Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snowy Saturday

Well its been a rough few weeks around here since our best friend(doggy) past away but we are getting back to normal. I went threw a bit of depression recently however I figured out I had accidentally been forgetting my medication for the fibro which has an effect on my emotions as it is also an anti-depressant. Now that we are back on track with that it is better however I am having a very difficult time with the holiday season this year. I don't really know why I just am. Normally this is my favorite time of year and we have plenty of snow for a white christmas(more than enough actually!) We currently have almost 2 feet I think. we received another 6 inches so far overnight up to now and it is still coming down hard giving us currently about 2 feet. I will have to go measure for sure soon :) The kids enjoy knowing exactly how much we have lol. I think I may put some lights on our porch today so that may help my spirits. Also today I am going to put up some curtain holders (the light duty white ones) they were inexpensive and a way to put up some curtains without thumb tacks that we have been using currently lol. I would love pretty wood curtain rods however those can be fairly spendy even if you do thrifty and use closet rods we will upgrade to those slowly later for now I am going to spray paint these metal ones with a copper hammered look spray paint and call it good :) actually for today I am going to just put them up to hold in the heat I will worry about painting them later:) Then the rest of the day will be spent working on laundry and the kitchen. Both have been neglected due to illness of myself and both the kids this whole week. I am finally feeling a little better still coughing but better. The kids are finally feeling better too Praise God. Well I better get with it. I am also going to be working on the home management binder soon and getting things back in order spiritually and in the home. Things are going to be scaled back that are done out of the home and focusing in on Christ and our Relationship with Him who can carry us when we are struggling if we will but turn to Him for help. Blessings to all of you at this time of year and praying you have a wonderful CHRISTmas...
In Him,

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Its looking a lot like christmas

Wow we have a lot of snow here. 15 inches and more coming! It has been cold cold but with a nice warm fire going in the house it has been so nice. It makes me sad though since so many are without heat or houses. I try to do what we can but we cant save everyone all by ourselves. I am a sappy type who would love to just gather everyone up and bring them home with me to be warm and safe but that just wont work out for me so I pray. I pray for direction on how God would use me to help people and I pray for their saftey and health in these winter months. The children and I will be going down to the local soup kitchen in the coming weeks to volunteer and donate childrens clothing and some can goods. Oddly enough this was not what I planned to post but what God placed on my heart today so there you go lol.
Today we are going to go down to the Christmas Bazaar in town and then the lighted parade is tonight then My children are going to some dear friends house to spend the night with their best friends while hubby and I have a date night! yay it has been a long time. spring I believe. so excited! We are going to grab some burgers in town then come home to snuggle and watch a movie. Sounds exciting doesnt it lol.. well for me it is:) Anyway I hope you all have a great Saturday. I know times are tight for all of us but lets think of some way we can help those in need is the season of giving. God will bless us for our efforts even if it is just praying for those in need if that is all you can do. Most times this is all I can do there is nothing to small in God's eyes when you are wholeheartedly trying to help those around you. Blessings all...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sad Saturday

Today we are feeling very sad here. We had to put our oldest man's best friend down last night he was in to much pain. Today we Remember the life of our dear friend
God Bless you Whiskey Dog

1997-2010 You will be greatly missed

Friday, November 19, 2010

Tired but so Thankful

Today I am exhausted and extremely sore. However through that I am oh so thankful..why you ask because yesterday I determined through my extreme pain to go ahead and work on a log pile we needed to get put inside before it was buried in the snow this weekend and my husband has had to work his days off so will only have Sunday off this week. Why does that make me thankful? Well you see I mentioned my goal on to my friends on my social page and one of my Church members sent her wonderful husband over here to help me with the big logs and stacking which was such a huge blessing then to top it all off she came by with Potato soup for dinner as she thought I would be too sore after all the logging :) She was oh so right and we are so so blessed to have such a wonderful "family". We were also able to bless some dear friends with wood as well and it feels great that even though I am hurting physically and may not contribute to the church in some of the more physical opportunities right now that are available I am still able to help others! So I guess my point of this post is to encourage that we lean on God and our friends when we do need it (instead of hibernating and not asking for help like I know we all try sometimes or at least I sure do) and look for ways to give cheerfully no matter what we ourselves are dealing with because It helps the physical pain so much more then I could have imagined to 1. know I am not alone (even though the enemy tries to make me feel that way sometimes) and 2. be happy that I was able to help someone who needed it even though I myself hurt so much! Joy helps pain but I know how hard that is in the midst of deep pain I am there and I have been there so stay strong my friends that are struggling, persevere and ye shall be blessed! Have a great day I am off to clean the house and get ready for a friend to come play with my son while the mom and I chat then tomorrow more kids coming to play with our kids and spend the night then Church on Sunday and small group time sunday night really looking forward to that we have missed 2 weeks trying to get the logs put up before winter really hits. Now its done! Yay it feels so good! Hopefully that will help my hubby feel a bit more relaxed this weekend too he is so tired! He works at a tire store and when the snow hits they work 11-12 hours a day and work their mid week day off. We love the extra $ it brings in and that is such a blessing but it sure takes alot out of him physically so I am just praying for strenght and endurance for him and a restful day sunday with our Church family to rejuvinate his body.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hello World!!

Hi everyone so sorry I have not been better about posting!~ I have been struggling with the pain and headaches and trying to keep up around here. We are hoping to get the pain under control and that the headaches will go with it. Just trying to keep our head above water around here. I will try and do better about posting more meaningful posts very soon! In the mean time I covet your prayers for health restoration or just God's overwhelming presence in the pain. I know he is using it for his Glory and I just have to hang on and Pray.
Growing in Him

Friday, October 22, 2010

A book Review

Hi all I am trying to catch up on everything and one of those things is a book review for a Devotional with my 11 year old son that we are absolutely loving~!

This has been a great conversation starter for my son and myself. My son Was BAPTIZED On Sunday!! It has been an awesome month watching God work in my family I am so very blessed! Every Morning we get started with this Devotional and the stories in it are fun and interactive to get him really thinking of how to apply God's word directly into life, which at this age is a big thing I think. I know the reviews I have done recently are mostly good but this one is AWESOME!! I LOVE doing this with my son each day it is drawing us closer to eachother and to God. Even though it is designed for kids I am getting a lot out of it to and the conversations with my son are a huge plus! I hope that anyone with pre-teen to teen children will look into this one if you are searching for something that can really get into conversations with your kids while applying God's word to their life. Most devotionals are kind of read and think type this one gets you really talking! Enjoy!

Please Note:To comply with regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book or ARC to Review and keep no other compensation has been made.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend update on a little of everything

So excited tonight we go see the band Elliott play as well as listen to motivational speaker Nick Vujicic from "Life without Limbs" Should be a wonderful night. Today has been extremely difficult for me emotionally. I dont know why for sure thinking it is a hormonal swing... uuggg we women have to deal with things that guys have no idea about dont we LOL... anyway Have a blessed weekend everyone. I will be working at posting our homeschool schedule next week. Things have been tough lately my health has not been good but I am praying that things look up soon. We ended up not doing much official book school the last 2 weeks as I was really ill. But luckily for Christmas my son got a bunch of learning games for the computer that have all subjects included. So he has worked on those and the mathletics website and little princess has worked on as well as her kindergarten games. Looking very much forward to getting back on routine around here with a healthy mommy. Please keep my health in prayer if you would as I could really use it. I am now on blood pressure medication along with my fibro meds and I dont like being on so many. I am working at getting healthy weight wise and hope/pray that my weight reduction will help the blood pressure so I can get off that med. Take care all.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Essentials For Life by Marcia Ford (a book review for booksneeze)

Follow the link below to get your own copy of this great little book!
Essentials for Life: Your Back-to-Basics Guide to What Matters Most

I love books it just seems I have not had as much reading time in the summer months.

