Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Home Tour.... Enjoy

Wednesday Well ok... lol

Its the middle of the week, as you read from yesterday its kindof only my ok I have to quite that or I will feel like saturday is friday:0
So today I am going to finish what I didnt get to yesterday... I did get the floors scrubbed in the Kitchen and polish put on them...the linoleum is so old that I have to shine it or it doesnt look good so I polished them and they look really nice:) yeah! No baking got done yesterday my arms were too sore after scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees so I will just do the bread today, a big Roast is going in the crock pot this morning...have I mentioned I love my bigger crock pot! lol...
Then kitchen work and folding clothes...
I have more deep things in my head but no time to put them up here right now...stay tuned though I will be sharing some cool things and thoughts...well at least I think there cool...hope you do too I am still working on my schedule tweeking and changing and trying to get to where it works where I can stay on it weekly and not take a day to catch probably the beginning of the week I will put up a printed version of my new schedule or at least by mid week next week. I am going to be taking pics for the home tour this afternoon or first thing in the am so should have that posted today or tomorrow morning... Probably tonight my hold the post for am we shall see... Ok I have a ton to do so hope you all have a very blessed day and I will "see" ya later:)