Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Eve of Christmas Eve :)

So today is the day before the Christmas event really begins...:) The kids are so excited that tomorrow is Christmas eve, they get to open 1 present each which last year I made the tradition that this present is a new pair of pj's to snuggle into for Christmas eve slumber:) Last year I made the pjs this year we found some clearance deals that I could not pass up. This year we are so blessed! We have tons of presents...I am not even sure how that happened! Family members sent many of them and I am in awe! many of the ones we got for the kids when hubby and I went shopping are clothing items this is going to be a new tradition as well. We found some great sales and some clearance things on summer clothing like some shirts for $1 each! and shorts for $1.50 so we got those and wrapped them. Along with many things they can wear now. There are a few toys under there but we discussed this with the family as well we are very blessed to have an abundance of toys in our home. So really we felt that they did not need anymore. Just a couple small ones cause lets face it...I am soft and had to get them a couple LOL! We did get the family a Wii this year and the wii fit system for it. We have hard cold winters here and the kids love our friends wii, I have watched them play and it is way more activity than some other things we do in the winter. I purchased a couple christian music cd's for little prince as he loves to listen to it in his room on the boom box Grandma gave him last year for Christmas. I know of several homeschool related presents that are under the tree from family members and I am so excited to open those! Is it bad I am as anxious to open them up as the kids as I want to USE them right now LOL... My grandma got my son a globe:) One of my wishlist items for school! without me asking:) My mom got the Oregon Trail new version Computer game and my son just loves to play that! It is so much cooler than the MS Dos version I played in school on the big ol floppy discs lol... He has been playing the MS Dos version online he laughs when I tell him that is how all video games looked when I was a kid...its like I was a caveman or something I can see it in his eyes LOL...
I got a new coat for hubby in his favorite color...can you guess....CAMO
the kids were able to purchase gifts at the Awana store night and they got some things for us and they were so happy to be able to do that. Little Princess even thought on her own accord to purchase a little coloring gift for her best was so cute! Thank you God for My wonderful thoughtful children. There is so much more down there I cant even list it all! God truly does provide I am seeing it more and More everyday!

The biggest Christmas Present Ever~~~ We are Moving! I keep thinking this cant be real something is going to happen to stop this just when I get excited but it hasnt yet and We have opened escrow, they pumped the septic and I am going over to shampoo the carpets next week so they will be clean and dry when we start moving on the 5th of January!!! Praise the Lord! We will have our own little 5 acre chunk of heaven on earth! I am so excited ..... Things will be a bit tight financially we wondered if we should do this but we know it will work so be looking for frugal tips and tricks to come from me shortly after we get settled as I will be looking to save save save even more than I do right now:) This particular house wasnt even on our radar for possibility so we really feel we were Led to check this opportunity out as we wouldnt have thought of it. We were merely taking the kids down the road I lived on before meeting their Daddy and There it was...God is so Great!

I cant get the pics attacher to even open arrggg....i have some and will get those posted but cant spend any more time trying to figure this silly thing out right now got lots to do today to prep for christmas:) Have a Blessed Day "see you all soon"