Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sweet Saturday

Well we got a bit of snow last night however we are supposed to get more soon. I decorated more of the house yesterday:) The kids really like what we put up. I think today hubby and I are going to have our neighbor watch the kiddos and head off to do some shopping. Yeah lunch and shopping and I will have that wonderful man all to myself LOL.. doesnt happen often so I really enjoy it:) We will call it Date Day instead of Date night even if it is for Christmas Shopping! I love it! anyway I am still having some breathing issues and having to use inhalers so please continue to pray that this will all resolve soon and I will be left able to breath without the inhalers help.
Update on the house news, we are really excited it looks like it may all work out! Praise God! But alas we will not know for sure until sometime this coming week so pray for my patience as I am really excited to know "For Sure" if you know what I mean. Well I am off to do the shopping budget and get ready to go:) Have a blessed Saturday everyone:) Enjoy your family and Praise God for each moment:)