Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Update on today

Well after this morning's post Little Prince is starting to feel a bit better we relaxed and got things done today and just let him recuperate I actually got a project completed I deep cleaned my bedroom vacuumed the edges and under the bed, fully dusted and got a big pile of stuff...yes I have stuff in piles here and there...oh my! I never claimed to be a really great housekeeper LOL...hence themessymommy.blogspot name lol... I am getting immensely better however with prayer, encouragement from all of you through your blogs and since getting off all the pain killers after my spine surgery I am doing so much better:) Yay! I am working to get each room re-organized and then my goal is to keep up with it through actually using my HMB...I put it together a year ago however whats the old saying..things only work if you use them LOL.. I am kind of bad at that however I have really been talking with God about giving me the right attitude about housework, and it has improved so much. Isn't God amazing I prayed hard for a couple of days for him to re-ignite my soul in some areas and to help me have more energy to go about my days and he provided Praise the Lord.

One prayer request as the day went on a sore throat and fever came for Little princess Please pray for protection as with little prince that this is just a standard cold and not anything more severe. thank you for your prayers and your friendship all those who I communicate with on here and any new visitors:) God bless and I will update all in the morning.

I didn't bake bread today with all the project work and little princess really not feeling well today put this off till tomorrow since I will not be going out of the house as planned. That is one of the things I love about homeschool, sick days dont bring near the stress they did when you know they are falling behind at school and you can just catch up when they feel better, also they can learn when not feeling well with reading and playing educational games on the computer and such. I signed little prince up for the Mathletics challenge this week is practice and next week is the challenge He actually asked to do this today even though it was the dreaded MATH and had fun:) Here is a link American Math Challenge you register on here then when you go back to the main page after registration click on the mathletics link I had to search forever to figure out how to get into the practice session so if you have questions let me know it is aimed for middle elementary grades and up:)

Do you have a scheduled week?

Yesterday I accomplished much of what I set out to do! It was awesome. Homeschool actually got put mostly on hold however as Little Prince had been sick since last thursday it started out mild then hit hard over the weekend Sunday and Yesterday being the worst he was feeling better last night so hopefully we can get back on track today with schooling. I have our homeschool block time planned out and chores worked into the schedule so hopefully we can have another productive day around here. Today I have much to do in the kitchen it is Bread making day and I may post a video. I have to sit down and do a schedule for Wednesdays and Thursdays as these 2 days I leave the house for scheduled things so I need to revamp the schedule to fit these days. So nothing much exciting here when I get my schedules actually running smoothly for more than one day in a row lol, I will share them with you all as I know I love to see other mom's schedules...why is that?? I think we all enjoy seeing other moms days to glean ideas maybe I know thats why I enjoy it I like to see how others plan out their days and sometimes I have gleaned the best ideas from others. Thats what Titus 2 is all about right teaching other women from our examples:) I am far from being a mentor type I have a long way to go but I do hope that I can encourage other moms/wives along my journey to be the women God planned for them. Well I am off Have a blessed day and I will post my bread hopefully later today along with photos of the lapbooks I talked about last week:)

Do you have a schedule already in place? Post a link to your schedule page so I can share on here if you like:) God Bless

UPDATE: Little Prince just woke up and he is feeling just awful this morning still so we will have to see how today goes Thank the Lord he is not running a fever just all congested and feeling crummy. Light day again today for schooling probably he just cant focus on retention if he feels crummy. Please pray he will fully recover soon And the rest of us will not get what he has had.