Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Its Snowing!

Ahhh.... Woke up to white ground this morning...I was really enjoying our spring like weather and since it is March was thinking Spring may have arrived however today it is snowing. Do we have a lot, No but still things are white with a skiff of new snow. My instant reaction was to be frustrated that its snowing however I am going to try and really enjoy its beauty and Thank the Lord for the provision of water for summer... Good plan I think yes good plan. I talk to myself if you havent notice either outloud or hear LOL. Today we have the basics on the plate as well as Awana's this evening. Tomorrow is Little Princess' trip to the specialist please continue in prayer that all we shall find was a minor infection that is clearing. Thank you for your prayers! Have a most awesome blessed day whether its snowing, raining or sunny in your neck of the woods:)