Saturday, December 26, 2009

I am so Blessed

Hi everyone I hope you all had an awesome Christmas! I did! The kids had such fun! We had a very basic dinner just the kids and hubby and me last night. I prepared a ham, sweet potatoes in brown sugar and apple juice, and baked beans. Simple, sweet and so much fun to just enjoy the family. I would have loved to spend the day with my parents or his or both however luckily we did not as I was given the gift of a Christmas Cold as was little princess. So we are laying low today and just trying to get well. I am feeling pretty cruddy right now and my asthma is really taking this chance to jump into the mix since I already cant breathe through my nose lol... oh well chance to legitimately rest for me and not be needing to do other things since hubby ordered me to take it easy:) awe i love him!

I am so excited to move to the new house I cant hardly stand it. We will close on the 5th. This wednesday I am shampooing the carpets over there and scrubbing the cabinets and such. Pray I will feeling much better by then! I will work on the photos soon...

Today I rest and right now I am going to take a mommy nap while the kids play the new wii we got~ That thing is so much fun and it is really good exercise! We purchased this as the family gift and the wii fit plus system I worked a bit on it till I got to winded this morning and i can tell we are going to love having htat. Our winters are long and hard here and we cant be outside much for exercise just for fun stuff like sledding (which can be exercise depending on the hill lol) but anyway the kids are enjoying that and my arms already are sore! We all had a family game night of bowling with it last night and hubby and i were surprised how our muscles are out of shape lol.. hubby cant really bowl in real life with his bad knee (very long story) but he had a great time with the video bowling. so many good things and blessings have come our way lately I feel like such a lucky girl I dont know what to do with myself LOL...
Praise the Lord!
have a great day!


Traci Michele said...

Have a wonderful day! It is so nice to meet you. I found your blog when I was searching in google, under blogs :-)


Traci Michele said...


I see you have a weight loss goal. Wanna join our challenge starting Jan 1st?


Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a simple and good Christmas. Sorry for the colds. OUr family can totally relate.