Monday, September 28, 2009

What a great weekend

Today will be spent recovering from a very long but wonderful weekend:) Saturday my husband was blessed while deer hunting so we will have meat this winter! Praise the Lord! Then I went to set up for the Luau which I was Coordinating at our Church yesterday after service We set up on Saturday afternoon. Next on Saturday evening we went out hunting again in an attempt to fill my tag but no such luck:( thats ok though I feel fortunate to get one in the family so that will be a blessing. I would have liked to have gotten a Buck finally this year but Maybe during Late season. Then yesterday I had to be at the church at 6:45 to finish preparations for the Luau. We had some wonderful visitors for the day and I hope they felt the Lord's amazing Love while they visited. We played some fun games and had a whole church volleyball turney where the adults and everyone took on the High School Youth Group What fun we had! Then everyone pitched in for cleanup and we were done in I think 45 min! That was amazing I keep saying we should rotate houses and clean as a team LOL!
The only sad event over the weekend is we are fairly sure my little princess's kitten has dissappeared which she is very saddened by. Ruby has been missing for 3 days she has done this once before and came back in 2 days so pleasse pray with us that Ruby will return today or tomorrow as it is breaking my heart! We birthed the kittens here and they are 6 months old. I was apparently very attached as well as I seem to keep tearing up at the thought of her being gone:( I keep praying she will return everytime I open the front door.
Today I am going to make a bread video after I clean the kitchen over the weekend with all the activity we let the kitchen duty go and boy can I tell today. So this morning I will whip it back into shape then get some school work done then get to baking and Laundry. I hope to get the video up this evening however may be morning we shall see how the day goes. Until later my friends:) Have a blessed day!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Errand Day

Today is Errand Day for us we have to go to town...30 min from here to do some shopping in the bigger town ours is not very big and groceries are quite spendy here. I do 99% of my grocery shopping in the bigger town as I can go to a United Grocer Restaraunt outlet thats open to the public and I save much more even over going to Costco. The meat you saw in my previous video that I was slicing all came from there. Today's run is pretty basic not a lot of meat unless they have an amazing sale like last time that Pork was only .99 a pound I couldnt pass that up for a big Pork Butt! It was awesome. Then I have to get supplies for our Church's Luau this Sunday and get prizes or the games section of it. It is going to be so fun. We are inviting anyone everyone we can to this free event and I am praying for people who just really need to be encouraged to take the first step to Jesus to attend. I just know God is going to use this event even if it is for just 1 lost soul It will be so worth it! Well that's all for today I was discussing in my comments how my bread fell during the rising because I let it rise too long I had an unexpected trip away from home that could not wait till my bread was done and when I got home it was so late I knew I just had to bake it the way it was the good news is its still good bread it is just much shorter than normal lol. well I will be trying that again probably Monday and I am going to try to do a video of it. I make a wheat/white combo yeast bread with oatmeal in it that my family just really loves. Talk to you all soon have a great weekend if I dont get a chance to post before monday as tomorrow will be consumed with setup for the Luau. If I get a min I will drop in. Till then..... God Bless

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Whole Day:)

In my previous post you see just the morning from yesterday well I uploaded a bunch more to finish out my day however I was planning on doing an afternoon post but when I uploaded them to my video I accidentally added them onto the same one from yesterday. I could not figure out how to seperate them so forgive me if you have seen the beginning already now I know I have to start a new project before I upload pictures. I thought I had but alas... Have a blessed day all I think I will video the bread making later if I remember:)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My morning in Video:)

Time Flies!

Wow can't believe its been so long. I am going to start posting more regularly now that the schedules are taking hold and life is settling in yet again for the school year. things are going really well here at home, getting caught up from our 14 days of camping slowly though! I thought I could manage it all the week we came home Labor day week but alas I am not super woman! I give it my best shot but whatever happens happens and that is ok. Yesterday was my birthday and my wonderful hubby had me go pick out my Kitchenaid Mixer! I was so excited I love it. I made peanut butter cookies for him last night to say thank you they are his favorite and I also made 2 loaves of homemade bread! It was so quick and turned out awesome. I am very excited. Today I am working on a morning in the Life of me video so hopefully in a couple hours that will be up with my morning activities but as of right now I am getting another headache that is threatening to turn into a migrane. I have had one 3 out of the last 6 days that have put me in bed daily almost. Sunday and Monday no headache which was awesome I was prayed over at church on Sunday morning and my headache went away almost immediately! It was a huge blessing. I think todays headache is caused by lack of sleep right now my dogs barked alot last night and hubby is dealing I think with sleep apnea and last night was a rough night we are going to go to the doctor as soon as we have insurance again. Please pray for him as he is really struggling he hasnt really slept in over 3 weeks just boughts of sleep in between the choking episodes. I wake him if I am up and have him roll over then it is better but still he doesnt get a full nights rest. Well anyway going to work on my video now and the other news i just signed up to be a book reviewer! I am excited to see how this goes got the info from ladypilgrim and have signed up now awaiting my first book to review its a frugal cookbook! Anyway have a great day everyone talk to you soon.