I recieved a free copy of the book reviewed here in compensation for my review that is all that has been provided from the publisher.

Essentials for Life by Marcia Ford

I really enjoyed this book. It is not a novel type which is nice for short bouts of reading time. Its like a little instruction guide when your getting off kilter with your bible study or in your daily walk. When you are in need of Inspiration on digging into scriptures deeper or getting Closer to God it is a great resource. I found the brief 2 page inspirations and instructions to be a great way to dig deeper into my daily bible study. This book would be especially helpful for new believers and those returning to Christ to boost thier walk with the Lord and get them jumpstarted with some great short reminders and instruction. Overall I really like the book and will keep it on my bible study shelf to reference back to when I need to.

To my regular readers I will return soon with more regular postings... we have had some illnesses here and a sick piggy is taking extra time right now. School begins offically ( I know I already said that however the last 2 weeks we have done light schoolwork) Heavy scheduling has been completed and we are ready to hit it hard this coming week. Will post some more soon on all that. Have a blessed Lords Day everyone

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

11 Years ago Today

11 years ago today my first born wonderful beautiful awesome little Prince entered the world! Today we celebrate his birthday with a cake, icecream a couple friends and Sprinklers under the trampoline :) Going to be a most wonderful day! I will write more soon from my previous post I had planned on getting a ton of things done last week while the kiddos were gone however I ended up staying with my parents also as Little Princess' anxieties kept me with her last week at my parents house. She needed me and so did my mom. It was wonderful to hang out and just chat with my mom I havent had much of a chance to do that in the last couple years life has been crazy for both of us. They built their dream barn last year and they are working on their house that is being built this summer and into next summer should be finished by sept of next year and my mom is really looking forward to that. It was a wonderful week but I now am a bit behind around here. I still need to finish the painting in the living room and get the finalization on the homeschool plans written up by the end of next week. Some dear friends are getting Married this weekend and Little princess is one of the flower girls so this week is wedding details after the birthday details :) busy busy never a dull moment at the end of summer is there lol! have a blessed day all I am off to finish the cake making and get the house ready. Blessings to you all!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

crafty things

Yesterday we did some cool crafts to give the grandmas and grandpas (my parents live with my maternal grandparents) when the kids go to stay. We made pencil holders out of green been cans covered in fabric with Decoupouge? glue then we added magazine cut out pictures to each one that were things that grandparent likes or things they do covered it all with more decoupouge glue and let them dry. Also the kids made some foam crafts with the foam stickers for each one. It was a fun day! Today is finishing getting the kids ready and then we are heading to the museum for the day. They have history reenactments from homesteading to an old sawmil as well as some other neat displays. Should be a great day then my kids are off for the week! I will miss them. I will be away from the computer till Tuesday as hubby and I will be busy busy. Take care all and have a blessed weekend!

PS...Tuesday I will post some pictures of things :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fabulous friday

Hi all! Hope you are well... Today we are just going to keep things plugging along here. My wonderful husband revamped a room in the shop to make my crafting room! Yay so now all my fabric and craft drawers that were taking up ALOT of space in our bedroom can be moved out to the shop as well as this means when I get time to work on a project I can for a few min and not have to drag stuff out and put it all back out of the way! Yay I may actually get the gift scrapbooks worked on for xmas presents this year! woohoo! also going to work on another dress for myself and little princess soon. This coming week I will be kidless :( as they are going to grandma and papa's for a week. while I will miss them I have a few projects that I am going to tackle while I dont have to get distracted during. Going to finish painting the main living room ( I painted when we moved in Jan however the paint was not brown enough it turned out rather grey) I had purchased 5 gallons at home depot of what normally cost $100 but it was mixed wrong color or something not sure it was off white which was great and it only cost $15!!! so i did that and bought a quart of chocolate brown thinking that would make it the right milk chocolate color...well it turned purpley gray lol! so I have bought an inexpensive gallon of dark coppery brown and it came out a beautiful tan! I will post pictures when I am finished luckily we had only done one coat whne we moved so we still had most of the bucket left! Also going to finish my homeschool planning and post on our choices for the year :) Going to get the homeschool supply area all organized and gone through since I wont have kiddos saying "mom can I play with that" as I go through things makes it hard to organize when things keep getting moved around by others doesnt it lol... ok off I go today is just keep on top of things and get ready to drop kids off. Tomorrow we are going to spend the day at the local Museum with one of our cousins that will be fun! ok have a blessed day all!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I did it! yesterday even with intense pain in my back and all the way down my leg I got all the laundry folded! I had several loads that had backed up for a while now (clean but not folded) and a couple new loads washed yesterday. I was not feeling good due to pain so I was down most the day but instead of doing nothing while I sat here (as I normally would have done when I hurt this bad) I folded slowly and carefully taking breaks as I needed and got it all done by the end of the day. I cleaned up the kitchen before the day began and the house is starting to look normal again. today Hubby is off work so we will work together on a few things (he is awesome about helping when my pain flares up like this knowing I will do more when it subsides) and then we will enjoy some kind of fun with the kids maybe go to the lake and swim or something. Here's hoping you all have an awesome day! I am babystepping my way to a clean organized house! Yay! Next week the kids will be at their grandparents for the week so I am going to get the homeschool planning finalized and the corner organized as well as finish a couple household projects that never get finished it seems. Praying the pain will subside by then and I can tackle lots. God Bless all...tata...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Not much going on today

Hi all! Pretty quiet day around here... just yard work and housework catching up with things from the weekend. I have been struggling lately with a lot of pain which has not helped with the housework at all but hopefully it will calm down very soon. Been also struggling with a lot of spiritual struggles lately not sure why but just felt really blah about things. Could be all the pain and the fact that I was not taking care of my daily feeding with my bible study. Today I read the entire book of Hebrews and it really gave me a jump start. Praying that this helps my energy and drive a bit and going to focus in on the Lord more as I struggle through this spiritual canyon and make it to the other side. Thank you for praying for me if you will as We are all sisters who need eachother Right?!! Have a blessed day all,

Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday already?? where did the week go lol...

I cant believe it is Friday already... This week I havent gotten a ton done but i did get on top of some things. The kitchen got a good cleaning my bathroom got organized and we made some cookies...all and all a good week lol. Today We are going to get the laundry all folded (i have been procrastinating on this! that is the one thing I struggle with I feel so good when it is all done and put away yet I let it pile up. It is all clean but not put away when will I learn lol.) I also need to reoganize my side of the closet but may do that tomorrow. Thinking we may go play in the water later today at the lake but not 100% sure we may just play in the sprinklers :) Well I am off to get going on the day...suppose I should eat somethin! Have a blessed day all

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Monday...

