Sunday, July 24, 2011

2 of the 5R's of Godly Womanhood

What a Beautiful product I have reviewed for Eternal Encouragement as Part of  The Gabby Moms program!
I listened to the mp3's for this product more than once and will continue to in the upcoming months. You will get more info on the full product next month as we complete the review of all 5 Rs...the first two are Refresh and Rekindle... those sound like good things dont they?? Some of you may know that I have fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  What does that have to do with this review you ask, well... having these two syndromes tends to negatively impact me in the area of Godly Womanhood. Why you ask, well I am always in pain and I am always exhausted...somedays more than others and sometimes I feel ok, it makes it hard to keep my positive attitude sometimes.  This product that I reviewed this month gave me so much encouragement to keep my head up and continue(the REFRESH Part) to be what God put me here for and ways I can show my love to my husband in little ways (the REKINDLE part) that take really no effort at all. I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me but I truly believe that God brought this program and Lorrie Flem's wonderful products into my life this year to keep me moving forward as I adjust to my new normal while I strive to live for God each and everyday through everything I do. Do I succeed all the time? Nope...but I keep Trying to be the Wife, Mother, Homeschooler and Woman that God would have me be and with these products I am able to listen to Lorrie encourage me to be that woman and remind myself constantly of Lorrie's words and advise to keep me on track.  I love her writing and her speaking. If you need encouragement for womanhood, homemaking, homeschooling or being a wonderful and connected wife to your man check her out, she has great stuff at Eternal Encouragemnt!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Attitude? Do you have a good one or not so good??

Hello Everyone!! Its time for this months review as part of My Missions from The Gabby Moms!!  I love being a Gabby Mom Check us out right Here

Oh my attitude...isn't it one of the easiest things to have go south when things get tough?  Did you know that it is one of the most important things we moms can contribute to the family?  Where can you recieve a healthy attitude makeover?  Of course daily time with the Lord is most important, but sometimes I need someone inspiring, someone that exemplifies a true proverbs 31 woman to encourage me to makeover my bad attitude and help me gain perspective on what my true role really is. The one God assigned me, Wife, homemaker, homeschooler and mother!  "Where can I get her to help me out of my attitude slump," you ask?  Well right from your own computer, ipod or such whenever you have some moments to listen and be encouraged.  All from Lorrie Flem the publisher of Eternal Encouragement Magazine.  She has put together some great MP3 packages and I just love listening to her voice encouraging me to be what I truly in my heart want to be, but often fall so short of, during the daily messes that naturally happen to us mothers don't they? They derail us even when we have the best of intentions to stay positive all day, and loving our family like the Lord would have us do.  When I was feeling frustrated I relistened to these wonderful MP3 recordings.  

I was refreshed and able to give my all to my wonderful Hubby and my awesome Kids that I am so blessed to have in my life!  You too can be refreshed, encouraged and inspired at Eternal Encouragement any time you need it. Please check out all the other great products Lorrie has put together to encourage and inspire us in our God Given role each and everyday!!  Thanks for stopping by...Until Next time God Bless!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Until You Get Your Halo....

Wear One Of Our Hats!   How about that for a slogan?? What do you think?  I am working on setting up an Etsy website or figure out how to implement a selling portion here on my blog for my crocheted hats.  (I admit to a little techno challenge sometimes lol)  Below you will see samples of some of the hats I recently sent off to snuggle a little one of God's angel's who is battling brain cancer and some hats I made for her siblings.  Then also some of my other hats that I have made for my kiddos and myself.  Enjoy and please let me know any ideas you have and tips on the selling things homemade you may have in your hat! God Bless

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Marriage is just fine...I don't need a bundle to help me...

