Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Crazy Kitchen

you'll have to forgive me on the video I realized when I made it and watched it just how many times I said I started taping each segway! I will have to work on not doing that next time I tape LOL.... well hope you enjoy my crazy day it ended up only being half the bread work I planned to do because I used all my bread pans for the Zucchini bread and didnt have any left for bread bread... I will tape my regular sandwich bread next which may be tomorrow and put that up for you. I put too much sugar into the video bread you see but it turned out just fine:) really good dessert bread:) Have a great day I am off to DMV fun fun:)


Anonymous said...

You mentioned that you start many segments with "okay," I do that too, except my fave word seems to be "alright." :-)

I look forward to part two. Also, will you show in part two how your zuchini bread looks, fresh out of the oven? I'll have to try making that, because we love bread, and we love zuchini, so why not put them together. I may make a wheat version - it sounds good. :-)

live4god said...

I will definitely post the finished bread next video. the zucchini bread i made was 1/2 wheat 1/2 white flour I substituted 1/2 and 1/2 it is very yummy kids love it for breakfast or dessert and it has veggies in it Yay! Thanks a bunch glad you enjoyed... Take care and God Bless:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing.