Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday here at home

Well for today we are just going to focus on cleaning up the house, getting all the laundry done, folded and put away this has gotten away from me a bit but not bad then also I want to get the fridge cleaned out finally and washed. Also clean the kitchen counters off and organize the papers that have accumulated there, its funny my hubby says they need to make the tops of fridges and counters domed so things slide off instead of getting set there LOL.... He was saying this while admitting that is one of the things he does them most is come home from work and set everything on the counter then walk away too funny...Usually I go through it daily and re-organize however I have not the last 2 days and boy can I tell! So get reorganized around here and when that is done I will sit down to do some more homeschool plans for the next year I plan on starting the next season on Monday the 24 next week is Little prince's 10th birthday so I decided not to start next week like I had thought we would that way he can enjoy his birthday week:) Well I am off take care all and have a blessed day!

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