OK so now you know what I originally thought when I received my recent assignment from The Gabby Moms and Eternal Encouragement Magazine from Mrs. Lorrie Flem. Boy was I wrong. You know the assignments you always waited till the last minute to do in school and then found you enjoyed them and wish you put more time and effort into...that's about how I feel now!
I procrastinated...yup I sure did!~ Now I will be daily going over more of the info and getting all out of it I can. I just listened to the first mp3 session included in this download, which let me tell you IS HUGE!! I thought it would be a few items from the magazine I didn't realize it would be so much from Eternal Encouragement. Collections of Marriage goodies from the years with TEACH Magazine and great stuff from Lorrie Herself. Things I am hearing like "a happy content marriage is a defense against the evil in the world" really hit home. I need to put my time and effort into keeping my defenses  against the enemy up and one way to do that is to keep my marriage strong, growing and fresh. There are so many great things in there, I was so skeptical going into the assignment now I feel foolish!! I should have been studying this for the weeks that I have had it, imagine the things I could have accomplished or benefited from!! There is a monthly plan for praying for your hubby which I am printing out to post somewhere I will see it daily, there are frugal and fun date tips and things to keep your spark alive. There is also Lorrie's personal bible study with all the references to marriage she has come across, I am going to take this scripture reference and study my bible, writing out each passage next to Lorrie's scripture list. Just so much good stuff I can't even list it all you have to check it out!

Here is a link to the Marriage bundle itself  MARRIAGE:TO HAVE AND TO HOLD Trust me if you need a fresh outlook for your marriage or even if you think you got this in the bag, you won't regret this purchase.  I am so blessed to be reviewing this for The Gabby Moms Program and cannot wait for all the great things to come from Eternal Encouragement and Mrs Lorrie Flem!

***I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review from Gabby Moms and Eternal Encouragement Magazine.***

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I really was hoping this week I would feel so much better...however I didnt think it was possible to feel this tired...LUckily I know the cause... the fever night on Sunday with little princess and then last night we developed an ear infection that left her crying for hours in the middle of the night so no sleep for the weary again for me lol. Our Wonderful Nurse Practitioner was able to see her first thing this morning and we now have antibiotics to take and hopefully we will have no sore throat by thursday so she can participate in soccer and swim lessons (with earplugs) she is not thrilled about that part but its either that or no swimming so she is begrudgingly submitting lol. Anyway I think a nap is in store for both of us this afternoon while my wonderful friend takes little prince to swim lessons and we stay home to heal and sleep. I am so blessed with such great friends! Well I am off all love and hugs,

Monday, May 9, 2011

Had mostly a wonderful Weekend How bout you?

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend enjoying hubbys companionship and had a hike with some great friends! It was so nice...then we got home and little princess spiked a high fever yesterday and so here we are heading into another week with a sick someone in the house. My poor baby she has a very sore throat and has run over 102 for 24 hours this morning we have it down to 100.5 so thats a blessing.  Will be monitoring her today and see where this goes hopefully away! Little prince will be attending swim lessons with our dear friends thankfully she can give him a ride today.  I am blessed with really wonderful dear friends.  I cannot thank God enough for all of my friends. IRL or Webland :)    Anyway, Just wanted to post a little note to update you all on how things were going around here.  I have been a bit behind on my routines since, well, lets see....months lol...  It seems to go along with the Fibromyalgia I have developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome officially. I told my doctor..."I refuse to have that!" she laughed at me she is a very wonderful faithful woman so she giggled at my comment.  I am very tired however most days to the point my body feels heavy and cant seem to function but I am working on a whole foods way of eating and supplementing with raw vitamins which seems to already be helping. I recently found a book at goodwill (love that place) that was written by Jordin Rubin called The Maker's Diet (see my side bar for a link if interested) and I am going to work on following it closely. He recovered from Chron's disease after nearly dying. It says diet in the title but I am calling it my new healthy eating instead of diet. My goal isnt to lose weight (although it will be a welcome addition to the plan LOL) but instead to get healthy, truly healthy and to feel better.  Thats all.  So I will keep you posted. So far I am feeling a bit better its only been a few days. I am not being as strict as I could be since I tend to not keep up with something if I start out full force all at once instead I am slowly making changes and shopping differently as I go and as we replace things in the house I am working towards chemical free, all organics.  People that struggle with health as I have can really benefit from the change to whole foods, and chemical reductions in their homes. I havent in all honesty ever paid that much attention to these things thinking it almost a bit on the crazy side for many years but now am realizing how much stuff has really be chemically or fake produced I used to think if we could buy it in the store it was real stuff...not so much anymore. Anyway we shall see how this works and how I feel I will blog updates from time to time. Well little princess is calling me so off I go hope and pray you all have a wonderful day and you are well...God Bless

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eternal Encouragement What exactly is it?