Well the weekend was wonderful with hubby having both days off we enjoyed it immensely... Today is errand day for me and that means I will be out and about in the heat of the day blah.... oh well when we get home and get groceries put away maybe we will kick on the ac in the house and do some cleaning or we may head to the water for a playtime we shall see. I dont generally use the AC unless it really heats up in here usually if I open the house in the early am like at 5am then close it by 8am then it stays nice however last night we didnt cool much soo we may need it later it is nice to have for the occasional day that it is super hot. anyway enough rambling need to go get in the shower and get ready for the day. Going to clean the kitchen while the kiddos are still sleeping then get some homeschool books ordered and get ready to leave. I am actually looking forward to getting homeschool going again soon but the kids have different thoughts lol.... they are enjoying our break thouroughly. I am considering taking them camping soon on my own except for hubby coming in the evening I havent decided yet... thinking relaxing for a short time by a river close enough to home to feed the animals sounds nice. Anyway off I go take care all have a great day.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hello world

Hi all, its been a very long time...Sorry about that. Between business of kids activities at the end of the school term in June then I was very ill and then the Fibro was really acting up and I just had not an ounce of energy left to do much with writing wise. Part of me was not sure if I would blog again for a while however I have checked in on all of you so even though I wasnt writing I was stopping in on all of your blogs :) I was up early this morning so finally had some energy and time to drop in on here. So much is going on around here between the garden, we currently have 3 pigs we are feeding and last month little princess had a big accident, she was attacked by a dog and ended up in the ER with 8 stitches to her buttock groin area. It was very scary/tramatic and she is still dealing with dog fear every morning just to go outside our own home. This didnt happen here and it was not one of our dogs however just going outside with our pooches gives her fear daily it has been a rough month. However I am on a new med for the Fibro and it is helping with energy and overall mood too so that is a bonus. I have been on it before but it was with a mix of tons of other meds and I didnt do well now it is just one med I am dealing with and trying to exercise and eat right to get a handle on this once and for all.
This weekend we are going to enjoy a river float, church on sunday and then a barbeque with my life group after service which will be fun! Looking forward to a fun relaxin weekend with my wonderful family. Still trying to get back on a schedule around her hopefully in the next 2 weeks we will have that handled and have it tweaked to the right timing for us to fit things in. I am considering taking the kids camping close to home here for maybe a week or two we shall see...and then getting the final things ordered for school work this year little Prince will be in 6th grade studies this year and little princess will be doing K/1st grade work thoughout the year. I am looking forward to it we did school with both of them last year but I was way more flexible with little princess and her "want" to do school this year its for real and I am thinking how to do both of them they are a bit too far apart to really combine much so it will take some time to get the schedule revamped when we get going to see how it will work with both of them. Well I am off to water the garden and feed the animals hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will try to post more often...Hugs,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I have not fallen from the Earth (I promise)

LOL...hi all just a quick post letting you know I will be returning to more regular posts in a week or so I by not paying close enough attention to detail LOL signed my kids up for 2 activities while one was still finishing (ya know I probably wouldnt change a thing though we dont do this often so it is a small sacrifice for a short term and the kids are having a blast) so this is the last Day for little princess' ballet and then this week is their first soccer games and we had a homeschool swim lesson session that runs daily for 2 weeks. Thank goodness for crock pots lol. And last night I was very blessed as a friend had made dinner for the church's youth group and there were leftovers which she had me pick up for our dinner! Yay! I am very excited for June to get here! We are going to take our first real family vacation in 3 years (I say real as it is not camping for hunting season lol) and we are going to go tent camping with some dear friends! I cant wait. We will be having fun in the water, catfishing, and just enjoying eachothers company. Our kids are very similar in age and the best of friends. The whole family is very excited! Well I better run gotta get rolling for the busyness begins now!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I did survive...LOL

Candy commented asking If I survived and I realized I needed to post an update LOL..
I am dealing with a good deal of pain recently and had some xray's that showed the vertabrae above my surgery is now pinching my disc somewhat moderately. But I am not gonna let this get me down! I will Survive with the Grace of God however I have had to focus to get the things done that are the basics around here which has meant I forget to do some of the fun things like Update my blog LOL... Right now I am in the midst of pre-planning for next year and looking at curriculum that may or may not work and deciding if I want to try a package such as My Father's World or just use some of Ambleside Online with some of the other things I do around here.... decisions decisions lol... anyway Also a new job opportunity may/or may not present itself to wonderful hubby please be in prayer for that as he could really use it It is with the same company but would relieve so much stress off of his bad knee that we could really use that to come through for him. We wont really know anything on this for quite some time as the position isnt officially open yet and may not come open until sometime between now and 12 months from now. It would mean travel sometimes being gone for a whole week from home however I just ask that if this is God's plan for hubby then this will work and the feelings I have toward the being gone part will be replaced with Joy and peace with Jesus by my side. I thank you for praying with me over Hubby and my pain. Take care my sisters in Christ I will try and update again soon.... I still am reading blogs even when I dont update making sure you are all doing well! Hugs...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Survival day

Hi all,
Today I am just trying to un-bury myself here in the house, after a few fun filled days as a family we let the house today I dig out and regroup for the rest of the week. I am feeling ok the pain management is going well with minimal doses of medication. I hope and pray for further relief and renewed strength/energy however I am going to keep living in the midst of pain. I refuse to give up and give in. I enjoyed the weekend being active. We took a walk up a butte and what a beautiful view we had it took us longer than normal to get up the hill I had to take it slow even resorting to walking backwards at times lol... going uphill backwards seemed to help the nerve pain a bit(kinda hard to see where I am goin but what a beautiful view I had of where we had just been~! nothing spectacular happening today I made a big list of what to do today however am revising it and going to go room by room and tidy if I finish tomorrow that will be ok with me! Have a blessed day all!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Do you ever have Ah-Ha moments when studying your bible?? I sure hope you do cause they ROCK! And you so know that God is speaking to you through HIS Word! Yesterday I was almost positively diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I have been struggling with severe pain for a few weeks again as I did in the past since I started this Blog. To say I was bummed is correct but also relieved that I wasnt losing my mind with this nerve pain that is showing up in a bunch of areas in my body instead of just one leg like it used to be after my back surgery. For those that dont know I had a full fusion at my lower vertabrae to my S-1 joint in 2006 and it has been a long road. Today I am reminded of why I named this Blog Learning to Live for God Day by Day~! I have struggled with pain since before my surgery and after. Today in my journaling I was in 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 and I had a lightbulb moment between reading the scripture and the study notes in my bible.

