Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Whatever Will Be Will be

Well I am home, did i finish the carpets no..... apparently there was some wording in our contract that went unnoticed that could cause a big problem so I sit here at home waiting impatiently for a call from the realtor to tell me whether we are going to move forward or not... Please pray with me that what ever God's will is will be done here and that My heart will be at ease with this.. I know the Lord will work this out one way or another I just cant believe I missed the wording of this particular item...I usually read everything so carefully however luckily we discover it now and not next week when we sign everything. Ok I am off to nurse a severe headache I will update you all later

Time to Clean, Time to dance

LOL...just thought since today I will be cleaning cleaning cleaning but all at the new house I would Dance for Joy!
We dont get to move till next week but I do get to go do some scrubbing and shampoo the carpets today so I get to spend all day over there and imagine where I will put everything and have a good time...
I am packing the computer for dvd's for the kids and lots of coloring and legos so that when they are done helping me scrub things they will have something to do while I shampoo the carpets:)
I consider what hubby brought home yesterday part of my Christmas...a new carpet shampooer..we loaned our old one out and it came back broken isnt that so nice. I couldnt believe it as when I borrow something If i break it I replace it but alas not everyone thinks like me (but the should) LOL...just kidding!
Anyway I am off to work out a little on the wii and then shower and get ready to go! See ya all real soon

Monday, December 28, 2009

The New House

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Welcome Come on in!

Here is the Living room~

My new Laundry Room

Welcome to the kitchen!

Hope you enjoyed the Glimpse of the new house, I will be posting more pics after we get moved in Some of the colors will change some we will keep for later, the kids will get new paint in their rooms and the really green wall in the kitchen is going to get toned down other than that we will save up and do later:)

Still Recovering

Hi all! We are still recovering from the creepy crud around here Little Princess is pretty sick still I am starting to feel a little better. Luckily hubby and little prince have not come down with it, Praise the Lord. Today we are going to rest and regroup. Maybe pack some things up a little but for the most part just rest and try to get back to 100% Wednesday we go to the new house to shampoo the carpets and scrub the cabinetry down (it is a bit gross right now) and then we are officially closing on the 5th so painting the kids rooms that afternoon and starting the moving the next day after that I think the official full move will occur that Weekend the 10th as that is my hubbys next day off for the week then finish cleanup over at this house and things that didnt get moved that day. We will need to be out of here by the 1st of Feb or before so it will be busy busy this month.

I am excited for so many reasons! One being the big move to the new house of course and another is we got the Wii for Christmas and the Wii fit system as I mentioned earlier but now that I have had 2 days on it I am so excited. It is just what the Physical therapists ordered for my back the balance board measures your center of balance and makes you really focus on your core muscles which are the weakest for me since my back surgery when they went in my stomach and my back so this is so cool. I am sore already and I have just been having fun! Winters are icy for months on end here so outside activities are hard for me because if I slip on the ice we have huge problems so working out outside is not much of an option here at the house. This will be great! I am joining in with Candy's on her weightloss goal however I have about 70 lbs to lose...a tad more than she has but it will be fun as a lot of the ladies on board have a similar amount to lose! We can do it ladies! Looking forward to a whole new year, a whole new house, a new way of doing things ( i am looking to be more back to basics, homesteading type, make do or do without type) and A much lighter me by the end of all of it...
Pics to come of the new homestead I promise,
God Bless have a wonderful day!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I am so Blessed

Hi everyone I hope you all had an awesome Christmas! I did! The kids had such fun! We had a very basic dinner just the kids and hubby and me last night. I prepared a ham, sweet potatoes in brown sugar and apple juice, and baked beans. Simple, sweet and so much fun to just enjoy the family. I would have loved to spend the day with my parents or his or both however luckily we did not as I was given the gift of a Christmas Cold as was little princess. So we are laying low today and just trying to get well. I am feeling pretty cruddy right now and my asthma is really taking this chance to jump into the mix since I already cant breathe through my nose lol... oh well chance to legitimately rest for me and not be needing to do other things since hubby ordered me to take it easy:) awe i love him!

I am so excited to move to the new house I cant hardly stand it. We will close on the 5th. This wednesday I am shampooing the carpets over there and scrubbing the cabinets and such. Pray I will feeling much better by then! I will work on the photos soon...

