Friday, August 7, 2009

Today in my world

Hi all,

Today I still am lacking in energy however I have increased my vitamins and supplements as well as the good part was that I have woken up the last 2 days when I needed to on my own to get Hubby's lunch packed and coffee made. Today I did manage to go through a corner of my room that has gotten a bit out of hand due to me neglecting it:( but thats ok its better now, I am making fried chicken mashed potatoes and grave with corn/greenbeen mix for dinner, smells so good I cant wait for dinner:) I havent made fried chicken in almost a year it isnt something I do often as it is not all that healthy but sure is yummy:) I am making yogurt for the first time and cant wait to try it tomorrow going to blend some stawberry and banana to put in some for smoothies :) well gotta flip chicken take care till next time:)