2 Corinthians 12:7 To keep me from becoming conceited because of these surpassingly great revelations, there was given me a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. 8 Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. 9 But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. 10 That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

The notes from my Life Application study bible say this
12:7-8 We do not know what paul's thron in the flesh was, because he doesn't tell us. soe have suggested that it was malaria, epilepsy, or a disease of the eyes Whatever the case it was a chronic and debilitating problem, which at times kept him from working. this thorn was a hinderance to his ministry, and he prayed for its removal; but God refused. Paul was a very self-sufficient person, so this thorn must have been difficult for him. Three times paul prayed for healing but did not receive it. He recieved however, things far greater because he received greater grace from God, a Stronger character, humility, and an ability to empathize with others. In addition, it benefited those around him when they saw God at work in his life. God, according to his sovereign plan, doesnt heal some believers of their physical ailments. We don't know why some are spared and others aren't. God chooses according to his divine purposes. Our task is to PRAY, TO BELIEVE, AND TO TRUST. Paul is living proof that holy living and courageous faith do not ensure instant physical healing. When we pray for healing we must trust our bodies to God's care. We must recognize that nothing separates us from his love and that our spiritual condition is always more important than our physical condition. 12:9 Notes: Although God did not remove Paul's physical affliction he promised to demonstrate his power in Paul. The face that God's power is displayed in weak people should give us courage. though we recognize our limitations, we will not congratulate ourselves and rest at that. Instead we will turn to Giod to seek pathways for effectiveness. We must rely on Giod for out effectiveness rather than simply our own energy, effort or talent. Our weakness not only hlpes develop Christian Character, it also deepens our worship because in admitting our weekness we affirm God's strength. 12:10 notes, When we are strong in our abilities or resources, we are tempted to do God's work on our own, and that can lead to pride. When we are weak, allowing God to fill us with his power, then we are stronger than we could ever be on our own. God does not intend for us to seek to be weak, passive or ineffective- life provides enough hindrances and setbacks without us gcreating them. when those obstacles come, we must depend on God. Only his power will make us effective for him and will help us do work that has lasting value.

WOW!!! That is all I can say right now I have an excitedness inside that just woke up! I was beginning to be sad about my pain (yet again) and down that even though we have prayed and prayed and others have laid hands on me that the pain is returning. However this morning I feel God telling me that His Grace is enough...enough to get me through this and more if needed and that My pain will be used to minister somehow. I just know it with ever fiber of my being my pain has a purpose! Thank You God!!! Have a blessed day everyone!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My latest sewing Creations

So last year I cut out this dress for little princess but life got hectic and lets face I just kept putting it off I do that occasionally but am trying to get better lol. This skirt for me was also cut out a year and a half ago LOL.. but this was the time to finish it so I just jumped in and did it! The skirt was actually all white material and I decided I did not want a bright white skirt :-) so I died it with Rit dye and it turned out very nice! I will be posting my planting video maybe tomorrow I worked all day today on seperating my plants into new containers and giving them more room to grow. See ya later! God Bless

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Catchup day

Hi there! We had an awesome weekend a childhood friend of my husbands came to visit us for the weekend (our weekend was Sunday Monday) so after church on Sunday we went out to what we call the desert and explored for a while Pics at bottom of post then Monday we went for a drive to show him some other lakes and things around here. Today is my monday and I have much to do. I have to clean up the house and later have some errands to run. Enjoy your day! It is snowing here! Spring is coming but today it is very cold.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Feeling much better today:)

Today is going to be a Better day~! I am going to accomplish things actually last night I had a bout of energy and did get much accomplished Praise God. Today we have done a good deal of reading already(studying Jamestown) and the kids just did some outside paper airplane flying :) now they are having some late breakfast..they really wanted to head outside so I let them wait till now for breakfast so we shall have brunch and then move on with our day. I am going to get some bread made and cookies possibly but definitely bread and then get the house in shape...I say that but as I look around it really is not that bad lol. just need a good vacuuming from the woodstove mess and put away some clothes keep laundry going today and then enjoy some nice weather outside today looks to be 60 but then we will have rain starting tonight for a couple days which may mean snow here you just never know they said no snow just rain this weekend and we woke to 1 inch here at our house. I think the town 30 miles from here where the news comes from has a completely different radar system that doesnt show us acurately lol! Anyway I am off to have a great day! God Bless

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Motivation/energy where have you gone??

Oiy today I have just felt zapped of all energy, I did some things this morning but aside from that have not accomplished much all day. Sad to admit but I have those days do you? I am now going to get up and go clean up the kitchen and make dinner. Have no idea what to make. I have to say when I was planning out our meals and sticking to my schedule my days seemed much better. I shall get back on track. Praise God I have gotten back to craving my daily time wiht the Lord now I just need to get my schedule back in order and make it work for us. I have so much I want to accomplish but when I start I tend to feel overwhelmed and just dont get much done at all this has happened alot since moving into the new house. I must get better about that. Ok off to tackle the kitchen and then dinner tomorrow is a new day I think I will map out what I CAN get done tomorrow and just try to bring about order...I did manage to get all the backed up laundry that was clean folded and put away yesterday and today have been working on washing that needs to be done. That reminds me I need to switch loads. God bless you all and have a great night! See ya soon!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Catch up day around here and Thanksgiving... Yes Thanksgiving lol...

Well hello all! Today is going to be a catchup day for me and the kids on housework and kitchen work. We are going to be inside for the most part as it SNOWED last night! AHHH so tired of snow but thats ok we will need moisture this summer so I will manage my frustration at not being able to dig the garden. I attempted Sat however things were still too frozen so I gave up before hurting myself trying:) Thought I would share a little of my reading from this morning. 1 Corinthians 1:4 I always thank God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus.
the footnotes in my bible say:
Paul thanked God for the Corinthian believers. During the Thanksgiving holiday we focus on our blessings and express our gratitude to God for them. But thanks should be expressed everyday. We can never say thankyou enough to parents, friends, leaders, and especially to God. When thanksgiving becomes an integral part of your life, you will find that your attitude toward life will change. You will become more positive, gracious, loving and humble. Whom do you need to thank today?

This got me really thinking. Those are all areas I would love to have more of in my life, positiveness, graciousness, love and humbleness... So my prayer is that today I dont overlook opportunities to thank those who have helped me grow stonger and those who are a part of me.
Thank you all of you who comment and read my blog. Having Sisters in Christ is a wonderful thing supporting eachother as we grow in Christ. Have a blessed day all and Thank God and others today and everyday!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm Back, Kinda...

Well I am going to try and start posting again I feel that I have some heart issues worked through and will continue on my journey with God leading the way:) today I have one whopper of a headache, a dirty house to clean after having some friends children over for a couple days...actually the house really isnt dirty I just need to put away laundry, vacuum and clean the kitchen up that actually isnt so bad LOL... it just feels messy to me so anyway. We are currently mid reflooring project in our master bathroom after I looked down and saw mold creeping in we found a couple water leaks including all around the base of our toilet! Ah! so now we are down to one toilet in the house and are you ready..the other toilet is on my front deck LOL.. potty anyone! Oiy... oh well i say to myself it will all come together in due time. We were blessed to find lightly used carpeting and padding at the recycled building supply place close and that was enough to do both the childrens rooms as you may remember the previous owners it appears did not potty their pets outside all the the kids rooms will be getting a flooring overhaul probably next weekend and tomorrow we will hopefuly get the potty back where it belongs as I seem to walk into my bathroom at night and then remember I have to go to the other side of the house LOL.. minor incovienance but oh well. I have to get some bread done today and other lunch snacks made up and I think todday will have meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner.
My garden will get some attention today I am going to attempt some shoveling and turning in there we will see if it is defrosted yet. I have lettuce going on my garden rack inside, cucumbers are sprouting as of yesterday, cilantro, basil (this sprouted today) green onions which also are peaking this morning and tomatoes which have yet to peak out but this year will be my learning curve with a bigger garden area and this climate, sometimes we freeze mid summer so I am looking at inexpensive covering for the night time. Last year hubby built a small greenhouse but then I cooked my tomatoes... hoping to have some harvest later this year as I learn. Well my head is killing me so I am off to make some food and get ready to go outside later after a quick clean up in here. Sorry to ramble but so many things to update more to follow:) God bless you all have a wonderful weekend. I plan to update every couple days hopefully.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Taking a Break to Dwell with God