What exactly is Eternal Encouragement?  Well to me it is being inspired to be all God would want me to be. It is doing the things to honor and cherish my husband and to serve my family and the community to the best of my ability. It means doing everything I can to be the best God has for me each and every day.  Do you need this same kind of inspiration?  Where on earth can we find it?  Well one source aside from my bible is a little magazine by the name of, what else, Eternal Encouragement. I was blessed to review it this month as part of my membership with The Gabby Moms! You can check it out yourself at the link above or by typing into your web browser! You wont be disappointed!
It is a great little thing that has oodles and oodles of things like REAL Words!! Words we can actually use to become the hands and feet of Jesus each and every day! How cool is that!  One awesome thing is its size! It fits in my purse for those moments of time where you are sitting, waiting on soccer to finish or waiting for the doctor to actually enter the room, which we all know they make you wait sometimes for what seems like an eternity! Having something useful to read, that uplifts your spirits for the day, and encourages you to really make a difference is a great way to put that time to good use dontcha think?? It's motto line is "Inspiring Women to Become More Like Jesus Every Day". Now that is something I want and can read with integrity, not the junk you usually are left with to read in the doctors or random other offices you visit.  I hope you will all take a look at this wonderful magazine, check it out, subscribe if you want or need to be Inspired to be a Woman more like our Jesus!
God Bless all of My Sisters In Christ

"I received this product for honest review from Eternal Encouragement Magazine as a part of The Gabby Moms blogging program. All opinions expressed are solely my own."

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bronchitis battle

Well everyone sorry I have been away, I am hoping very soon to implement my new schedule. I just finished reading Managers of their Homes by Teri Maxwell I love it and cant wait. Currently I am praying about how our schedule should go, chores that the kids need to handle and so on.  I have been battleing illness now for close to a month or more it seems. I had a routine checkin with my Doctor and she said my lungs were wheezing and I have Bronchitis..oh joy thats why I havent gotten well yet. So hopefully now I will get well and my kiddos too they have both had it Little princess is fighting an ear infection and Little Prince has the same crud I have only its not full blown Bronchitis his lungs are clear Praise God. Hubby was so sick he ended up home sleeping for 2 days which is so rare I can count the times it has happened on one hand!  Anyway thats a brief update on the happenings around here I am working on an If/Then Consequence chart for diligence with our chores and other character behaviours I am noticing popping up lately...  If you use one leave me a message and let me know if you purchased or made your own?  Where did you locate the scriptures you use to reinforce the behavior you prefer and so on.  Hubby and I discussed this and throught the weekend will be putting it together and take effect with it as soon as we lay it out and discuss the expectations with the kids.  Blessings to all of you Take care

Monday, March 7, 2011

A wonderful Post from a fellow blogging Homemaker- Enjoy

Ladies I really enjoyed the following blog post at a sister in Christ's website. She has encouraged me many days and I really enjoy this post.
Are you losing your True Treasures? Please read the following blog post.
Your Sacred Calling

Check it out I pray it will bless you!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Reviewing Encouraging Moments

You may remember that I am now a Gabby Mom!! I love being a Gabby Mom. Encouragement I receive from other homemakers and friends in The Gabby Moms has been a true blessing for me! I became a Gabby Mom through and I am so glad I did.  This month I was blessed to review Encouraging Moments Newsletter from Mrs. Lorrie Flem and I gotta admit, I normally don't even read some of the emails that hit my inbox( loud gasping here I know LOL) but, I am going to be looking forward to this one each and every week!  Just look at the beautiful welcoming sight when you open the email...
I love it how about you? :)
Well, the last couple of installments were the ones we focused on for our review, and I got great insight from both. Do you feel happy in your marriage?  I am blessed to say that I do however, I have many girlfriends who have not found a way to be content with all they have been blessed with even if it doesn't seem to be that much. Finding ways to be content and happy no matter what is truly a gift when you can accomplish that this was the focus of the first newsletter I read. It gave me tools to reach out to some of my friends with and also share this newsletter with them to hopefully encourage them in their daily walk.  How about keeping your thoughts in check and filtering all through Jesus? I struggle with depression as many of you know and one of the newsletters specifically focused on that, and It came the same day I was really struggling with negative thoughts...God's answer to my prayers in the second newsletter I read! As Homemakers, Homeschooling moms, and wives there are many things we sometimes just need a bit of encouragement from someone who has been there, done that, you know what I mean? Parenting is tough sometimes isn't it? Where is the instruction book for these things? LOL oh yes they did come with one did you know that? Its the BIBLE!! :) Thank God for that!  If you need encouragement please, please, check out this wonderful research and try it out for a few weeks to see if you don't find the encouragement you need!  You can find at at all of the links above!  The first page you come to will have a pop out window for you to subscribe to the newsletter yourself! I hope you will try this out as I feel you will find encouragement and be blessed in your daily walk just as I have been! Have a blessed day all and I will Gab at ya' laters!

