Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time to Clean, Time to dance

LOL...just thought since today I will be cleaning cleaning cleaning but all at the new house I would Dance for Joy!
We dont get to move till next week but I do get to go do some scrubbing and shampoo the carpets today so I get to spend all day over there and imagine where I will put everything and have a good time...
I am packing the computer for dvd's for the kids and lots of coloring and legos so that when they are done helping me scrub things they will have something to do while I shampoo the carpets:)
I consider what hubby brought home yesterday part of my Christmas...a new carpet shampooer..we loaned our old one out and it came back broken isnt that so nice. I couldnt believe it as when I borrow something If i break it I replace it but alas not everyone thinks like me (but the should) LOL...just kidding!
Anyway I am off to work out a little on the wii and then shower and get ready to go! See ya all real soon

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Anonymous said...

What a fun time.