Friday, January 29, 2010

Wonderful Wood Stove:)

Well yesterday wonderful hubby took us to the ranch and home store and bought the family a new wood stove! Yay! the previous owners of the home decided I guess that they would take that item with them! LOL... anyway now we have an alternate heat source which I am really greatful for. We have cold hard winters around here and if the power went out we would get a bit cold so now I dont have to worry. It was something we had set aside some money for when we bought the house so now we just have to cut wood which is such good exercise and there are several really dead trees on the property that need to be thinned:) God is great! Well today is a busy day we will be off painting at our church today a mural on one of the Children's room walls and then the shoer is coming to trim my horse's feet then we will get homeschool finished and prep dinner while unpacking some more. My parents have said they will be in town next weekend so I want to try and get all organized by then or at least mostly. For the most part we are pretty close but ther living room and my room need finished. The kids rooms and kitchen are done bathrooms are done but with my shoulder pain I havent gotten as much done as I planned this week with keeping up with the normal run of the day housekeeping:) Well I gotta run ya'll stay warm in the areas getting lots of snow and have fun with it while it lasts for you. here it doesnt really melt till May or so sometimes we get a brief melt of before more comes just depends on the weather systems the Good Lord has for us:) Take care!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hello Blog World! I am Back!

Hi everyone it has been a crazy week of moving and unpacking! Then add in the fact that I can really only use one arm for the last few days! Why's that you ask?? Well ok...a little secret from me to you... I am the least coordinated person you are gonna meet unless I am on the back of a horse then I am steady and balanced, wierd huh! Anyway Saturday was moving day as you know, well I was carrying our kitty food and cat bed our to a truck, slipped on the ice and landed full force onto my right shoulder on my friends truck fender! Then as if once were not enough (hubby says I must have needed to perfect the art of falling and injuring myself) Monday as I was unpacking (since my shoulder was feeling ok and lets face it I had things to do so I sucked it up and moved on) well Monday as I unpacked I tripped over a box while carrying something went down again and caught myself on the floor by only my right hand! Can you believe it! my shoulder took the full body weight force of both falls so now I have a sling to wear when it really hurts and pain meds to help me get some rest as I could not get comfortable enough to really rest that I so needed! Thankfully I had friends that have come and helped me unpack and I have been able to putter with the kitchen and laundry areas as well as some other light things. My wonderful hubby has been helping with the heavy things as has my Little prince! Yesterday my small group leaders(who are some of my dearest friends as well) came and helped me completely set up and unpack both the kids rooms! I feel so very blessed! I will be thinking up some frugal posts and getting the home tour posted after we unpack the frugal posts will come over the next few months as we are going to pinch every penny and save save save! We have to save up for our property taxes and ins which the taxes are quite high in this county plus there is some regular income that will cease in March that I have to remove from the budget however these will be the testimonial times that I look forward to sharing how God truly does provide! Well I am off my shoulder gets irritated with too much typing just the muscles getting used you dont realize how much your shoulder is involved in everything you do until it hurts to do them lol! God bless and "see Ya" soon!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tomorrow is the Big Day

Tomorrow is the official moving day, am I ready Not 100% but closer my neighboring teenager that call me momma Tiff helped me pack 60 boxes yesterday!~ Praise the Lord for friends! and kids.... I call her my teenager :) Today I will be taking a load over of food and things and unpacking some then bringing those boxes back to repack and finish up the preparations for tomorrow everyone will be here at 9am so will be busy busy. I wont have internet at the new house until the 20th so when I am over here at the old house cleaning I may have time to check in and update ya'll but if not I will return as soon as they turn on the internet line at the new house. We are not going to have tv installed at the new house and I am looking forward to re-instating game nights and movie nights and overall just spending more time talking as a family and less time zoning in front of the ol tube. Well I am off Prayers for saftey of all the movers helping would be appreciated and overall sanity on my part:) Take care God Bless

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday...almost moving day...aahhh

