Thursday, August 27, 2009

Plans change but thats ok I can roll with it With the Lords help!

Hi there,
this week we actually have been having a kind of revival at my church the members that are in regular attendance have been coming together for deep prayer and worship and man the lives that have been changed this week! Mine is one of them I have never felt the overwhelming Joy and Peace that I have had the last 2 days. I thought I had Joy and Peace but I was sorely mistaken! It is awesome to see God at work in my life and the lives of my church family. We are on a radical mission to strenghten us to share the love of Jesus with others through being completely spirit filled ourselves!

Anyway with all that has been involved we havent gotten home till almost 10 the kids and I have been a bit tired so I decided to delay schools official start until after labor day We will be camping the kids and I this week until the 7th! Wish me luck lol... We will be hunting and enjoying the nature. Hubby will be joining us on the evening of his day off the rest of the time it may just be me and the kids we shall see he said he may camp he may stay at home when he has to work the next day we will play it by ear. We actually arent going to be far from our house so I will run home if needed throughout the time to water the lawn and the horse and hubby will feed for me on his way to work and home to shower after work before coming to camp for dinner. Should be a fun and blessed week We will also come to church directly from camp....luckily I have a bathtub in my camper so we can take a spongebath periodically. Anyway today is filled with getting the camper loaded I cleaned it yesterday and then I am going to be spending a good deal of time precooking things today so we just have to warm them on the stove while out there and not use the oven in the trailer much it tends to burn things:) While in camp we will be reading a good deal from a book we are going through some poetry I brought home from the library as well as a bit more in depth bible study just the kids the woods and sounds like a good title for my post when I get home (the kids the woods and me) Anyway I have let my fingers run now its time to get to work. Have a wonderfully blessed day filled with Joy! Accept no alternative for God Has Great Joy for each of us if we will just believe and stand firm! Take care "see you soon"

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