Today I rest and right now I am going to take a mommy nap while the kids play the new wii we got~ That thing is so much fun and it is really good exercise! We purchased this as the family gift and the wii fit plus system I worked a bit on it till I got to winded this morning and i can tell we are going to love having htat. Our winters are long and hard here and we cant be outside much for exercise just for fun stuff like sledding (which can be exercise depending on the hill lol) but anyway the kids are enjoying that and my arms already are sore! We all had a family game night of bowling with it last night and hubby and i were surprised how our muscles are out of shape lol.. hubby cant really bowl in real life with his bad knee (very long story) but he had a great time with the video bowling. so many good things and blessings have come our way lately I feel like such a lucky girl I dont know what to do with myself LOL...
Praise the Lord!
have a great day!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Eve of Christmas Eve :)

So today is the day before the Christmas event really begins...:) The kids are so excited that tomorrow is Christmas eve, they get to open 1 present each which last year I made the tradition that this present is a new pair of pj's to snuggle into for Christmas eve slumber:) Last year I made the pjs this year we found some clearance deals that I could not pass up. This year we are so blessed! We have tons of presents...I am not even sure how that happened! Family members sent many of them and I am in awe! many of the ones we got for the kids when hubby and I went shopping are clothing items this is going to be a new tradition as well. We found some great sales and some clearance things on summer clothing like some shirts for $1 each! and shorts for $1.50 so we got those and wrapped them. Along with many things they can wear now. There are a few toys under there but we discussed this with the family as well we are very blessed to have an abundance of toys in our home. So really we felt that they did not need anymore. Just a couple small ones cause lets face it...I am soft and had to get them a couple LOL! We did get the family a Wii this year and the wii fit system for it. We have hard cold winters here and the kids love our friends wii, I have watched them play and it is way more activity than some other things we do in the winter. I purchased a couple christian music cd's for little prince as he loves to listen to it in his room on the boom box Grandma gave him last year for Christmas. I know of several homeschool related presents that are under the tree from family members and I am so excited to open those! Is it bad I am as anxious to open them up as the kids as I want to USE them right now LOL... My grandma got my son a globe:) One of my wishlist items for school! without me asking:) My mom got the Oregon Trail new version Computer game and my son just loves to play that! It is so much cooler than the MS Dos version I played in school on the big ol floppy discs lol... He has been playing the MS Dos version online he laughs when I tell him that is how all video games looked when I was a kid...its like I was a caveman or something I can see it in his eyes LOL...
I got a new coat for hubby in his favorite color...can you guess....CAMO
the kids were able to purchase gifts at the Awana store night and they got some things for us and they were so happy to be able to do that. Little Princess even thought on her own accord to purchase a little coloring gift for her best was so cute! Thank you God for My wonderful thoughtful children. There is so much more down there I cant even list it all! God truly does provide I am seeing it more and More everyday!

The biggest Christmas Present Ever~~~ We are Moving! I keep thinking this cant be real something is going to happen to stop this just when I get excited but it hasnt yet and We have opened escrow, they pumped the septic and I am going over to shampoo the carpets next week so they will be clean and dry when we start moving on the 5th of January!!! Praise the Lord! We will have our own little 5 acre chunk of heaven on earth! I am so excited ..... Things will be a bit tight financially we wondered if we should do this but we know it will work so be looking for frugal tips and tricks to come from me shortly after we get settled as I will be looking to save save save even more than I do right now:) This particular house wasnt even on our radar for possibility so we really feel we were Led to check this opportunity out as we wouldnt have thought of it. We were merely taking the kids down the road I lived on before meeting their Daddy and There it was...God is so Great!

I cant get the pics attacher to even open arrggg....i have some and will get those posted but cant spend any more time trying to figure this silly thing out right now got lots to do today to prep for christmas:) Have a Blessed Day "see you all soon"

Friday, December 18, 2009


I never Win anything but yesterday afternoon while driving around with hubby we were listening to the country channel (I usually listen to KLOVE but when hubby is with us he prefer's country most of the time) anyway he was running into a store and I sat there listening, I heard an anouncment for caller 9 to identify a santa clause saying from a movie...It was Tim Allen in the Santa Clause movie so I tried to call in (it Rang! that is unusual...then it said I was caller 4 please try again...) so I called back it Rang again! Amazing then she said "hello your caller 9"!! Wow REally! I told her the movie and I get to go into a cash box you know the one where the money is flying around you with a fan and you grab as much as you can! I am so excited so tomorrow Morning the kids and I are traveling to a town a little over an hour away to participate and then go visit family that lives in that town since we will be there anyway! I cant believe I actually got through to the radio Twice even and that I was Caller 9! Praise God the extra cash will be more than welcome! I will let you know how it goes! I guess there will be 5 seperate contestants and there will be 3000 to start with in 100's 50's 20's and lower bills too so Pray for big ones for me! Yay! I am so excited can you tell! other than my headache I am ecstatic!

