Friday, September 25, 2009

Errand Day

Today is Errand Day for us we have to go to town...30 min from here to do some shopping in the bigger town ours is not very big and groceries are quite spendy here. I do 99% of my grocery shopping in the bigger town as I can go to a United Grocer Restaraunt outlet thats open to the public and I save much more even over going to Costco. The meat you saw in my previous video that I was slicing all came from there. Today's run is pretty basic not a lot of meat unless they have an amazing sale like last time that Pork was only .99 a pound I couldnt pass that up for a big Pork Butt! It was awesome. Then I have to get supplies for our Church's Luau this Sunday and get prizes or the games section of it. It is going to be so fun. We are inviting anyone everyone we can to this free event and I am praying for people who just really need to be encouraged to take the first step to Jesus to attend. I just know God is going to use this event even if it is for just 1 lost soul It will be so worth it! Well that's all for today I was discussing in my comments how my bread fell during the rising because I let it rise too long I had an unexpected trip away from home that could not wait till my bread was done and when I got home it was so late I knew I just had to bake it the way it was the good news is its still good bread it is just much shorter than normal lol. well I will be trying that again probably Monday and I am going to try to do a video of it. I make a wheat/white combo yeast bread with oatmeal in it that my family just really loves. Talk to you all soon have a great weekend if I dont get a chance to post before monday as tomorrow will be consumed with setup for the Luau. If I get a min I will drop in. Till then..... God Bless

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Praying for your Luau. Have a good weekend.