Saturday, October 10, 2009

I love Saturday's

Today we are just lounging around this morning, thats not to say we won't get anything done but on Saturday mornings we are really low key and laid back. Every other day of the week we have to get ready to do something(school work) or go somewhere for groceries or field trips that we do with the local homeschool group and On Sunday we get ready to go and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ so it is a busy morning getting out the door. So I realized last week that Saturdays really are our only down day when nothing is required. So I let the kids enjoy their morning with whatever they would like right now they are playing lego's nicely know one of the benefits that I have seen from homeschooling is my kids really are best friends. Its awesome. At first it was a struggle when I brought ds home from School a year and a half ago but now he has transformed into the kid he always was in the summer with her but now it is full time and that is the boy I always new was there, a loving thoughtful young man. Not saying that boy didnt exsist in school but I definitley saw the influence of some of the less Godly boys lets put it that way. And dd just so looks up to her big brother it is beautiful to know she will always have someone watching out for her:)
So anyway today we do have to get some laundry finished and clean up a bit so that tomorrow is about enjoying the Lord and not trying to clean up as well as it is my week to provide snack for fellowship time so I will be making about 10 Doz cookies probably Choc. Chip as that is what I have enough supplies for or maybe 1/2 sugar 1/2 choc we shall see....well off I go have a blessed weekend everyone:)


Anonymous said...

I was just talking to a fellow homeschool mom on the phone earlier. I was telling her that since homeschooling my oldest son has started to connect so much more with the smaller kids. I am so thankful for this.

One Christian Mom said...

How wonderful that your kids are best friends! Mine are becoming that way, too. I love hearing that your son is starting to become who you know he can be! And as Chrissy stated, most older homeschool kids I know are really great with the little ones! It's just a great benifit when they have Godly parents. :-)
God Bless!!!