I am reviewing Encouraging Moments as an official member of The Gabby Moms blogging program for Eternal Encouragement magazine.  I did not receive compensation for this post and all opinions are solely my own.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Listen and Obeying 2 different things??

For the past few weeks I have been struggling with pain, partially making me depressed and several other outside things that I have let affect my heart, mind, soul and daily walk. Have you been there friends? When you just dont open your bible, when you dont want to get up early for your quiet time, when you just feel lost to a point? Some of you may be able to answer no to this question but I would guess that as mothers, wives, homemakers and women we have all been there at least for 1 day somewhere along our walk with Christ. Now I am not going to claim it is over and done for me however GOD shows up when we listen and obey it is such a blessing I dont want you to miss it! Last night I had much on my mind, toooooo much. But I didnt go to my comforter on my own ( I am a bit stubborn sometimes just ask wonderful hubby lol) however God kept calling to me and at first I was actually sure that it was my own mind making up the scripture chapt and verse I kept dwelling on, I was positive I was making it up and "if" i did get my rear out of bed and check on it in the Good Book I would find that it was just my mind as I was "sure" it wouldnt apply to my current situation since God had been so "Silent" lately right! LOL well finally I couldnt take it anymore and I submitted and said Ok God this is it I am getting up but I still think its all in my head your not really going to give me this at 2 am right ?? Doubt is the enemies first line of Defense then fear and yada yada how often do I let him into my mind (too often but am growing) thats the point of this blog right I want to be an encouragement and its about sharing my "learning to Live FOR God Day by Day!" amazing when we listen what happens, so I got upthat I got up, went to my bible and it says in Romans 6:19 oops wait first the one I have memorized due to my little ones AWANA scripture (Thank you Jesus) I was repeatedly focusing on Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God" I was like ok God what is your point I know that and Know my need for Jesus but I am feeling Lost right now what next then came romans 6:19 " I put this in human terms because you are weak in your natural selves. Just as you used to offer the parts of your body in slavery to impurity and to ever-increasing wickedness, so now offer them in slavery to righteousness leading to holiness." WOW I can not explain what that meant to me at the moment at 2 am I was immediately released back to sleeping soundly the rest of the night however going back over it I was blessed by this. In human ters I am weak to my Flesh! I used to be slave to my evil desires and temptations now I strive for righteousness however loose my way sometimes God was calling me back to him saying Focus on striving for righteousness let go of temptation to be emotional in the present situation or angry or distressed "Be still and know I am God" I shared with my husband which if you have been a reader you know that my hubby is not yet saved however he joins me at service most weekends and is attending our small group with our Pastor as the leader. God is using this group to grow me so much! sometimes Growth is painful however I know that the choice to press in to Him and Press on for the righteousness he desires will overcome all in the end. Hubby was willing to share with me this morning and I asked what he thought and instead of the previous dismissal of night time scripture gifts to me (only happened 2 other times) he used to look at me like I was weird (oh I am weird but thats ok with me) however today he had insight that hit home for me and discussed it with me Praise God he is working in ways that I have no idea about. How often do we want God on our terms God if you would only do this for me and so on...its so hard to turn this around and say "ok God what is it that will be a blessing in the end if **I** would only do this for** YOU**"? I dont know where I am heading however I want to be a slave to the righteousness that leads to holiness not the other way around. Thank you Jesus for having mercy and compassion for this sinner and Knowing how to reach me in my darker moments. Lord you are so wonderful! Thank you for sharing in my journey I will blog more soon I just had to share and I hope that you will join me in becoming SLAVES to something so awesome it will blow our minds I am sure if we will just remain focused on our ultimate goal! God Bless and enjoy your day!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Exactly Are "TRUE TREASURES" ??

