Thursday, May 13, 2010

I have not fallen from the Earth (I promise)

LOL...hi all just a quick post letting you know I will be returning to more regular posts in a week or so I by not paying close enough attention to detail LOL signed my kids up for 2 activities while one was still finishing (ya know I probably wouldnt change a thing though we dont do this often so it is a small sacrifice for a short term and the kids are having a blast) so this is the last Day for little princess' ballet and then this week is their first soccer games and we had a homeschool swim lesson session that runs daily for 2 weeks. Thank goodness for crock pots lol. And last night I was very blessed as a friend had made dinner for the church's youth group and there were leftovers which she had me pick up for our dinner! Yay! I am very excited for June to get here! We are going to take our first real family vacation in 3 years (I say real as it is not camping for hunting season lol) and we are going to go tent camping with some dear friends! I cant wait. We will be having fun in the water, catfishing, and just enjoying eachothers company. Our kids are very similar in age and the best of friends. The whole family is very excited! Well I better run gotta get rolling for the busyness begins now!