Hi everyone.... I am going to take a blog break for a short while. I may post some of my thoughts from Bible study time but am really feeling God directing me to focus on him right now as I am vulnerable to outside thoughts with some things going on here at home and in my mind/heart. I am going to instead of picking up my computer when I need short sit downs during the day, pick up my bible and dwell with Him who comforts me. Please continue to pray for Little princess as this week she has to have some uncomfortable testing done to ensure her system is functioning properly. (this situation is what has been causing worry and stress for me and instead of giving satan what he wants I am going to beat him with God!) Please pray for strength for my husband and myself as we walk through little one not being well. I will check in every now and then not sure how much of a "fast" from things I need I am going to let God Direct that as he sees fit. Please know that even though you may not see me as much I will return and I am praying for all of you as well!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Its Snowing!

Ahhh.... Woke up to white ground this morning...I was really enjoying our spring like weather and since it is March was thinking Spring may have arrived however today it is snowing. Do we have a lot, No but still things are white with a skiff of new snow. My instant reaction was to be frustrated that its snowing however I am going to try and really enjoy its beauty and Thank the Lord for the provision of water for summer... Good plan I think yes good plan. I talk to myself if you havent notice either outloud or hear LOL. Today we have the basics on the plate as well as Awana's this evening. Tomorrow is Little Princess' trip to the specialist please continue in prayer that all we shall find was a minor infection that is clearing. Thank you for your prayers! Have a most awesome blessed day whether its snowing, raining or sunny in your neck of the woods:)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Living With confidence in a Chaotic World~ Book Review

Hi everyone, Most of you know that I periodically review books for Book Sneeze if you are interested in getting free books to read and review(you pick the book) then click on the badge at the side right for more info:)

I have had this book for some time now and finally am going to share it even though not a 100% finished but there was a part in it today that God is prompting me to share he wouldnt let me read any further till I stopped and shared,ever had that happen to you?? It doesnt happen often for me but I had that overwhelming feeling to share this with you so here goes.

Pg 109." To encourage is to "pour courage" into someone who needs it. Christians are blessing dispensers and hope ambassadors. Wherever they go, accomplishment and fruitfulness should bloom all around them because of the relationships left in their wake." taken from Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World by Dr David Jeremiah

This book has been such a blessing to me I hope some of you can read it either from your library or to have one of your own so you can highlight and go back to it when you are troubled. The other day as I was reading there were things in it that reminded me to do all I do as to the Lord and For the Lord..what was I doing that day, Folding Laundry! I was feeling frustrated because of the mutlitude of laundry that was not turned right side out(never happens right moms lol) anyway this book reminded me to serve as I would serve the Lord, with that new attitude I began folding as if these were Jesus' clothes...would I grumble if they were his and turned wrong side out?? Certainly not LOL! So today as I read the above quoted section I was really inspired...we are to encourage those we come in contact with daily...who are you going to be in contact with today?? Just your kids you say, well thats perfect they need encouragement as much as anyone let us find something or someway to be of special encouragement to those around us today. This book is perfect for today's atmosphere of fear and trepidation with all the uncertainties of daily living in our culture and world. It has reminded me to take a deep breath when the fears of the world try to creep in. Mind you it is not a cure all for that but it reminds me of God's promises and Love for us and to pick up my bible more and immerse myself in his words. If you have a chance to read this I hope you will take that chance I think you will really enjoy it as it is modern and references some things that have happened most recently that Made it hard to put down. Great book.

Disclosure: I was provided a free copy of this book by Book Sneeze to review. No other considerations were provided.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Its monday again! LOL

Well I didnt even realize that it had been a week I thought I had blogged since last week but aparently not! Not a whole lot to blog about been pretty normal schedule around here cleaning, baking, homeschoolin and laundryin and such:) Today I need to tidy the house up and get some things organized. This week will be a bit hectic I have a couple children's ministy meetings at church one on friday is actually just decorating we are painting murals on the walls some of the Ladies and I. Wed have a meeting to work on VBS planning, I am the Special Events coordinator now for childrens ministry. I really hope to be a positive spiritual influence on some of the young ones that dont get as much of it at home or elsewhere... I enjoy working with the kiddos. Once a month I help in the nursery which gives a nice baby fix LOL..since I cant have anymore I really enjoy the hour or so of baby holding:) This weekend we had a lot of fun yesterday we did some logging LOL..well we used our jeep to pull out some of the smaller trees where my garden will go (getting ready to start the plants inside soon cant wait to see how it goes this year) that way we got the roots too then I played a bit and so did hubby in the back yard in the jeep did a lil muddin! What a blast. We drove around where my horse round pen will go..thats one way to till the soil LOL... the kids had a blast riding along we were mostly just spinnin circles but they had fun with the mud flyin everywhere. We so love having our little chunk of heaven right here!
I do have one prayer request... little princess is having some bladder difficulties that we have to see a specialist for this week please be in prayer that her little body can heal itself and that no further intervention will be necessary. I was born with only one functioning kidney so we are praying that this isnt the case for her and that it was just an infection that willl clear itself shortly. Deeply appreciate all my praying friends Hugs to you all and God Bless you all lets make it an awesome week for God's Glory!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Well hello blog world..other than being a bit on the sleepy side with a minor headache I feel great today... We already got a good bit of our chores done both kids rooms are clean and vacuumed now I just have Laundry too do and the kitchen to clean. I weighed myself this morning and I am down another 2 pounds! woohoo I have lost 2.5 inches off my waistline already! I am pretty excited about this. This is the lightest I have been in at least a year and a half! More to go but getting there little by little! By the end of this year I hope to be at my goal if not sooner:) Well I am off I really am trying to limit my computer time so my posts may be short for a while... I have a bunch to do to get back on our schedules without extra things to do in between. It will be time to start gardening before I know it and I want to have everything on schedule before then:) See ya all later...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Status Shuffle on Facebook | Shuffle

Status Shuffle on Facebook | Shuffle: "Sometimes you have to let God turn your life upside down so you can learn to live right-side up"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Home Tour.... Enjoy

Wednesday Well ok... lol

Its the middle of the week, as you read from yesterday its kindof only my ok I have to quite that or I will feel like saturday is friday:0
So today I am going to finish what I didnt get to yesterday... I did get the floors scrubbed in the Kitchen and polish put on them...the linoleum is so old that I have to shine it or it doesnt look good so I polished them and they look really nice:) yeah! No baking got done yesterday my arms were too sore after scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees so I will just do the bread today, a big Roast is going in the crock pot this morning...have I mentioned I love my bigger crock pot! lol...
Then kitchen work and folding clothes...
I have more deep things in my head but no time to put them up here right now...stay tuned though I will be sharing some cool things and thoughts...well at least I think there cool...hope you do too I am still working on my schedule tweeking and changing and trying to get to where it works where I can stay on it weekly and not take a day to catch probably the beginning of the week I will put up a printed version of my new schedule or at least by mid week next week. I am going to be taking pics for the home tour this afternoon or first thing in the am so should have that posted today or tomorrow morning... Probably tonight my hold the post for am we shall see... Ok I have a ton to do so hope you all have a very blessed day and I will "see" ya later:)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Watchout messes here I come!