Well we are halfway through the week and moving Day is almost here! I am so not 100% ready with all the painting at the new house it has been busy yesterday was errand day and bill day (those still have to get done dont they LOL) and today I am going ot paint at the new house and try to get that almost 100% done but we shall see there is still a lot of painting to be done but if I end up having to do some next week before I unpack that will be fine just easier to do before the big move in of stuff.
I am really excited I have two paid sewing jobs lined up for as soon as I unpack the sewing room which will be a side heated room out in the shop! God is Awesome! I was praying I could bring in some extra just to help a bit offset what we need and He is Providing!
Homeschool in the chaos has been going pretty good! I have a workbook that has tons of subjects in it it is from BrainQuest and I have just pulled about 10 out each day for him to work on while I paint or what have ya And he has been doing wonderfully with the lack of real structure this week. Little princess is not feeling well again so a bit whiny there and clingy but thats ok we will get through it. I am really looking forward to 2 weeks from now when the everything is moved and that is my goal date for getting all unpacked and settled...(praying I can keep this) As I am really looking forward to implementing our homeschool scheduling and get back on track but for now we are managing to get some learnign done daily so that is great!

A big decision has been made we are foregoing the tv cable connection at the new house! Praise God I have been wanting this for a while but we were not both ready if you know what i mean and now we are on the same page:) one more thing I didnt nag about! Praise the Lord for helping me be a better Help meet! Ok I have so much to do I have to run I will Post more right before the move but then I may not have internet for a couple days so I hope to be up and running really soon after that:) God Bless!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

new layout

Yes I made a new layout that is springy! i needed some sunshine to look at so here it is I can dream about spring:) Enjoy!

Clean, clean clean..Yay!

Am I excited that my arms are going to fall off (This I am sure of!) NO but am I excited as to why they are going to fall off...YES!
The New House is almost all clean YAY! Today I have to finish scrubbing the kitchen with a brush and soft scrub (yes it is THAT DIRTY!!) and then I will put a polish on it, the laundry room still needs clean and then to finish the kids Bathroom and wipe down the walls. We are going to paint some of them as after hubby got in there more and I cleaned the carpets (they are officially a mauve color not Tan) Which is what he thought they were so having mauve carpet and mustard yellow living room walls is not his cup of tea so he would like to paint! Yay! Thank you God for doing that without me saying another word! I love to see how God Works when I step back and Honor my husband by following what he says amazingly without me pushing or asking I still get the things my heart desires! Yay! I finished the master tub and surround yesterday and started the kitchen floors today I just have to finish the center of the floor I went around with an old toothbrush and scrubbed out the dog and what have ya dirt from the edging of the kitchen walls an boy am I glad I did that~! Well I am off to pack a couple boxes while the kids are still sleeping amazing they are sleeping I shall take advantage of that! Talk to ya soon! Take care God Bless

Friday, January 8, 2010


I didnt realize I hadnt updated my blog sorry everyone things have been rolling fast around here and I have been so exhausted daily:) We signed on the house yesterday and Wed I finished shampooing the carpets then yesterday scrubbed away inside. The house is very dirty so we are cleaning and there will be some painting in the kids rooms done before moving as well as a wall in the kitchen. Wonderful hubby alotted me some extra cash just for paint and said there you go if we can do it for this amount I am ok with it! Yay! I thought we were definitley going to have to wait but he squeezed me some Yippee! (for those wondering no he doesnt do the monthly budget and bill paying we do that together or go over figures after I work on it but on extra things I go to him and ask if we can do something then I have been letting him have the final word and man has it been a blessing to me and to us)
I used to push for MY way or this or that but I am working hard to submit to his will and the amazing thing is when you truly do this the freedom that it really brings! I am not saying that I let him walk on me Ladies for the critics out there but It is really a God thing and it is amazing when my old ways creep in the way things will noticably change in the way things are done around here but when I follow God's plan for the wife how much happier we all are! Anyway that is a blog to plan out and write up another day as I feel very strong about that but cant put it all into words right now:) anyway, he left the money on the counter this morning and said to me as he kissed me goodbye "i left some money on the counter for you" and I could tell he loved being able to say that to me versus when I controlled everything now I just trust that we are ok and it will all be ok. I loved hearing it as i really didnt want to move everything out of the rooms later to paint or paint around things and the kids rooms well one of them is very different from my color palette the other is doable but the one leaves me wondering:) Anyway I am off for the day ladies I have to find the best deal I can on paint and continue scrubbing on the house today we started moving outdoor things yesterday and will move some more this Sunday I am taking little things but until the cleaning is done havent wanted to take much yet then Next weekend the 15th and 16th is the official move it all weekend, all the house, the dogs, the horse and everything and start officially Living there! Yay! Praise God he has come through so strong in this situation. Thank you all for your prayers during the uncertainty. Take care and have a blessed day!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

