Tuesday, December 15, 2009



Woohoo...I love Christmas, I am not quite all ready for it but I do love it. Today as I look outside the snow is coming down hard and hopefully by this afternoon we will have quite enough to sled behind the four-wheelers which is a winter time fun thing for us to do:)... Still no definite news on the house thing we are negotiating and checking into some options (one of which the person to check with wont be in till tomorrow~!) The waiting kills me I struggle with Patience lol... however I feel God has been using this to grow me some as I have had some internal struggles with the decisions to be made and I have turned to prayer and just trusting my husband's final decisions which generally I dont have any problem with at all but this time I was feeling a little stress and unsureness so yesterday I made a decision that whatever he decides is going to be ok(sometimes it takes a concious effort and realizing the doubt was not from God) and we will work it out I trust his leadership always and we are always fine (if we arent fine then maybe God will be using it to grow my wonderful Hubby so I just cant worry about it) I saw the enemy trying to creep in through Doubt and I say NO Be Gone with you! So that is where we are... I am growing and learning and we are still in the negotiating process so I will update you when I know more... Thats all I have for today Have a blessed Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

We haven't had the first snow. It is so strange. We usually have ahd two good ones before now. We are in themidwest. We love the sled behi9nd the 4 whellers. That is a big winter thing for us.

One Christian Mom said...

God Bless you! I know the waiting is the most awful.
The Lord has been dealing with me as well in leaving things to our husbands care. There are no major decisions to be made right now, however I have problems with day to day decisions sometimes. I just need to let that go and let God deal with my husband the way He wants to!
Christmas in 10 days? No way!!! I haven't even finished making my gifts yet!