Monday, October 12, 2009


Hi everyone,
I write today in hope that expressing my frustration will enlighten a solution. We have been using a computer program and I absolutely love it for homeschool however what I love is not important as what my son's learning. He is not good at independent study and I struggle to be involved with it as it is not lessons I planned so I am going back through the well-trained mind and my printouts on teaching the trivium I think he did so much better at this. Now the math program on the computer is really working well so I will stick with that however what do you all do for History, Bible and science. I used the Well-trained mind language program last year and it worked however we got it late in the year and did not finished so I think we will resume that. My son learns best from me reading with him, and from reading aloud together and things he can participate in. I want to find something that involves little princess too when she has the patience to sit still, worksheets work well. I need to get more organized as this is 5th grade year for him and pre-k kindergarten for her. Can you tell I am stressed and unfocused today so we finished our history for today and are taking the rest of the day off to regroup any suggestions... I think a packaged curriculum is not working for us so those of you that use a bit of everything or parts of some curriculum how do you organize your lessons, stay on track and make sure you get everything the state needs while keeping the kids on track and learning fun... I dont want the fights anymore I want learning to be fun for them and me:) they are smart kids I just need to find what works. this is only our second year homeschooling and starting after public school has been a challenge. Thanks for any input you can share.