House Update

I think all is going to work out on the house which I am just so relieved and thankful to God for. We will know for sure today or tomorrow I will keep you posted.
Today looks like it is an unplanned errand day as Hubby accidentally left the movies on the counter they go back to the town 30 miles from here so I need to take them they are due back today and to stay in my budget we need to not have late I also need a couple groceries that are less expensive there so I will grab them while there and go to the bank. I was going to do those on Thurs when little princess has ballet but Being flexible seems to be the name of my game the last week here. With the house thing up in the air my plans have had to change a couple times at the last min. I dont roll with it all that well usually but I am working hard on that. I have prayed hard for some extra energy as without any sunlight lately I am feeling very lethargic... We havent had a sunny day in a while had an hour this weekend but that was it. Usually this area gets sun alot more in the winter and it really helps with the winter blahs but this year is much more dark it seems. Ok I am off to finish the checkbook/budget then get ready to go. Take care all God bless...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Update

I lost 5 Lbs!!! Yay I am so excited. I actually took the weekend off from exercise as I was so sore from last week but I watched what I ate over the weekend a little or should I say just wasnt able to eat much since I didnt feel very good. Today I have a lot to do around here to get back into our routine. We are all working out right now on the Wii I already finished and the kids are doing it as I type to get some exercise for them. I love that they are bycicling without being outside in the freezing temps and ice..loads of fun! Anyway then it is Barbershop morning for little prince his hair is a bit overgrown lol... showers and cleanup house, homeschooling then trying to come up with a low cal dinner for tonight:) I was feeling really down due to the uncertainty of the house situation right now and Last night was our monthly evening worship service at church we call this our Elevate service. After some prayer time with one of my friends then just sitting in the presence of the Lord really helped me last night and I am feeling much better today. Well I gotta run...take care see ya later

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I had big plans for today but my tummy is really upset for some reason so I ended up just hanging out doing nothing. I did get my room cleaned up not 100% finished but much better. I will keep working on that room. Now I am off to make dinner and then just hang out with the family for the night. Have a great Saturday and Enjoy the Lords Day tomorrow. I am looking forward to church tomorrow since I was unable to go last Sunday with the creepin crud that we had. Take Care and God Bless

Happy Saturday!

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a most wonderful New year! I sat down yesterday and wrote out a fairly long post before we went out sledding as I was about to publish it I hit something and the whole thing disappeared! I was so upset but I didnt have anymore time to retype it as I had to capture memories of Snow Sledding behind the four wheeler that could double for water skiing! It was load of fun got very soaked and came in to hot cocoa and more movies :) was a wonderful day with my awesome family. Today I am going to Clean the house up and re-organize my bedroom it has apparently been attacked by the "it doesnt go in this room put it in Mom and Dad's room" Virus! LOL... I hope you all had a wonderful New year and I am looking forward to 2010 Its gonna be a great Year! Later today I am going to sit down and work out the homeschool plans for next week and my home management binder. We are going to get better about our planned out chores that are in my notebook actually getting done each day so I am going to schedule the cleaning Team into the notebook a bit better then the trick is to ACTUALLY put it to use LOL..I am bad there Great with the planning bad with the follow through! Going to get better with that this New Year! Happy Day all and God Bless!