Monday, February 22, 2010


Well hello blog world..other than being a bit on the sleepy side with a minor headache I feel great today... We already got a good bit of our chores done both kids rooms are clean and vacuumed now I just have Laundry too do and the kitchen to clean. I weighed myself this morning and I am down another 2 pounds! woohoo I have lost 2.5 inches off my waistline already! I am pretty excited about this. This is the lightest I have been in at least a year and a half! More to go but getting there little by little! By the end of this year I hope to be at my goal if not sooner:) Well I am off I really am trying to limit my computer time so my posts may be short for a while... I have a bunch to do to get back on our schedules without extra things to do in between. It will be time to start gardening before I know it and I want to have everything on schedule before then:) See ya all later...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Status Shuffle on Facebook | Shuffle

Status Shuffle on Facebook | Shuffle: "Sometimes you have to let God turn your life upside down so you can learn to live right-side up"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Home Tour.... Enjoy

Wednesday Well ok... lol

Its the middle of the week, as you read from yesterday its kindof only my ok I have to quite that or I will feel like saturday is friday:0
So today I am going to finish what I didnt get to yesterday... I did get the floors scrubbed in the Kitchen and polish put on them...the linoleum is so old that I have to shine it or it doesnt look good so I polished them and they look really nice:) yeah! No baking got done yesterday my arms were too sore after scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees so I will just do the bread today, a big Roast is going in the crock pot this morning...have I mentioned I love my bigger crock pot! lol...
Then kitchen work and folding clothes...
I have more deep things in my head but no time to put them up here right now...stay tuned though I will be sharing some cool things and thoughts...well at least I think there cool...hope you do too I am still working on my schedule tweeking and changing and trying to get to where it works where I can stay on it weekly and not take a day to catch probably the beginning of the week I will put up a printed version of my new schedule or at least by mid week next week. I am going to be taking pics for the home tour this afternoon or first thing in the am so should have that posted today or tomorrow morning... Probably tonight my hold the post for am we shall see... Ok I have a ton to do so hope you all have a very blessed day and I will "see" ya later:)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Watchout messes here I come!

LOL...Today I have lots of cleaning to do and Kitchen work. We had a wonderful weekend well I know its Tuesday but our weekend was Sunday Monday as Hubby had those 2 days off! He normally only gets one day at a time Sundays and a day during the week so its a real treat to have him home for 2 days:) Sunday the kids and I went to church then when we got home we did clean up some played on the quads and then we made a wonderful dinner Steak, Shrimp, Salad and Homefries, then hubby and I listened to old music on the radio and snuggled it was really a great Valentines Day! No cost and we just really enjoyed eachother and were right here with the kiddos:) Monday we made a big breakfast and then we were off for shopping....I say shopping but we really did not buy anything. We were price shopping and comparing products the house we bought, the previous owners apparently had some pets that didnt use a litter box at all or very well.... Hubby is having allergy issues from all the pet Dander and I think that little prince is as well. Dander and pet deposits... So we are trying to find the most economical, frugal way to remedy this as we really dont have the funds to just replace it all but that is what needs to be done for health and smell. So we looked at laminate flooring, carpet, and other things but I think we are going to go with Laminate eventually we may just do the worst rooms right now and then more later but I think we agreed we are going to put it in all the rooms except our bedroom (the kids both want the Laminate flooring not carpet Lol) this way I can vacuum the edging and then use a drymop system we used to have this in one of our houses and hubby hardly had any trouble with the pet allergies even though we have inside cats. well we have cats now at the time we only had 1 inside now we have little princess' newest addition so we have 2 cats in the house. And with the dust from the wood stove it will be much easier to get it really clean. and much easier to move things around to clean behind them. Well anyway we did not purchase anything yesterday I told hubby now is the time that we pray for some option like a contractor having just enough at just the right price or something some option that is not the cost of the new stuff from the store. We found some great pricing but hubby and I are really trying not to touch the savings right now. This is not an emergency you this a necessity..I am not sure sort of kindof if you as me as the little prince and wonderful hubby would feel so much better without this carpet that is urine soaked under it and pet fur ridden so yes it does Need to be replaced but we will continue praying as to what our right option is and what we are to spend on it. We will know when we are Okay with the cost and option right now we both freaked at the thought of the cost even though it was way cheeper to do what we found then to put new carpet in but still we had that bad gut feeling so we will pray and wait until we feel its right. When hubby is ok with whatever we find and says he's buying that thats when I know its the right thing:) So for now I will vacuum vacuum vacuum and open windows on nice days:) We thought about just yanking the carpet and painting the subfloor for now which we may do in the little prince's room as his seems to have the worst pet deposits that no matter what I use dont get better last week I spent hours with vinegar and rubbing alcohol and shampooing with vinegar in the machine but still odors... I tried my borax on it an vacuum no luck I tried borax with the machine washing it behind it but nope still there so we will just have to see. I have researched this a bunch and things like pulling the carpet and replacing the pad are not really an option cause there is just too much it would be a waste there are too many spots the carpet just wont come clean so the padding would eventually stink from the carpet so it would be a waste of money. Hubby's thought is he knows money is tight but it doesnt make sense to bandaid it if the bandaid cant be used when we finish the job ya know. no throwing money away just on a for now fix... He hates to do things twice so he wants to find an economical way to do it right the first time ya know:) ok gotta get going on the big cleaning day and make bread today:) have a beautiful Monday/Tuesday LOL...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Simple Saturday