Well friends let me tell ya! "True Treasures" are many things for each woman but its also a book, yay for me and for you too hehe!! In this wonderful book there are 6 Chapters each with the most wonderful and inspiring articles I have read lately! This book, where did it come from you ask?? Well it came from our friends over at TEACH magazine Now Called "Eternal Encouragement Magazine" and it is presented to us by Mrs. Lorrie Flem. It is a compiliation of the Best of 10 Years of TEACH Magazine! Its like a whole bunch of awesome magazine articles without all the ads and junk just awesome inspiring article after article!! I am so blessed to have been asked to become a Gabby Mom blogging associate where I will get to review a product once a month that encourages, leads, and helps us homemaking, homeschooling, "can do it all but need fuel in our tank" Mama's LOL! I hope and pray you will enjoy reading about whatever they have in store to send us to review~! I know I am excited (as if you couldn't tell Lol!) So do you want to see what this book looks like?? Ok here it is...

Looks can be decieving because inside this modestly designed package awaits articles that will encourage each of us in some way or another with whatever you may be struggling with as a homemaker, or a wife, or homeschooling mom, or you daily walk with God. Sometimes Parenting isn't easy but when we equip ourselves with tools to help our heart, soul and mind grow the task becomes so much easier and that is one thing this book defenitly brings to the table. Each chapter has a beautiful name and even more beautiful content:
Chapter 1: Jewels That Make the Heart Sparkle
My favorite article was "I'm a Homemaker...Period" so much encouragement to do the best I can each day and be what my husband so needs me to be His Help Meet.

Chapter 2: Marriages of Solid Gold
Just from the title you know there is good stuff in it. "A Time to Be Silent" that one is my fav here... I tend to overload my husband with words when what he really needs me to do is listen or just be sometimes! I am working on this with the help of the Lord and this article really encouraged me!

Chapter 3: Parenting Pearls: Practical and Priceless
Here is the one that spoke to ready to giggle... "Do Your Children Rise and Call you Blessed, Or Grouch?? HA...this is so me each day and this article brought to light some of the things that I really struggle with. From the title can you figure it out LOL!

Chapter 4:Homemaking That Dazzles Like Diamonds

I Love the "Principled Housekeeping" article it starts with Keeping house is such a blessing, a ministry to the most needy and helpless among us- children. Wow I had never thought of it that way maybe I should have, maybe you already do but I know I didn't and now I do and it is helping my attitude towards my homemaking duties that I don't necessarily enjoy all that much I mean most of us dont look forward to some of it do we like endless folding laundry, or the toilet duty, or litter box beacon lol... anyway you get my point lots of good stuff in this one.

Chapter 5: Homeschooling Nuggets of Wisdom
Nuggets?? It should say Boulders of Wisdom! There is no way I could even pick my favorite in this section I read each and every one of them more than once and will keep going back to it for a long time to come I am sure about that! 9 Awesome articles= a very encouraged homeschool mom!

Chapter 6: Godly Living that Glitters

"The Jewel of Contentment" I love this one how many times when we were young mothers, maybe before you came to the Lord maybe after has the ugly head of discontent with your overall circumstance come to the surface. You found your self saying the nasty words "if only" "I wish it were different" "if he was like" "when will I get" these types of statement starters only serve to tear us down not help us out of the pit. This article has some great "get out of that pit" tools. Well I guess its one big tool...GOD.

If you’d like your own copy of this wonderful encouragement, use the coupon code GabbyMom at check-out at for a $4 discount. At the same address, you can download a free PDF of TEACH magazine. If you like the freebie, you’ll love True Treasures!

I am just awesomely blessed to have been picked to be a GABBY MOM! You can be one too check out the link at the top right of my page for more info.

I received this product for honest review from TEACH Magazine as part of The Gabby Moms blogging program. All opinions expressed are solely my own.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

HaPpY NeW YeAR!!!

Happy happy new year everyone! May the Lord Bless this New Year with greatness, peace, love and Joy this year. I am going to be working on making my blog pretty and exciting soon as well as I have some new things to blog about and my priorities for 2011. God Bless you all and "see" ya soon!