LOL...Today I have lots of cleaning to do and Kitchen work. We had a wonderful weekend well I know its Tuesday but our weekend was Sunday Monday as Hubby had those 2 days off! He normally only gets one day at a time Sundays and a day during the week so its a real treat to have him home for 2 days:) Sunday the kids and I went to church then when we got home we did clean up some played on the quads and then we made a wonderful dinner Steak, Shrimp, Salad and Homefries, then hubby and I listened to old music on the radio and snuggled it was really a great Valentines Day! No cost and we just really enjoyed eachother and were right here with the kiddos:) Monday we made a big breakfast and then we were off for shopping....I say shopping but we really did not buy anything. We were price shopping and comparing products the house we bought, the previous owners apparently had some pets that didnt use a litter box at all or very well.... Hubby is having allergy issues from all the pet Dander and I think that little prince is as well. Dander and pet deposits... So we are trying to find the most economical, frugal way to remedy this as we really dont have the funds to just replace it all but that is what needs to be done for health and smell. So we looked at laminate flooring, carpet, and other things but I think we are going to go with Laminate eventually we may just do the worst rooms right now and then more later but I think we agreed we are going to put it in all the rooms except our bedroom (the kids both want the Laminate flooring not carpet Lol) this way I can vacuum the edging and then use a drymop system we used to have this in one of our houses and hubby hardly had any trouble with the pet allergies even though we have inside cats. well we have cats now at the time we only had 1 inside now we have little princess' newest addition so we have 2 cats in the house. And with the dust from the wood stove it will be much easier to get it really clean. and much easier to move things around to clean behind them. Well anyway we did not purchase anything yesterday I told hubby now is the time that we pray for some option like a contractor having just enough at just the right price or something some option that is not the cost of the new stuff from the store. We found some great pricing but hubby and I are really trying not to touch the savings right now. This is not an emergency you this a necessity..I am not sure sort of kindof if you as me as the little prince and wonderful hubby would feel so much better without this carpet that is urine soaked under it and pet fur ridden so yes it does Need to be replaced but we will continue praying as to what our right option is and what we are to spend on it. We will know when we are Okay with the cost and option right now we both freaked at the thought of the cost even though it was way cheeper to do what we found then to put new carpet in but still we had that bad gut feeling so we will pray and wait until we feel its right. When hubby is ok with whatever we find and says he's buying that thats when I know its the right thing:) So for now I will vacuum vacuum vacuum and open windows on nice days:) We thought about just yanking the carpet and painting the subfloor for now which we may do in the little prince's room as his seems to have the worst pet deposits that no matter what I use dont get better last week I spent hours with vinegar and rubbing alcohol and shampooing with vinegar in the machine but still odors... I tried my borax on it an vacuum no luck I tried borax with the machine washing it behind it but nope still there so we will just have to see. I have researched this a bunch and things like pulling the carpet and replacing the pad are not really an option cause there is just too much it would be a waste there are too many spots the carpet just wont come clean so the padding would eventually stink from the carpet so it would be a waste of money. Hubby's thought is he knows money is tight but it doesnt make sense to bandaid it if the bandaid cant be used when we finish the job ya know. no throwing money away just on a for now fix... He hates to do things twice so he wants to find an economical way to do it right the first time ya know:) ok gotta get going on the big cleaning day and make bread today:) have a beautiful Monday/Tuesday LOL...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Simple Saturday

Well We did get a kitten on Wed! she is absolutely adorable she is actually more of a cat than kitten as she is 9months old but little princess just loves her and they have had so much fun playing together:) Little Princess' birthday was yesterday so we had a few friends over and it was nice to chat while the kids played then we had a cake I made and it was yummy but my tummy was so upset I couldnt indulge too much but did have a taste:) I am excited with my weight loss as the time I am really down! Partly due to the upset tummy I have experienced lately and I dont know if I did something to my back or if my kidney is giving my trouble(I only have one) so I am eating carefully and pushing the fluids to help my system heal and try and avoid going to the doctor. But if it doesnt get better I will go if I need to. Today we have just taken it easy I painted a few of the doors and trim that needed a new coat of paint now I just have 3 more doors to do:) Yay! I am also contemplating my new schedule that I am slowly developing here at the new house and going to make a few changes and put it in print in my Home Management Binder :) Then it is just discipline to use it daily and stick with it:) Well I am off to make some dinner and get ready for hubby to get home:) He will be off Sunday and Monday it will be so nice to have daddy home for 2 days in a row generally he has split days off so its a nice treat:) Tomorrow we are going to enjoy a nice home date making a nice dinner for all of us with Steak and Shrimp...its a real treat we have steak every now and then but with the shrimp is special occasions. I will probably make up a salad and then I may make a cheesecake for dessert but I am not sure yet as the Cream cheese seems to upset my stomach so maybe I will make some other dessert...we shall see but I may not blog again until Tuesday when Hubby is home I dont get on Computer very much. Take care all and "see" ya soon!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sorry I havent updated since my parents visit. I had a migrane all of Sunday to the point my wonderful hubby drove me to Church where I was prayed for by my friends and felt a bit better with just a lingering headache. Monday I had a small headache they are like residual headaches after a bad migrane. I almost didnt go to Church as I was feeling light sensitive had blurry vision and felt sick to my tummy however I was picking up a teen girl to take that morning and I had some things at the church I needed to do so I went ahead with hubbys help.
Monday we just did homeschool and laundry around here and played outside for a while the weather was warm so the the snow and Ice have been melting more and more each day I am hoping that it all melts off before we get anymore (if we get more) I am kindof hoping we dont but know we need it probably for summer water. Yesterday I reshampoo'd my son's room carpet and part of the living room. Something we have struggled with is previous cat urine in the carpeting. Having a cat ourselves (old male cat no less) we struggle with him finding the old urine that was not his and depositing more what is funny though is he wont go just on the carpet something has to be there for him to go on top of something I can wash, its like he thinks he wont get in trouble if I can wash it not true if he keeps it up out he will go! even with the 12 years we have had him hubby says he will be out if he keeps doing it. So yesterday I shampoo'd them with no shampoo- just water and lots of vinegar...yes vinegar so far it is working well I will post later as to weather it fixed the problem all the way. I pre-treated the spots that smelled the worst with straight vinegar and then used vinegar in the shampoo receptical of my machine, and some vinegar in the water too...lots of vinegar I know. I opened the windows while I shampoo'd and stoked the fire up nice and hot with the ceiling fan going didnt take long for the vinegar to disipate quite well from the house while we went outside and played :) well I am off today is shopping day as it is payday and we are going to look at kittens today( I know another cat) however little princess' kitten died in Sept and she has been so sad ever would think that she would forget and go on after so many months but at some point every week she gets teary and says "i miss ruby momma" and so for her birthday this is her one request...a new kitten so hopefully the new kitten will not deposit lots of new smells in the house LOL... ok gotta run and make my shopping list/menu for the next 2 weeks then get showered dressed and get some schoolwork done and off we go. Have a blessed day!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Friday

