Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday evening...

Well I should have stayed home and buckled down around here but kids wanted to spend the day with daddy so we went to work with him:) That was fun, hard work but fun to be with him right now Julie and I came home a bit before he gets here I took a shower as I was filthy! LOL...we were working at clearing trees,bitterbrush and raking a lot that just had a house built for a gentleman that lives elsewhere but vacations here. So we all earned a bit of money today too! Yeah..a day with daddy and money to boot cant beat that lol.
I am sore from raking but think the exercise may have helped the pain a bit..I know that sounds odd but we will just have to see I may feel better if I can just keep moving... my downfall is sitting when I hurt instead of moving the less I move the more it hurts but the more it hurts the less I want to move LOL..vicious cycle that I have to mental work to break and catch before it takes over sometimes. Well I am off to clean up the kitchen and make a small bbq for family and a friend that was working with us today:) Until tomorrow

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