Monday, December 28, 2009

The New House

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Welcome Come on in!

Here is the Living room~

My new Laundry Room

Welcome to the kitchen!

Hope you enjoyed the Glimpse of the new house, I will be posting more pics after we get moved in Some of the colors will change some we will keep for later, the kids will get new paint in their rooms and the really green wall in the kitchen is going to get toned down other than that we will save up and do later:)

Still Recovering

Hi all! We are still recovering from the creepy crud around here Little Princess is pretty sick still I am starting to feel a little better. Luckily hubby and little prince have not come down with it, Praise the Lord. Today we are going to rest and regroup. Maybe pack some things up a little but for the most part just rest and try to get back to 100% Wednesday we go to the new house to shampoo the carpets and scrub the cabinetry down (it is a bit gross right now) and then we are officially closing on the 5th so painting the kids rooms that afternoon and starting the moving the next day after that I think the official full move will occur that Weekend the 10th as that is my hubbys next day off for the week then finish cleanup over at this house and things that didnt get moved that day. We will need to be out of here by the 1st of Feb or before so it will be busy busy this month.

I am excited for so many reasons! One being the big move to the new house of course and another is we got the Wii for Christmas and the Wii fit system as I mentioned earlier but now that I have had 2 days on it I am so excited. It is just what the Physical therapists ordered for my back the balance board measures your center of balance and makes you really focus on your core muscles which are the weakest for me since my back surgery when they went in my stomach and my back so this is so cool. I am sore already and I have just been having fun! Winters are icy for months on end here so outside activities are hard for me because if I slip on the ice we have huge problems so working out outside is not much of an option here at the house. This will be great! I am joining in with Candy's on her weightloss goal however I have about 70 lbs to lose...a tad more than she has but it will be fun as a lot of the ladies on board have a similar amount to lose! We can do it ladies! Looking forward to a whole new year, a whole new house, a new way of doing things ( i am looking to be more back to basics, homesteading type, make do or do without type) and A much lighter me by the end of all of it...
Pics to come of the new homestead I promise,
God Bless have a wonderful day!