Yeah its Friday that means my parents will be here tomorrow to visit :) I have so much to do not much time today I have a meeting at church (I am on the administration team) do any of you suffer from Yesitis?? I do but its ok I love helping with Church things just seems sometimes everything happens at the same time... lol.. I have been sick all week with another cold seems that I cant get well and stay well but I am feeling better today sort of. I think that when I feel a little better I just jump back into my routine too soon so I never get all the way well maybe..just my theory hubby says I have been sick way to much lately so hopefully I can get all the way better soon:) Then its home to tackle todays to do list which is(things may spill into tomorrow but here is what I need to get done by tomorrow afternoon):
Clean Kitchen
Fold all clothes put away..Its almost all clean but didnt get folded Hate it when I fall behind on that but at least its all clean:)
Make bread
Work on finishing organizing all homeschool Area
Unpacking the few remaining boxes in Living room
Hang Pictures in Living room
Clean both Bathrooms
Put away things in my room and bathroom (things migrate dont they) I am sure of this LOL
Tidy Kids rooms tomorrow morning so they are ready for grandma and papa's visit:)
Plan meal for tomorrow night
Well that is most of the things and now I am off see ya all probably Monday and I will update you all on things more:) Take care! God Bless!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Found this Giveaway that will occur this Saturday! I have been wanting these video's and let me tell you what a blessing just one of them would be:) There are six ways to enter and you can enter all 6 ways! woohoo! I dont know about you but I am on it! :)

this and that:)

Hi all not much to post right now I am not feeling all that great have a touch of a cold and I think my monthly hormones are flairing up a bit LOL... so today we are unpacking some more and I am going to try and get the homeschool area all organized. We just did a 5th grade math assesment with my son online to see where we were at for what he understands and what we need to work more on and I have to say I am quite pleased for the middle of the 5th grade year he really has a good handle on things and the things we need to work on seem like the harder end of year things. I dont place a lot of weight on these but Oregon does require testing 3rd, 5th, 8th and 10th grade end of these years so I like to make sure we are on our way so to speak:) They test in Math and Language we will be working on that next. Right now for homeschool we have been a bit lax with the move relying on worksheets and online sites to get us through till we get back on our schedule plus since the curriculum we started with didnt work out then we have kind of found what works for that particular thing that needs to be learned. I am learning too that with homeshool one of the blessings is there is no exact right way or wrong way as long as we are moving forward.. I love homeschooling! No one ever thought I would be a homeschool stay at home mom and I absolutely Love that! God is so great and can change your life so tremendously if we will but let HIM! well I am off take are all and keep growing!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Wonderful Wood Stove:)

Well yesterday wonderful hubby took us to the ranch and home store and bought the family a new wood stove! Yay! the previous owners of the home decided I guess that they would take that item with them! LOL... anyway now we have an alternate heat source which I am really greatful for. We have cold hard winters around here and if the power went out we would get a bit cold so now I dont have to worry. It was something we had set aside some money for when we bought the house so now we just have to cut wood which is such good exercise and there are several really dead trees on the property that need to be thinned:) God is great! Well today is a busy day we will be off painting at our church today a mural on one of the Children's room walls and then the shoer is coming to trim my horse's feet then we will get homeschool finished and prep dinner while unpacking some more. My parents have said they will be in town next weekend so I want to try and get all organized by then or at least mostly. For the most part we are pretty close but ther living room and my room need finished. The kids rooms and kitchen are done bathrooms are done but with my shoulder pain I havent gotten as much done as I planned this week with keeping up with the normal run of the day housekeeping:) Well I gotta run ya'll stay warm in the areas getting lots of snow and have fun with it while it lasts for you. here it doesnt really melt till May or so sometimes we get a brief melt of before more comes just depends on the weather systems the Good Lord has for us:) Take care!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hello Blog World! I am Back!

Hi everyone it has been a crazy week of moving and unpacking! Then add in the fact that I can really only use one arm for the last few days! Why's that you ask?? Well ok...a little secret from me to you... I am the least coordinated person you are gonna meet unless I am on the back of a horse then I am steady and balanced, wierd huh! Anyway Saturday was moving day as you know, well I was carrying our kitty food and cat bed our to a truck, slipped on the ice and landed full force onto my right shoulder on my friends truck fender! Then as if once were not enough (hubby says I must have needed to perfect the art of falling and injuring myself) Monday as I was unpacking (since my shoulder was feeling ok and lets face it I had things to do so I sucked it up and moved on) well Monday as I unpacked I tripped over a box while carrying something went down again and caught myself on the floor by only my right hand! Can you believe it! my shoulder took the full body weight force of both falls so now I have a sling to wear when it really hurts and pain meds to help me get some rest as I could not get comfortable enough to really rest that I so needed! Thankfully I had friends that have come and helped me unpack and I have been able to putter with the kitchen and laundry areas as well as some other light things. My wonderful hubby has been helping with the heavy things as has my Little prince! Yesterday my small group leaders(who are some of my dearest friends as well) came and helped me completely set up and unpack both the kids rooms! I feel so very blessed! I will be thinking up some frugal posts and getting the home tour posted after we unpack the frugal posts will come over the next few months as we are going to pinch every penny and save save save! We have to save up for our property taxes and ins which the taxes are quite high in this county plus there is some regular income that will cease in March that I have to remove from the budget however these will be the testimonial times that I look forward to sharing how God truly does provide! Well I am off my shoulder gets irritated with too much typing just the muscles getting used you dont realize how much your shoulder is involved in everything you do until it hurts to do them lol! God bless and "see Ya" soon!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tomorrow is the Big Day

Tomorrow is the official moving day, am I ready Not 100% but closer my neighboring teenager that call me momma Tiff helped me pack 60 boxes yesterday!~ Praise the Lord for friends! and kids.... I call her my teenager :) Today I will be taking a load over of food and things and unpacking some then bringing those boxes back to repack and finish up the preparations for tomorrow everyone will be here at 9am so will be busy busy. I wont have internet at the new house until the 20th so when I am over here at the old house cleaning I may have time to check in and update ya'll but if not I will return as soon as they turn on the internet line at the new house. We are not going to have tv installed at the new house and I am looking forward to re-instating game nights and movie nights and overall just spending more time talking as a family and less time zoning in front of the ol tube. Well I am off Prayers for saftey of all the movers helping would be appreciated and overall sanity on my part:) Take care God Bless

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday...almost moving day...aahhh

Well we are halfway through the week and moving Day is almost here! I am so not 100% ready with all the painting at the new house it has been busy yesterday was errand day and bill day (those still have to get done dont they LOL) and today I am going ot paint at the new house and try to get that almost 100% done but we shall see there is still a lot of painting to be done but if I end up having to do some next week before I unpack that will be fine just easier to do before the big move in of stuff.
I am really excited I have two paid sewing jobs lined up for as soon as I unpack the sewing room which will be a side heated room out in the shop! God is Awesome! I was praying I could bring in some extra just to help a bit offset what we need and He is Providing!
Homeschool in the chaos has been going pretty good! I have a workbook that has tons of subjects in it it is from BrainQuest and I have just pulled about 10 out each day for him to work on while I paint or what have ya And he has been doing wonderfully with the lack of real structure this week. Little princess is not feeling well again so a bit whiny there and clingy but thats ok we will get through it. I am really looking forward to 2 weeks from now when the everything is moved and that is my goal date for getting all unpacked and settled...(praying I can keep this) As I am really looking forward to implementing our homeschool scheduling and get back on track but for now we are managing to get some learnign done daily so that is great!

