Wednesday, August 18, 2010

11 Years ago Today

11 years ago today my first born wonderful beautiful awesome little Prince entered the world! Today we celebrate his birthday with a cake, icecream a couple friends and Sprinklers under the trampoline :) Going to be a most wonderful day! I will write more soon from my previous post I had planned on getting a ton of things done last week while the kiddos were gone however I ended up staying with my parents also as Little Princess' anxieties kept me with her last week at my parents house. She needed me and so did my mom. It was wonderful to hang out and just chat with my mom I havent had much of a chance to do that in the last couple years life has been crazy for both of us. They built their dream barn last year and they are working on their house that is being built this summer and into next summer should be finished by sept of next year and my mom is really looking forward to that. It was a wonderful week but I now am a bit behind around here. I still need to finish the painting in the living room and get the finalization on the homeschool plans written up by the end of next week. Some dear friends are getting Married this weekend and Little princess is one of the flower girls so this week is wedding details after the birthday details :) busy busy never a dull moment at the end of summer is there lol! have a blessed day all I am off to finish the cake making and get the house ready. Blessings to you all!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

crafty things

Yesterday we did some cool crafts to give the grandmas and grandpas (my parents live with my maternal grandparents) when the kids go to stay. We made pencil holders out of green been cans covered in fabric with Decoupouge? glue then we added magazine cut out pictures to each one that were things that grandparent likes or things they do covered it all with more decoupouge glue and let them dry. Also the kids made some foam crafts with the foam stickers for each one. It was a fun day! Today is finishing getting the kids ready and then we are heading to the museum for the day. They have history reenactments from homesteading to an old sawmil as well as some other neat displays. Should be a great day then my kids are off for the week! I will miss them. I will be away from the computer till Tuesday as hubby and I will be busy busy. Take care all and have a blessed weekend!

PS...Tuesday I will post some pictures of things :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fabulous friday

Hi all! Hope you are well... Today we are just going to keep things plugging along here. My wonderful husband revamped a room in the shop to make my crafting room! Yay so now all my fabric and craft drawers that were taking up ALOT of space in our bedroom can be moved out to the shop as well as this means when I get time to work on a project I can for a few min and not have to drag stuff out and put it all back out of the way! Yay I may actually get the gift scrapbooks worked on for xmas presents this year! woohoo! also going to work on another dress for myself and little princess soon. This coming week I will be kidless :( as they are going to grandma and papa's for a week. while I will miss them I have a few projects that I am going to tackle while I dont have to get distracted during. Going to finish painting the main living room ( I painted when we moved in Jan however the paint was not brown enough it turned out rather grey) I had purchased 5 gallons at home depot of what normally cost $100 but it was mixed wrong color or something not sure it was off white which was great and it only cost $15!!! so i did that and bought a quart of chocolate brown thinking that would make it the right milk chocolate color...well it turned purpley gray lol! so I have bought an inexpensive gallon of dark coppery brown and it came out a beautiful tan! I will post pictures when I am finished luckily we had only done one coat whne we moved so we still had most of the bucket left! Also going to finish my homeschool planning and post on our choices for the year :) Going to get the homeschool supply area all organized and gone through since I wont have kiddos saying "mom can I play with that" as I go through things makes it hard to organize when things keep getting moved around by others doesnt it lol... ok off I go today is just keep on top of things and get ready to drop kids off. Tomorrow we are going to spend the day at the local Museum with one of our cousins that will be fun! ok have a blessed day all!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I did it! yesterday even with intense pain in my back and all the way down my leg I got all the laundry folded! I had several loads that had backed up for a while now (clean but not folded) and a couple new loads washed yesterday. I was not feeling good due to pain so I was down most the day but instead of doing nothing while I sat here (as I normally would have done when I hurt this bad) I folded slowly and carefully taking breaks as I needed and got it all done by the end of the day. I cleaned up the kitchen before the day began and the house is starting to look normal again. today Hubby is off work so we will work together on a few things (he is awesome about helping when my pain flares up like this knowing I will do more when it subsides) and then we will enjoy some kind of fun with the kids maybe go to the lake and swim or something. Here's hoping you all have an awesome day! I am babystepping my way to a clean organized house! Yay! Next week the kids will be at their grandparents for the week so I am going to get the homeschool planning finalized and the corner organized as well as finish a couple household projects that never get finished it seems. Praying the pain will subside by then and I can tackle lots. God Bless all...tata...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Not much going on today

Hi all! Pretty quiet day around here... just yard work and housework catching up with things from the weekend. I have been struggling lately with a lot of pain which has not helped with the housework at all but hopefully it will calm down very soon. Been also struggling with a lot of spiritual struggles lately not sure why but just felt really blah about things. Could be all the pain and the fact that I was not taking care of my daily feeding with my bible study. Today I read the entire book of Hebrews and it really gave me a jump start. Praying that this helps my energy and drive a bit and going to focus in on the Lord more as I struggle through this spiritual canyon and make it to the other side. Thank you for praying for me if you will as We are all sisters who need eachother Right?!! Have a blessed day all,