Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday?? Already!

Today is Friday already! AAHH feeling like this week just whizzed right by. Yesterday we had a wonderful day with hubby despite the fact that I had a monster of a headache. We went to Little Princess' Ballet class and Daddy got to watch! That was great fun and then we were off to do some shopping and stocking up on some things. We are working to just get some things laid in for winter time as I do not like to drive into town as much to shop and also I hate having to ask hubby to stop after he has worked all day. I dont mind asking for a gallon of milk or something he stops at the store up the road but not for laundry soap and things as I like to use my coupons and pick my scented things myself lol... We also got some other things we needed and I have recently stocked up on some coffee and some other things. I will try and post pictures later as today is Re-Organize the storage areas. I have a huge closet in the laundry room that I use for overflow from the pantry on one side and laundry stuff on the otherside however recently misc random items from here and there around the house have managed to find their way in there! I dont know for the life of me how that happens lol... house elves I think! hehe... So off I go to organize, do laundry while I do this and just try to restore some order. We are not doing school today as little prince has a headache, low grade fever, sore throat Please pray he feels better very soon:) So far little princess is feeling good so hopefully she wont be getting what I had last week I think this is where he got it. Ok off I go...if you dont here from me sooner or later send help I am under the coffee, pantry goods and misc items in the laundry room LOL....have a great day God Bless