A big decision has been made we are foregoing the tv cable connection at the new house! Praise God I have been wanting this for a while but we were not both ready if you know what i mean and now we are on the same page:) one more thing I didnt nag about! Praise the Lord for helping me be a better Help meet! Ok I have so much to do I have to run I will Post more right before the move but then I may not have internet for a couple days so I hope to be up and running really soon after that:) God Bless!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

new layout

Yes I made a new layout that is springy! i needed some sunshine to look at so here it is I can dream about spring:) Enjoy!

Clean, clean clean..Yay!

Am I excited that my arms are going to fall off (This I am sure of!) NO but am I excited as to why they are going to fall off...YES!
The New House is almost all clean YAY! Today I have to finish scrubbing the kitchen with a brush and soft scrub (yes it is THAT DIRTY!!) and then I will put a polish on it, the laundry room still needs clean and then to finish the kids Bathroom and wipe down the walls. We are going to paint some of them as after hubby got in there more and I cleaned the carpets (they are officially a mauve color not Tan) Which is what he thought they were so having mauve carpet and mustard yellow living room walls is not his cup of tea so he would like to paint! Yay! Thank you God for doing that without me saying another word! I love to see how God Works when I step back and Honor my husband by following what he says amazingly without me pushing or asking I still get the things my heart desires! Yay! I finished the master tub and surround yesterday and started the kitchen floors today I just have to finish the center of the floor I went around with an old toothbrush and scrubbed out the dog and what have ya dirt from the edging of the kitchen walls an boy am I glad I did that~! Well I am off to pack a couple boxes while the kids are still sleeping amazing they are sleeping I shall take advantage of that! Talk to ya soon! Take care God Bless

Friday, January 8, 2010


I didnt realize I hadnt updated my blog sorry everyone things have been rolling fast around here and I have been so exhausted daily:) We signed on the house yesterday and Wed I finished shampooing the carpets then yesterday scrubbed away inside. The house is very dirty so we are cleaning and there will be some painting in the kids rooms done before moving as well as a wall in the kitchen. Wonderful hubby alotted me some extra cash just for paint and said there you go if we can do it for this amount I am ok with it! Yay! I thought we were definitley going to have to wait but he squeezed me some Yippee! (for those wondering no he doesnt do the monthly budget and bill paying we do that together or go over figures after I work on it but on extra things I go to him and ask if we can do something then I have been letting him have the final word and man has it been a blessing to me and to us)
I used to push for MY way or this or that but I am working hard to submit to his will and the amazing thing is when you truly do this the freedom that it really brings! I am not saying that I let him walk on me Ladies for the critics out there but It is really a God thing and it is amazing when my old ways creep in the way things will noticably change in the way things are done around here but when I follow God's plan for the wife how much happier we all are! Anyway that is a blog to plan out and write up another day as I feel very strong about that but cant put it all into words right now:) anyway, he left the money on the counter this morning and said to me as he kissed me goodbye "i left some money on the counter for you" and I could tell he loved being able to say that to me versus when I controlled everything now I just trust that we are ok and it will all be ok. I loved hearing it as i really didnt want to move everything out of the rooms later to paint or paint around things and the kids rooms well one of them is very different from my color palette the other is doable but the one leaves me wondering:) Anyway I am off for the day ladies I have to find the best deal I can on paint and continue scrubbing on the house today we started moving outdoor things yesterday and will move some more this Sunday I am taking little things but until the cleaning is done havent wanted to take much yet then Next weekend the 15th and 16th is the official move it all weekend, all the house, the dogs, the horse and everything and start officially Living there! Yay! Praise God he has come through so strong in this situation. Thank you all for your prayers during the uncertainty. Take care and have a blessed day!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

House Update

I think all is going to work out on the house which I am just so relieved and thankful to God for. We will know for sure today or tomorrow I will keep you posted.
Today looks like it is an unplanned errand day as Hubby accidentally left the movies on the counter they go back to the town 30 miles from here so I need to take them they are due back today and to stay in my budget we need to not have late I also need a couple groceries that are less expensive there so I will grab them while there and go to the bank. I was going to do those on Thurs when little princess has ballet but Being flexible seems to be the name of my game the last week here. With the house thing up in the air my plans have had to change a couple times at the last min. I dont roll with it all that well usually but I am working hard on that. I have prayed hard for some extra energy as without any sunlight lately I am feeling very lethargic... We havent had a sunny day in a while had an hour this weekend but that was it. Usually this area gets sun alot more in the winter and it really helps with the winter blahs but this year is much more dark it seems. Ok I am off to finish the checkbook/budget then get ready to go. Take care all God bless...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Update

I lost 5 Lbs!!! Yay I am so excited. I actually took the weekend off from exercise as I was so sore from last week but I watched what I ate over the weekend a little or should I say just wasnt able to eat much since I didnt feel very good. Today I have a lot to do around here to get back into our routine. We are all working out right now on the Wii I already finished and the kids are doing it as I type to get some exercise for them. I love that they are bycicling without being outside in the freezing temps and ice..loads of fun! Anyway then it is Barbershop morning for little prince his hair is a bit overgrown lol... showers and cleanup house, homeschooling then trying to come up with a low cal dinner for tonight:) I was feeling really down due to the uncertainty of the house situation right now and Last night was our monthly evening worship service at church we call this our Elevate service. After some prayer time with one of my friends then just sitting in the presence of the Lord really helped me last night and I am feeling much better today. Well I gotta run...take care see ya later

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I had big plans for today but my tummy is really upset for some reason so I ended up just hanging out doing nothing. I did get my room cleaned up not 100% finished but much better. I will keep working on that room. Now I am off to make dinner and then just hang out with the family for the night. Have a great Saturday and Enjoy the Lords Day tomorrow. I am looking forward to church tomorrow since I was unable to go last Sunday with the creepin crud that we had. Take Care and God Bless

Happy Saturday!

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a most wonderful New year! I sat down yesterday and wrote out a fairly long post before we went out sledding as I was about to publish it I hit something and the whole thing disappeared! I was so upset but I didnt have anymore time to retype it as I had to capture memories of Snow Sledding behind the four wheeler that could double for water skiing! It was load of fun got very soaked and came in to hot cocoa and more movies :) was a wonderful day with my awesome family. Today I am going to Clean the house up and re-organize my bedroom it has apparently been attacked by the "it doesnt go in this room put it in Mom and Dad's room" Virus! LOL... I hope you all had a wonderful New year and I am looking forward to 2010 Its gonna be a great Year! Later today I am going to sit down and work out the homeschool plans for next week and my home management binder. We are going to get better about our planned out chores that are in my notebook actually getting done each day so I am going to schedule the cleaning Team into the notebook a bit better then the trick is to ACTUALLY put it to use LOL..I am bad there Great with the planning bad with the follow through! Going to get better with that this New Year! Happy Day all and God Bless!