Monday, October 5, 2009

Catch-up Monday! What are our priorities???

Here is what we woke to yesterday morning:) what fun in the Snow a wonderful Lords Day!

Hi everyone:)
I hope Monday finds you all well and living to your fullest God given potential. Sometimes we fail to really miss what God has for us daily and his plan don't we? I know I do I get so busy with the daily stuff that God's will for me tends to escape my day and then it is bed time and I have done nothing to his Glory. This morning I sat down and made a list of things I need to do today as the weekend unraveled the house and thing. Tell me if you see what is missing in my list? I put things in order of how I would like to accomplish them to keep myself on track.

1. Get Dressed-Start Laundry
2. Unload Dishwasher
3. Load Dishwasher
4. Hand wash pans and pots
5. clean off counters-switch laundry loads
6. clean main bathroom
7. clean my bathroom
8. fold couch blankets
9. fold all laundry and put away
10. wash little princess sheets-remake bed
11. put flannel sheets on our bed
12. sweep kitchen
13. mop kitchen
14. vacuum

I know this seems like a long list but I really want to get house pretty for hubby's return...but i noticed I left some things out... first I need to involve the kids and we can have fun .....i was thinking this morning I wil do it much faster by myself but then they wont have pride in cleaning their bath and stuff then maybe they wont keep it as clean? Also I dont have anytime in here to just be a mom with the kids... I think I will add our read aloud time and some bible related things in here to be growing my kids for God...I tend to leave that part out sometimes and have to remember that My life is for God not for Me or even for My Hubby,, God has to come first in everything, if we are neglecting God then we are neglecting things we need to be able to be the Mom and Wife that God wants us to be...
These were just my thoughts after I re-read my list and a couple of my blogs from friends that I follow:)

So my new list goes like this
1. dress-start laundry Already done
2. Dishes out and back in DONE
3.Read aloud with the Kids- Little Prince has already finished all his homeschool assignments for today and would like to study we will read then find some websites to help him with this
4. have kids clean up their bathroom and have little princess wipe counters and sink, little prince can clean the toilet I will handle the tub and floors
5. I will clean my bathroom
6 Bible study with kids- Work on thier Awana things for this week and listen to Audio bible during lunch
7. have kiddos fold blankets
8. have little prince help fold clothes give little princess socks to match up and work as a team:)
9. wash little princess sheets have her help me make her bed
10. change my sheets to flannel....this is all me:)
11. sweep kitchen little princess can use her broom little prince can vacuum baseboards while i do major sweeping
12. mop kitchen and baths with little princess she just loves moping she has her own little mop I dip and squeeze for her then she goes to work:) It is so cute!
13. vacuum Little prince enjoyes this so I will do edge work he can do centers
14. Sit and play a game with the kids I just got a motion game for kids at target and have not yet played it with them so today is the day.
This list seems more in line with what I want to be doing which is raising my kids to thier fullest potential...

Be Blessed and Make today a Glory Day for the Lord:)


Anonymous said...

Good for you. Monday sure are a big catch up day here. I strive all weekend to prevent it but it still happens and then I am burnt because I worked all weekend long. Thanks for sharing.

One Christian Mom said...

Awesome, Tiff! I think we can all learn a lesson from this. How many days do we run ourselves ragged doing things for everyone, forgetting to involve everyone?! I bet your kids had a good time doing it, too :) I didn't have too much catch-up to do today, just laundry. I actually kept the kitchen clean yesterday!!!
How do you/your kids like awanis? (SP?) I want to get my daughter involved in something, and it sounds really good.