My head is absolutely pounding, for the Second Day in a row. Not sure what the cause is but praying it subsides soon. Today I am going to try and get the house in order a bit. I have not felt all that well for probably the last few weeks so I have had a clean house on some days and not on others when I felt really crummy... I dont want to have a messy house so I am going to fix it!
Tonight is my hubby's Christmas Dinner for work and they are having it at a local pizza parlor with a huge kid playarea and the kids are allowed to come I think that is great I will miss the fancy "free" dinner with hubby all to myself but a "free" family meal is much appreciated~!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009



Woohoo...I love Christmas, I am not quite all ready for it but I do love it. Today as I look outside the snow is coming down hard and hopefully by this afternoon we will have quite enough to sled behind the four-wheelers which is a winter time fun thing for us to do:)... Still no definite news on the house thing we are negotiating and checking into some options (one of which the person to check with wont be in till tomorrow~!) The waiting kills me I struggle with Patience lol... however I feel God has been using this to grow me some as I have had some internal struggles with the decisions to be made and I have turned to prayer and just trusting my husband's final decisions which generally I dont have any problem with at all but this time I was feeling a little stress and unsureness so yesterday I made a decision that whatever he decides is going to be ok(sometimes it takes a concious effort and realizing the doubt was not from God) and we will work it out I trust his leadership always and we are always fine (if we arent fine then maybe God will be using it to grow my wonderful Hubby so I just cant worry about it) I saw the enemy trying to creep in through Doubt and I say NO Be Gone with you! So that is where we are... I am growing and learning and we are still in the negotiating process so I will update you when I know more... Thats all I have for today Have a blessed Tuesday!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sweet Saturday

Well we got a bit of snow last night however we are supposed to get more soon. I decorated more of the house yesterday:) The kids really like what we put up. I think today hubby and I are going to have our neighbor watch the kiddos and head off to do some shopping. Yeah lunch and shopping and I will have that wonderful man all to myself LOL.. doesnt happen often so I really enjoy it:) We will call it Date Day instead of Date night even if it is for Christmas Shopping! I love it! anyway I am still having some breathing issues and having to use inhalers so please continue to pray that this will all resolve soon and I will be left able to breath without the inhalers help.
Update on the house news, we are really excited it looks like it may all work out! Praise God! But alas we will not know for sure until sometime this coming week so pray for my patience as I am really excited to know "For Sure" if you know what I mean. Well I am off to do the shopping budget and get ready to go:) Have a blessed Saturday everyone:) Enjoy your family and Praise God for each moment:)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Feelin a bit better:)

Well I am feeling a bit on the better side. I do actually think I have had a bit of a bug causing this as with Antibiotics and inhalers I am feeling more able to breath and there is some stuff breaking up in my airway, chest area and coughing a bit more. So I am glad I went in I may have had the walking pnemonia afterall.
So while it is -15 degrees currently outside I am staying in and warm. We do have Awana Tonight so I will venture out very bundled up to go to that with the kids. Later today I may run into town and chat with the gentleman we bought our tree from as we have only had it for 3 days and the needles are falling something fierce and I havent even put on lights yet! So we may venture into the woods to cut our own this weekend as it is supposed to warm enought to be finally snowing again! Funny it has to warm up to Snow LOL!
We still havent heard back on our house situation we did here they were considering our offer and would get back to us soon...the anticipation is killing me LOL!
I do have to make 2 dozen cookies for our Homeschool Caroling/Christmas party tomorrow along with Frosting then tomorrow after that happens we have Julie's Ballet class...going to be a busy day tomorrow and a warm baking day for me today. The house should smell yummy! I will probably make another loaf of bread today in my big aluminum tin pans. I found 5lb loaf pans at a restaraunt supply store here locally and I love them they were only a couple bucks so I thought I would try them before ordering real ones that werent foil. I havent perfected the perfect amount of dough to put in them yet to make just the right height bread yet. It is comical to see last week was to short but still usable this week it was HUGE! hubby said "Wow! Have some bread!" LOL... So we will use 3/4 of what i used next time and make a bread round out of the remaining dough for maybe a dip or chili bowl:) Talk to you all soon...

