Saturday, October 31, 2009

Save My Sanity Saturday

I dont know why I like that title but I do LOL...

I feel I need to save my sanity today by getting to work. I had a horrendous migraine last night to the point it had me in tears and if we had insurance I very well may have gone to the doctor. My wonderful husband got the kiddos to bed after a late dinner (he had to work late) and then he also helped me to bed I couldn't even see straight to walk down the hall, the light hurt to even have my eyes open. My eyes were watering from the pressure and pain all on their own let alone when I started to cry from the excruciating pain. I went to bed and prayed really hard. I then drifted off to sleep waking feeling much better however I still have a slight pain in my head so My computer time will be short today. Today I woke to my little prince running a 101 degree fever and then the dog puked on the do you see why my sanity is pressured today lol... anyway today is cleanup day and I am making like 8 quarts of soup and transporting it down to my church's community service project tonight. We are handing out hot soup and bags of groceries to those in need tonight while others are trick or treating.... I was looking forward to serving tonight in hopes of telling more people about Jesus but that is out of my hands now as kiddo's health comes first He is feeling ok now with an advil in his system the fever came down but I am still not going to take him outside and let him get way. Anyway off I go my head is starting to hurt looking at the computer have a blessed day today all and enjoy fall:)

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