Friday, December 4, 2009

Finally Friday

Well I am am excited it is Friday it means I made it through the week and our good news or not good news should come on Monday afternoon. We too are hoping to have a home of our own soon but whatever God has for us will be and I am just anticipating what that is with much excitement. If this one is not the one then maybe the next we look at we shall see and I will keep you informed:) We have owned several houses in the last 10 years only when hubby lost his job due to his permanent disability Which thank the Lord is not 100% disabled but he was unable to do all the job duties so they let him go after his family medical leave timed out then he went to work doing something he used to do and we are now back on our feet. But during that tranistion time of the last year and half we rented we have this beautiful home we are "borrowing" and our owners and landlord are awesome but I am really looking forward to picking my own colors of things and decorating the kids room sometime in the future...hopefully the first part of 2010. Stay tuned for more on that later and please pray with me that Whatever the Lord has for us will be shown to us :)

So today is Friday we are going to finish up our homeschool lessons for the day then do some house keeping and probably some art this afternoon. Actually the kids are nicely and quietly! Coloring as I type...I love that they enjoy art so much that they turn to it in boredom...

This whole week I have again been fighting illness...just basic run of the mill cold but please pray that this will exit as I would love to feel 100% by Sunday to enjoy worship and the day with my wonderful hubby.

Off I go to get rolling today is a late start for me My body must have needed sleep as I slept till 8am which I only do if I am exhausted or sick usually my body wakes up at 5:30-6:00 am my mind now that is another story LOL...
Have a blessed day!

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Anonymous said...

I hope you have good news. Have a great weekend.