Well We did get a kitten on Wed! she is absolutely adorable she is actually more of a cat than kitten as she is 9months old but little princess just loves her and they have had so much fun playing together:) Little Princess' birthday was yesterday so we had a few friends over and it was nice to chat while the kids played then we had a cake I made and it was yummy but my tummy was so upset I couldnt indulge too much but did have a taste:) I am excited with my weight loss as the time I am really down! Partly due to the upset tummy I have experienced lately and I dont know if I did something to my back or if my kidney is giving my trouble(I only have one) so I am eating carefully and pushing the fluids to help my system heal and try and avoid going to the doctor. But if it doesnt get better I will go if I need to. Today we have just taken it easy I painted a few of the doors and trim that needed a new coat of paint now I just have 3 more doors to do:) Yay! I am also contemplating my new schedule that I am slowly developing here at the new house and going to make a few changes and put it in print in my Home Management Binder :) Then it is just discipline to use it daily and stick with it:) Well I am off to make some dinner and get ready for hubby to get home:) He will be off Sunday and Monday it will be so nice to have daddy home for 2 days in a row generally he has split days off so its a nice treat:) Tomorrow we are going to enjoy a nice home date making a nice dinner for all of us with Steak and Shrimp...its a real treat we have steak every now and then but with the shrimp is special occasions. I will probably make up a salad and then I may make a cheesecake for dessert but I am not sure yet as the Cream cheese seems to upset my stomach so maybe I will make some other dessert...we shall see but I may not blog again until Tuesday when Hubby is home I dont get on Computer very much. Take care all and "see" ya soon!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sorry I havent updated since my parents visit. I had a migrane all of Sunday to the point my wonderful hubby drove me to Church where I was prayed for by my friends and felt a bit better with just a lingering headache. Monday I had a small headache they are like residual headaches after a bad migrane. I almost didnt go to Church as I was feeling light sensitive had blurry vision and felt sick to my tummy however I was picking up a teen girl to take that morning and I had some things at the church I needed to do so I went ahead with hubbys help.
Monday we just did homeschool and laundry around here and played outside for a while the weather was warm so the the snow and Ice have been melting more and more each day I am hoping that it all melts off before we get anymore (if we get more) I am kindof hoping we dont but know we need it probably for summer water. Yesterday I reshampoo'd my son's room carpet and part of the living room. Something we have struggled with is previous cat urine in the carpeting. Having a cat ourselves (old male cat no less) we struggle with him finding the old urine that was not his and depositing more what is funny though is he wont go just on the carpet something has to be there for him to go on top of something I can wash, its like he thinks he wont get in trouble if I can wash it not true if he keeps it up out he will go! even with the 12 years we have had him hubby says he will be out if he keeps doing it. So yesterday I shampoo'd them with no shampoo- just water and lots of vinegar...yes vinegar so far it is working well I will post later as to weather it fixed the problem all the way. I pre-treated the spots that smelled the worst with straight vinegar and then used vinegar in the shampoo receptical of my machine, and some vinegar in the water too...lots of vinegar I know. I opened the windows while I shampoo'd and stoked the fire up nice and hot with the ceiling fan going didnt take long for the vinegar to disipate quite well from the house while we went outside and played :) well I am off today is shopping day as it is payday and we are going to look at kittens today( I know another cat) however little princess' kitten died in Sept and she has been so sad ever would think that she would forget and go on after so many months but at some point every week she gets teary and says "i miss ruby momma" and so for her birthday this is her one request...a new kitten so hopefully the new kitten will not deposit lots of new smells in the house LOL... ok gotta run and make my shopping list/menu for the next 2 weeks then get showered dressed and get some schoolwork done and off we go. Have a blessed day!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Friday

