Little Prince turned 10 yesterday! We had a great day as a family at the local entertainment center, go carts, mini golf and games then Red Robin for dinner it was a great day commemorating 10 years! Well off to tend to the wee ones have a great day

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Almost forgot to share a cute pic that i finally uploaded

Little princess' First fishy plus Daddy's fish:) they were so proud to have made dinner that night:)

Wednesday evening...

Well I should have stayed home and buckled down around here but kids wanted to spend the day with daddy so we went to work with him:) That was fun, hard work but fun to be with him right now Julie and I came home a bit before he gets here I took a shower as I was filthy! LOL...we were working at clearing trees,bitterbrush and raking a lot that just had a house built for a gentleman that lives elsewhere but vacations here. So we all earned a bit of money today too! Yeah..a day with daddy and money to boot cant beat that lol.
I am sore from raking but think the exercise may have helped the pain a bit..I know that sounds odd but we will just have to see I may feel better if I can just keep moving... my downfall is sitting when I hurt instead of moving the less I move the more it hurts but the more it hurts the less I want to move LOL..vicious cycle that I have to mental work to break and catch before it takes over sometimes. Well I am off to clean up the kitchen and make a small bbq for family and a friend that was working with us today:) Until tomorrow


Well today is hubby's day off but he is still working on a side job that he is doing for a gentleman here in town so he is gone again we will go over and visit him later today when we go to the library:) Have to get our stuff together for that and just keep plugging around here on things getting ready to leave this weekend to go to a wedding however if my back hurts like it does right now with the weather I may not be able to drive the 2.5 hours to go there and then back the next day 2.5 hours. that makes me hurt usually especially if I am the one driving and hubby cant go so we shall see what happens there. Next Tuesday is Little Prince's birthday! Cant believe how old he is getting he will be 10! My Baby is getting so big! He wants to go to a fun center in the town 30 miles from here so that is what we are going to do hopefully some friends will join us as we have invited them. Well Better get rolling today and get things done. Have a great Wednesday and Be Blessed:)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday here at home

Well for today we are just going to focus on cleaning up the house, getting all the laundry done, folded and put away this has gotten away from me a bit but not bad then also I want to get the fridge cleaned out finally and washed. Also clean the kitchen counters off and organize the papers that have accumulated there, its funny my hubby says they need to make the tops of fridges and counters domed so things slide off instead of getting set there LOL.... He was saying this while admitting that is one of the things he does them most is come home from work and set everything on the counter then walk away too funny...Usually I go through it daily and re-organize however I have not the last 2 days and boy can I tell! So get reorganized around here and when that is done I will sit down to do some more homeschool plans for the next year I plan on starting the next season on Monday the 24 next week is Little prince's 10th birthday so I decided not to start next week like I had thought we would that way he can enjoy his birthday week:) Well I am off take care all and have a blessed day!

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Monday Plans

Well today is going to be our errand day as we need to go into the bigger town 30 min from here to go to the bank and we will go to the grocery store there. We do most of our grocery shopping there because it is much less expensive. Our local store was having a meat sale this last week but when I compared prices to what I am used to farther away I was amazed how much more expensive it still was here in our small town than what I usually spend on daily prices at a United Grocer chain in the other town so alas I will be heading in for our shopping since I have to go there anyway. I am working on homeschool planning I purchased Switched ON Schoolhouse for little prince's schooling and for little princess we are doing some workbooks and such for pre-k well I better get going still feeling sleepy from this weekend but hope to increase energy soon:) Have a great day

Saturday, August 8, 2009


A very Happy Birthday goes out to my friend here is her blog:) Everyone stop by and wish her a happy one:)

Encouraging Word

Saturday 8/8/2009

This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.

This was one of my emails today and this is scripture I put into use on many days when I struggle. I had the feeling to share here so here ya go:) Have a blessed day~T

Friday, August 7, 2009

Today in my world

Hi all,

Today I still am lacking in energy however I have increased my vitamins and supplements as well as the good part was that I have woken up the last 2 days when I needed to on my own to get Hubby's lunch packed and coffee made. Today I did manage to go through a corner of my room that has gotten a bit out of hand due to me neglecting it:( but thats ok its better now, I am making fried chicken mashed potatoes and grave with corn/greenbeen mix for dinner, smells so good I cant wait for dinner:) I havent made fried chicken in almost a year it isnt something I do often as it is not all that healthy but sure is yummy:) I am making yogurt for the first time and cant wait to try it tomorrow going to blend some stawberry and banana to put in some for smoothies :) well gotta flip chicken take care till next time:)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hi all,
Last night was a rough night for some reason little princess didnt sleep well as well as usual she was up every hour at first then slept till 1am when she got scared, I went in her room and fell asleep on her bed when i was comforting her lol, so at 3am I woke up and my back was killing me lol:) Got some sleep after finally falling asleep at 4:30am for a while then awake and started my day I did get some cleaning done today but am having a severe lack of energy so I am happy I got a load of laundry done and cleaned both the bathrooms today little prince vacuumed the floors and is working on cleaning his room. I was going to make a library trip today and post office but think it will happen tomorrow going to crash early tonight after dinner with My Love and try to wakeup more energized tomorrow:)
Till then