Monday, December 7, 2009

So today I did finally go to the doctor. She happens to be a friend of mine from church she is a local Nurse Practitioner actually and we just love her. Having someone who listens is so nice. Well she took a listen to my lungs and without an xray cant tell me if it is pnemonia or not but I am wheezing a bit. She said it could be pnemonia or bronchitis or just my asthma flairing up. We opted no xrays due to the cost right now. I am not super sick I was just feeling like I couldnt get a good breathe in so she gave me some new inhalers as mine were expired. Havent had problems with my asthma in years but with the super cold temps and what have ya that may have triggered it. It has only been 10 degrees all day here at the warmest. brrr!!! anyway she also gave me some steroid packet which I am not big on but she also said it will help with the increase in my back pain I have had recently as it will help with any inflamation I have there. I have been trying to stay away from meds but when I couldnt breathe today I was willing to try. Not breathing or take someting...hmmm let me think... I'll try this. Anyway, I do have a bit of a cold that I cant seem to kick..which could actually be a bit of bronchitis or the walking pnemonia type thing. Anyway hoping to be back up to full speed ahead here shortly. Hubby took us to the tree lot yesterday, Normally we go in the woods and spend the day when we get our tree however since I can't walk from here to the bathroom without feeling tight in my chest we opted for a simpler ooption this year... Anyway I am just laying low today and tonight., We covered the basics in homeschool today and that was good. Tomorrow I hope to feel good enough to do some crafts I have for the kids. Well I am off to clean up the kitchen and make some dinner. God Bless and please if you wouldnt mind keeping me in your prayers as I hope this goes completely away by the weekend. Talk to you soon and Thanks a bunch,

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thank you

thank you ladies for praying with me yesterday I did not end up having to go to the doctor they said on the phone if I dont feel better or it gets worse to go to the ER but thank the Lord that has not been the case. We are thinking it is the cold I have that is causing this as the day wore on yesterday I felt worse sickness wise and could really feel the illness coming through and think the symptoms were caused by that. So today per Doctors and Hubby's orders I am completely resting. I will be back to normal soon I pray so thank you again for praying in my moment of need. As a result of me being sick I am thinking of holding Cyber Church tomorrow in my Meez room I am not going to be leaving the house this weekend just going to cozy in with my kids, hubby, computer and good books. Have a good one! God Bless Let me know if you are interested in Cyber worship tomorrow. Going to start at 10am Pacific Time 1pm EST take care.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Prayer request

Hey ladies,
I could really use some prayer right now, We dont currently have any medical insurance but all of a sudden I am light headed, with a headache feel short of breath and my fingers feet are freezing and a little tingly feels like my heart is racing. Please pray this will stop and everything will feel normal. I dont want to go to the doctor unless it is an emergency but if i dont feel better soon I will go. Thank you for praying.

Finally Friday

Well I am am excited it is Friday it means I made it through the week and our good news or not good news should come on Monday afternoon. We too are hoping to have a home of our own soon but whatever God has for us will be and I am just anticipating what that is with much excitement. If this one is not the one then maybe the next we look at we shall see and I will keep you informed:) We have owned several houses in the last 10 years only when hubby lost his job due to his permanent disability Which thank the Lord is not 100% disabled but he was unable to do all the job duties so they let him go after his family medical leave timed out then he went to work doing something he used to do and we are now back on our feet. But during that tranistion time of the last year and half we rented we have this beautiful home we are "borrowing" and our owners and landlord are awesome but I am really looking forward to picking my own colors of things and decorating the kids room sometime in the future...hopefully the first part of 2010. Stay tuned for more on that later and please pray with me that Whatever the Lord has for us will be shown to us :)

So today is Friday we are going to finish up our homeschool lessons for the day then do some house keeping and probably some art this afternoon. Actually the kids are nicely and quietly! Coloring as I type...I love that they enjoy art so much that they turn to it in boredom...

This whole week I have again been fighting illness...just basic run of the mill cold but please pray that this will exit as I would love to feel 100% by Sunday to enjoy worship and the day with my wonderful hubby.

Off I go to get rolling today is a late start for me My body must have needed sleep as I slept till 8am which I only do if I am exhausted or sick usually my body wakes up at 5:30-6:00 am my mind now that is another story LOL...
Have a blessed day!