Friday, July 24, 2009

Yeah one more day!

Tomorrow the kiddo's come home and I have to say I cant wait to pick them up I miss them so much but hubby took me out to dinner last night and we shot some pool:) something we cant do with the kids or the budget usually hehe...that was nice. Today I am going to work with hubby it is his day off from his full time job and he will be working on clearing a lot for a gentleman, Teamwork:) should be good and sore by tonight lol. I got a lot done yesterday some I forgot to put on my list but should have been, yesterday I started the day by going to town and getting the things I needed, when I got home I changed into work clothes, cleaned the horse pen drug it so it was softer dirt then watered it down for her scrubbed out her water tank and watered her, then off to the dog kennel cleaned and put in fresh sawdust. Then I reseeded the lawn we planted this spring as a big storm washed half my seed away to places that it wasnt ment to be. Then I came in it was hot and I was a bit sore so then I folded the clothes and we decided to eat out so I got ready to go. Off I go have a blessed day oh by the way you should have seen the stars last night they were so awesome and bright here it is nice to not have lots of lights drowning them out. i thanked God for his awesomeness and went to bed smiling.
Bye for now:)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Week without the Kiddo's

Hi all,
this week my kids are with Grandma and Grandpa in Eastern Oregon and man do I MISS THEM!! I feel awfully lonely all day without those two here:) I thought I would accomplish so much this week but unfortunately have not felt quite energized. I have big plans for today though...we shall see how many come into fruition lol! I am going to update my to do list and see how many I can mark as done by the end of the day:) Blessings to all of you have a wonderful Thursday!

Monday, July 13, 2009

So much to do after such a good weekend Enjoyed a sermon yesterday from a gentleman who is pastor of another Church as ours took a vacation:) His Father who is now 92 happened to be a friend of my Dad when I was young they Team-Roped together:) I used to ride my dad's horse next to him at the ropings and he was like a granddad to all the kids around there! He is well which is wonderful and his son is a very strong Man of God which was so awesome! His words were good and timely he prayed for my Beloved for his salvation and I just know that soon he will repent and ask Jesus into his heart I will continue to pray for this he is melting I see it in so many things we do. Then we went and fellowshipped with my small group at a potluck and played some games and had a great time. My Beloved doesnt currently attend church on a regular basis with me nor does he regularly attend my small neighborhood group gatherings so having him there was such a joy and blessing. Now for today I have much laundry to do, homeschool lessons to do and bread to make:) Thank the Lord the cold that had been plaguing me is leaving and I am feeling better. I had been praying to have the Lord fill me with energy as I had been so sick last week well this morning the prayer was answered as I was able to get up and to the things that bless my husband in the mornings helping him get ready for his work day and now to bless him with the things that he can come home to a pleasant atmosphere that he can rest in. Off I go have a blessed day sisters:)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Its been a while

I cant believe how long it has been since my last post. Things have been so busy around here. Then last Sunday I came down with a cold and can't seem to shake it I have a severe headache and am struggling to make it through the days right now. So for today this is all I have, I am planning some posts for the future going to do a kitchen post and a sewing post maybe we shall see. Off I go pray for strength and relief from the pain in my head:) thank you,
God bless