Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Do you have a scheduled week?

Yesterday I accomplished much of what I set out to do! It was awesome. Homeschool actually got put mostly on hold however as Little Prince had been sick since last thursday it started out mild then hit hard over the weekend Sunday and Yesterday being the worst he was feeling better last night so hopefully we can get back on track today with schooling. I have our homeschool block time planned out and chores worked into the schedule so hopefully we can have another productive day around here. Today I have much to do in the kitchen it is Bread making day and I may post a video. I have to sit down and do a schedule for Wednesdays and Thursdays as these 2 days I leave the house for scheduled things so I need to revamp the schedule to fit these days. So nothing much exciting here when I get my schedules actually running smoothly for more than one day in a row lol, I will share them with you all as I know I love to see other mom's schedules...why is that?? I think we all enjoy seeing other moms days to glean ideas maybe I know thats why I enjoy it I like to see how others plan out their days and sometimes I have gleaned the best ideas from others. Thats what Titus 2 is all about right teaching other women from our examples:) I am far from being a mentor type I have a long way to go but I do hope that I can encourage other moms/wives along my journey to be the women God planned for them. Well I am off Have a blessed day and I will post my bread hopefully later today along with photos of the lapbooks I talked about last week:)

Do you have a schedule already in place? Post a link to your schedule page so I can share on here if you like:) God Bless

UPDATE: Little Prince just woke up and he is feeling just awful this morning still so we will have to see how today goes Thank the Lord he is not running a fever just all congested and feeling crummy. Light day again today for schooling probably he just cant focus on retention if he feels crummy. Please pray he will fully recover soon And the rest of us will not get what he has had.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a sick day is in order. Meanwhile, you can use this time to make bread, and do some organizing around the house.

I'm just coming out of being sick. I was able to homeschool the kids yesterday, but I broke out into a sweat doing it, LOL. I didn't exercise or do many chores yesterday, so I used that time to relax and work on my Home Management Binder instead.

Today we will homeschool, then I will finish working on my HMB, and by tomorrow I will be back on schedule.

Thankfully none of my kiddos are sick, so I think we can continue on.

For your sick one, you can do light homeschool, by just sitting down by him and reading him something educational and fun.

PS - I hope you do another video - I love your vidoes! :-)

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I worked all last week tweaking our week to fit them more into what I think GOD would like for them to be. Ethan was sick. So, I got a lot of that accomplished. I have a hard time scheduling because I have so many things I would liek to fit in the day. But I know God views things sometimes different. So, what I felt tugging at my heart the most was what I made the top priority of the day and everything fit around it. My schedule has been going quite well. What has helped me was to sit down and write when we were going to start and finish. Then our breaks and lunch. Then I had a better view of scheduling the homemaking projects and chores.