Yeah its Friday that means my parents will be here tomorrow to visit :) I have so much to do not much time today I have a meeting at church (I am on the administration team) do any of you suffer from Yesitis?? I do but its ok I love helping with Church things just seems sometimes everything happens at the same time... lol.. I have been sick all week with another cold seems that I cant get well and stay well but I am feeling better today sort of. I think that when I feel a little better I just jump back into my routine too soon so I never get all the way well maybe..just my theory hubby says I have been sick way to much lately so hopefully I can get all the way better soon:) Then its home to tackle todays to do list which is(things may spill into tomorrow but here is what I need to get done by tomorrow afternoon):
Clean Kitchen
Fold all clothes put away..Its almost all clean but didnt get folded Hate it when I fall behind on that but at least its all clean:)
Make bread
Work on finishing organizing all homeschool Area
Unpacking the few remaining boxes in Living room
Hang Pictures in Living room
Clean both Bathrooms
Put away things in my room and bathroom (things migrate dont they) I am sure of this LOL
Tidy Kids rooms tomorrow morning so they are ready for grandma and papa's visit:)
Plan meal for tomorrow night
Well that is most of the things and now I am off see ya all probably Monday and I will update you all on things more:) Take care! God Bless!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Found this Giveaway that will occur this Saturday! I have been wanting these video's and let me tell you what a blessing just one of them would be:) There are six ways to enter and you can enter all 6 ways! woohoo! I dont know about you but I am on it! :)

this and that:)

Hi all not much to post right now I am not feeling all that great have a touch of a cold and I think my monthly hormones are flairing up a bit LOL... so today we are unpacking some more and I am going to try and get the homeschool area all organized. We just did a 5th grade math assesment with my son online to see where we were at for what he understands and what we need to work more on and I have to say I am quite pleased for the middle of the 5th grade year he really has a good handle on things and the things we need to work on seem like the harder end of year things. I dont place a lot of weight on these but Oregon does require testing 3rd, 5th, 8th and 10th grade end of these years so I like to make sure we are on our way so to speak:) They test in Math and Language we will be working on that next. Right now for homeschool we have been a bit lax with the move relying on worksheets and online sites to get us through till we get back on our schedule plus since the curriculum we started with didnt work out then we have kind of found what works for that particular thing that needs to be learned. I am learning too that with homeshool one of the blessings is there is no exact right way or wrong way as long as we are moving forward.. I love homeschooling! No one ever thought I would be a homeschool stay at home mom and I absolutely Love that! God is so great and can change your life so tremendously if we will but let HIM! well I am off take are all and keep growing!