Monday, March 1, 2010

Its monday again! LOL

Well I didnt even realize that it had been a week I thought I had blogged since last week but aparently not! Not a whole lot to blog about been pretty normal schedule around here cleaning, baking, homeschoolin and laundryin and such:) Today I need to tidy the house up and get some things organized. This week will be a bit hectic I have a couple children's ministy meetings at church one on friday is actually just decorating we are painting murals on the walls some of the Ladies and I. Wed have a meeting to work on VBS planning, I am the Special Events coordinator now for childrens ministry. I really hope to be a positive spiritual influence on some of the young ones that dont get as much of it at home or elsewhere... I enjoy working with the kiddos. Once a month I help in the nursery which gives a nice baby fix LOL..since I cant have anymore I really enjoy the hour or so of baby holding:) This weekend we had a lot of fun yesterday we did some logging LOL..well we used our jeep to pull out some of the smaller trees where my garden will go (getting ready to start the plants inside soon cant wait to see how it goes this year) that way we got the roots too then I played a bit and so did hubby in the back yard in the jeep did a lil muddin! What a blast. We drove around where my horse round pen will go..thats one way to till the soil LOL... the kids had a blast riding along we were mostly just spinnin circles but they had fun with the mud flyin everywhere. We so love having our little chunk of heaven right here!
I do have one prayer request... little princess is having some bladder difficulties that we have to see a specialist for this week please be in prayer that her little body can heal itself and that no further intervention will be necessary. I was born with only one functioning kidney so we are praying that this isnt the case for her and that it was just an infection that willl clear itself shortly. Deeply appreciate all my praying friends Hugs to you all and God Bless you all lets make it an awesome week for God's Glory!