Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sickies Sickies Everywhere

Well, Little Prince is feeling better today still stuffed up but feeling better overall praise the Lord! However little princess is just beginning as of yesterday so I expect a few more days of mellow/house quarantine for us. Wonderful hubby is not doing so well either please pray for him, he is experiencing severe stomach pain when he eats I think it is an ulcer and so does he. We are treating him with prilosec right now and he is modifying his diet to help. He has gone through this before and since we dont have insurance right now he is adamant about not going to the doctor. For his health I would spare no expense I keep telling him however if he won't go I will just keep a close eye on his health and try to cook to help his stomach. He is lactose intolerant and this really makes it more so so I am working on cooking without irritants. However even his plain ham sandwiches upset it so this is proving difficult. Anyway off I go to get rolling for the day both kids are up now and it is time for breakfast and then hopefully today I get to baking, and get my pictures taken for a home tour too. Will update you all later on the sickies:) Thanks for praying for them. God Bless

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One Christian Mom said...

I am so sorry that the sickies haven't left your house yet! I pray that your husband's stomach troubles make a miraculous dissapearance. :) Sorry for my spelling, I am fighting for the keyboard with the baby! God Bless, and I pray a quick recovery for all.